Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu

60 days
Citizenship receiving time
Government Contribution
Investment type
USD 130,000
Investment amount 
Passing Citizenship to Future Generation
130 countries
Visa free countries
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Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu
Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu

No minimum stay required

The process for acquiring citizenship in Vanuatu is relatively straightforward and does not require a physically present stay in the country.

Individuals who meet the requirements specified by the Vanuatu government can apply for citizenship through a process that typically takes around three months. Those who are successful in applying for citizenship will be required to take an oath of allegiance to the country, pass a language test, and complete a number of other requirements.

Benefits of Vanuatu citizenship by investment

Vanuatu citizenship by investment offers many benefits for individuals who are interested in acquiring a Vanuatu passport and becoming residents of the country.

These benefits include access to the country’s extensive health care system, low taxes, and a stable economy. Additionally, Vanuatu offers a wide range of lifestyle options, including world-class beaches and a diverse culture. Given all of these factors, many people find that citizenship by investment is a better option than citizenship through birth in Vanuatu.

Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu
Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu

Investment in Vanuatu

Investment Amount: USD 130,000

Investment Options: Government Contribution

Travel to over 130 countries visa free including the Schengen Area

Successful applicants will receive a Vanuatu passport that allows them to travel to over 130 destinations visa free including Schengen Area, UK and many more.

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Citizenship By Investment in Vanuatu

Info about the country

Vanuatu has a very low crime rate and is therefore one of the safest countries to live in. It has a relatively low population density and is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world. This makes it a very safe place to live, with few opportunities for criminals to commit crimes. Vanuatu’s strong economy also contributes to its low crime rate. Stunning landscapes, beautiful untouched waters, WWII shipwrecks, rich history and culture, friendly island people, an active volcano, fresh seafood, award-winning chocolate, the world’s only underwater post office…

Port Vila
Total Area
12,189 km2
English/Bislama & French
Info about the country
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