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Malta Global Residency Programme

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Malta Global Residency Programme
Malta Global Residency Programme

The Malta Global Residency Program was launched in 2013 to incentivize foreign investment into the country in exchange for residency and a chance for citizenship. Investors like yourself will enjoy a chance to get in on a rising real estate market and get access to the entire Schengen Region. Compared to other methods, this Malta residency program incentivizes investors to rent a Maltese property and only pay a yearly flat tax of EUR 15,000 to maintain the Malta Global Residency Status.

Benefits of Malta Global Residency

Access to Real Estate

Malta is a small island with an ever-growing demand for real estate. Through the Malta Global Residency Programme investors get access to purchase real estate and rent it out for profit. As tourism grows, this is a great opportunity to build on passive income. 

Eligibility for Citizenship

Consistently ranking as one of the safest places to live, Malta offers its citizens a myriad of benefits. After residing in Malta for one to five years, a resident may be eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship through investment and enjoy affordable healthcare and education. 

Attractive Tax Code

Malta offers its residents a flat tax policy to keep things simple. Through the Malta Global Residency Programme, residents only have to pay a 15% tax on income made overseas and brought to Malta. Any capital gains profit made outside of Malta are not taxed when transferred to Malta, but it is important to note that a minimum of EUR 15,000 must be paid a year in order to maintain the Malta Global Residency status. 

Family Inclusion

Malta residency can extend to the whole family. A spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, and even dependent siblings can join the applicant as residents. 

Malta Global Residency Programme
Malta Global Residency Programme



One of the most important Malta residency requirements is that the investor is not from the European Union, European Economic Area, or a Swiss national. While they have access to other residency programs in Malta, they cannot apply for the Malta Global Residency Programme. 

Self Sufficiency 

Investors seeking to reside in Malta must have proof that they can provide a source of income in Malta as well as acquire health insurance. Residents do not have access to social services in Malta and must care for themselves until they acquire citizenship. 

Language Requirement

Applicants must be able to speak in English or Italian. 

Residency in Malta

Applicants must reside in Malta for their residency visa to be eligible. They and their family can leave the country for no more than 183 days a year. 

Acquiring Property for Malta Residency

Investors are required to either purchase or rent a qualifying property in designated areas in Malta for residency.


Properties in the north of Malta must be at least EUR 9,600 per month while properties in the south and on the island of Gozo can be at least EUR 8,750. 


Purchasing a property in the south of Malta or on the island of Gozo must be at least EUR 220,000 while purchasing a property in the north must be at least EUR 275,000.

Purchasing property also includes paying administrative fees and taxes depending on where the property is purchased.

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Malta Global Residency Programme

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Receiving Process

Secure a trusted partner, compile essential documents, apply, invest, and receive.

Receiving Process

Finding an Agent

The easiest way to ensure that your application process is straightforward is to partner with an experienced agent who can seamlessly guide you through the entire process. From due diligence to moving on to citizenship, Mirabello Consultancy is here to provide all necessary services.

Due Diligence 

Investors do not have to apply in person. Your agent will send all of your legal paperwork and documents to the Inland Revenue Department of Malta to be processed. 

Acquiring Property

With Mirabello Consultancy, you can acquire your property without…

Permit and Fingerprinting

You and your family will be required 

The Malta Global Residency Programme offers investors around the world a chance at


Clear and crisp answers to some burning questions you may already have

What taxes do I have to pay as a resident of the Malta Global Residency Programme?

Under the Malta Global Residency Program, residents pay a 35% income tax for income made inside Maltese jurisdiction and 15% on income made outside of Malta that is brought into Malta. Foreign earned income that stays outside Malta, is not taxed. However, capital gains made outside of Malta are not taxed when brought into the country. There is a minimum tax of EUR 15,000 to be paid every year to maintain the Malta Global Residency status. 

Can I travel to the Schengen Area with a Malta Residency?

Yes, any legal resident of Malta can travel the Schengen Area visa-free and border-free, only with his valid Maltese Residency Card and his Passport.