Residency by Investment

Golden Visa by Investment - Greece - Greece Residency for non-EU citizens

3-6 months
Citizenship receiving time
Real Estate
Investment type
EUR 250,000
Investment amount 
Passing Citizenship to Future Generation
Schengen Area
Visa free countries
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Greece - Golden Visa by Investment

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Greece  isn't just a land of history and beauty but also offers a dynamic investment environment. The Greek Golden Visa Program is considered one of the most affordable residency programs by investment programs within Europe and it grants a chance to access the European area with ease. Chosen investment applicants will receive access to visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen area, with no requirement to reside in Greece and will have the opportunity to rent out their investment property. 

Picture this: a home away from home, a property that doesn't just hold value but offers the chance to thrive. With the Greek Golden Visa, you're not tied down; you're free to explore and experience. It's your visa to the world, your doorway to a richer life in a safer environment.

Key Benefits of the Greece Golden Visa

The Greece Golden Visa program, a cornerstone of residency by investment initiatives, presents an array of compelling advantages to individuals seeking to secure a foothold in the European Union. Engineered to cater to diverse investor profiles, the golden visa in Greece initiative offers a spectrum of benefits that extend far beyond the acquisition of mere residency. Below, we delve into the diverse advantages that distinguish the Greece Golden Visa program as an exceptional choice for global investors:

Visa-Free traveling within the Schengen Area

A standout feature of the Greece Golden Visa is the unparalleled ease of travel it provides within the Schengen Area. For the golden visa applicant, this translates into borderless exploration, enabling them to traverse the Schengen countries without the need for additional visas.

Streamlined Application Process

Embracing a global audience, the program's attraction is increased by its streamlined application process. Without language or residency obligations, the process for securing the Greece Golden Visa is efficient and inclusive.

Pathway to Greek Citizenship

Beyond facilitating entry, the Greece Golden Visa program serves as a potential pathway towards acquiring full Greek citizenship. After residing in Greece for seven years, golden visa holders become eligible to apply for Greek citizenship, aligning with the Greek Nationality Code (Law 3284/2004). This opens doors to 185 visa-free or visa on arrival traveling.

Family Residency

The attraction of the golden visa in Greece extends to families, encompassing not only spouses but also dependent children and dependent parents.

Flexible Investment Options

Tailoring to various investment capacities, the Greece Golden Visa program provides accessible entry points, with investments starting as low as EUR250,000 USD. For those drawn to prime locations such as the city center of Athens, Santorini, and Thessaloniki, a slightly higher minimum investment threshold of EUR 500,000 is applicable.

Profitable Rental Prospects

Beyond its residency benefits, the program's real estate investments offer potential for lucrative rental income. This transformative facet positions the Greece Golden Visa program not merely as a path to residency but as a potential avenue for passive income generation.

Flexibility in Non-Residency / Non-Domiciled

The program distinguishes itself through its non-residency option. This empowers investors to harness program benefits without the necessity of full-time residency, harmonizing seamlessly with global lifestyles.

Strategic Diversification

The golden visa in Greece program endows investors with a strategic avenue for portfolio diversification. Procuring property within Greece's stable market contributes to a robust and diversified investment strategy.

Greece Residence by Investment Programs

One of the most prominent options within the Greece Golden Visa portfolio is the golden visa in Greece properties.

Real Estate Property Investment: Investors have the option to invest in real estate properties with a minimum value of EUR 250,000. This value does not include the investment amount along with applicable taxes.

10-Year Lease and Time-Sharing Agreements: Alternatively, a 10-year lease agreement for hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences within designated tourist accommodation complexes is eligible for the program. Moreover, the Time-Sharing agreements also accept 10-year time-sharing agreements for hotel accommodation under the provisions of Law 1652/1986.

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Greek Government Bonds: Investors can purchase Greek government bonds with a minimum acquisition value of EUR 400,000. These bonds should have a residual maturity of at least three years at the time of purchase. The purchase must be made through a credit institution established in Greece, which will also act as the custodian for the bonds.

Shares and Corporate Bonds: Another option involves purchasing shares or corporate bonds with a minimum acquisition value of EUR 800,000. These shares or bonds must be admitted for trading or actively traded on regulated markets or multilateral trading mechanisms operating in Greece.

Mutual Funds: Investors can also consider purchasing units of a mutual fund incorporated in Greece or another country with a minimum value of EUR 400,000. The mutual fund should intend to exclusively invest in shares, corporate bonds, and/or Greek government bonds admitted for trading on regulated markets or multilateral trading mechanisms in Greece.

Alternative Investment Funds: Units or shares of an alternative investment fund established in Greece or another EU country can be purchased with a minimum value of EUR 400,000. These funds must intend to exclusively invest in immovable property within Greece.

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Company Capital Contribution: Investors have the option to contribute a minimum value of EUR 400,000 to a company based in Greece, except for portfolio investment and real estate investment companies. This contribution can be for the acquisition of shares in a share capital increase or bonds that are traded on regulated markets or multilateral trading mechanisms in Greece.

Real Estate Investment Company: A capital contribution of EUR 400,000 to a real estate investment company exclusively investing in Greece is eligible for the program.

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Requirement and Eligibility for obtaining Greece Golden Visa

About Investor 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

Investment amount 

The visa program offers easily accessible points of entry, with investments starting at EUR 250,000. For those attracted by prime locations like the city center of Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Thessaloniki and Santorini, a slightly higher minimum investment threshold of EUR 500,000 applies. 

Family members 

The residency benefits extend to the entire family, including the spouse, children under 21 years old, and parents of the main applicant and spouse. Additionally, parents of the main applicant and spouse can also qualify regardless of age.

Criminal Record 

Applicants must not have any history of criminal records in any country where they have resided.

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About Greece

Total Area
50,949 sq mi
From the eighth century BC
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Receiving Process

Secure a trusted partner, compile essential documents, apply, invest, and receive.

Step by step process to get Greek Golden Visa by buying property

Navigating the path to residency and citizenship in Greece becomes an accessible journey through the real estate investment option under the Greece Golden Visa program. This avenue aligns seamlessly with the principles of investment funds while fulfilling the essential golden visa requirements. For a comprehensive and successful application process, seeking guidance from golden visa consultants or a golden visa consultancy can prove invaluable.

Preliminary Due Diligence:

Begin your quest by engaging in thorough research to comprehend the intricacies of the Greece Golden Visa program. Collaborating with an experience golden visa consultants or a reliable golden visa consultancy can provide expert insights.

Survey the diverse real estate options available to ensure they align with the minimum investment threshold of EUR 250,000, thus fulfilling the golden visa requirements.

Choose and Purchase Real Estate:

Handpick a property that resonates with your preferences and investment goals while meeting the financial criteria of the Greece Golden Visa.

Complete the property transaction, ensuring adherence to all legal and regulatory norms by consulting with reliable golden visa experts.

Prepare Documents for Application:

Assemble your application materials meticulously, commencing with four recent color photographs adhering to the passport standards. These photographs should also be submitted digitally.

Furnish a certified copy of your valid passport or recognized travel document, unless specific circumstances make its provision objectively impossible.

Secure an insurance policy from a private insurance body, compliant with legislative mandates. This policy should encompass health and safety risks as stipulated in Article 136 par. 3 of Law 4251/2014.

Equip yourself with photocopies of all pages of travel documents, spanning the valid interval of your last residence permit prior to renewal.

These are only a few documents we fully assist when preparing your golden visa application for the greek government.

Application and Residence Permit:

Embark on the application journey, submitting your well-organized materials for the Greece Golden Visa. Consult with the experienced law firms about golden visa. Submit a form for a personalized call.

Await the authorities' review of your application, encompassing your investment and submitted documentation.

Upon approval, embrace the issuance of your residence permit. This permit not only signifies your commitment to Greece residency by investment but also opens doors to the coveted privileges within the Schengen Area.

Getting lost into the process of obtaining a Golden Visa can be easy and hard to keep your eye on everything. Reach out to use and we can help you with the process.


Clear and crisp answers to some burning questions you may already have

How much do you have to invest in Greece to get a Golden Visa?

To obtain a Greece Golden Visa through the real estate investment option, you need to invest a minimum of EUR 250,000 in eligible real estate properties. This investment threshold applies to the main applicant and their family members, including the spouse, dependent children under 21 years old, and the parents of both the main applicant and the spouse. Keep in mind that this minimum investment requirement must be met in order to qualify for the Greece Golden Visa program.

Can I get residency in Greece if I buy property?

Yes, you can obtain residency in Greece by purchasing property through the Greece Golden Visa program. This program allows non-European Union citizens to acquire Greek residency by making a qualifying real estate investment. By investing a minimum of EUR 250,000 in eligible real estate properties, you and your family can become eligible for the Greece Golden Visa, which grants you the right to reside in Greece and travel within the Schengen Area. To learn more about the details of the program, reach out to us directly. 

Does Greece have a Golden Visa scheme?

Yes, Greece does indeed have a Golden Visa scheme. The Greece Golden Visa program is a residency by investment program that offers non-European Union citizens the opportunity to obtain Greek residency by making qualifying investments in the country. One of the primary pathways within this program is through real estate investment, where investors can acquire residency by purchasing eligible properties with a minimum investment amount. This program allows individuals and their families to live in Greece and travel within the Schengen Area. It's designed to attract foreign investments and promote economic growth in the country.

What documents are required for Golden Visa Greece?

Here is the list of documents that you need to have before receiving your residency permit in Greece:

Passport or Travel Document

Passport Photos

Proof of Investment

Proof of Funds

Health Insurance Policy

Proof of Legal Entry

Criminal Record Check

Birth and Marriage Certificates

Proof of Residence History