Citizenship by Investment

Austria Citizenship by Investment

24-36 months
Citizenship receiving time
Actively Contribution to the Economy
Investment type
EUR €2M - EUR €10M
Investment amount 
Apply for Family
Passing Citizenship to Future Generation
190 incl. Schengen, UK, and USA
Visa free countries
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Austria Citizenship by Investment
Austria Citizenship by Investment

The citizenship by investment initiative in Austria provides access to a world in which boundaries are nothing more than lines on a map and opportunities are limitless. A wonderful path to European citizenship is the entrepreneurial right in the middle of Europe.  

Living and working among the many nations of the European Union without any difficulty. This program makes this dream a reality by granting citizenship to Austria to people who apply and make financial donations to the country. The Austrian passport serves as a ticket to over 190 locations, including Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, and the Schengen Area, in addition to the EU.

Austria's citizenship program relies on the idea of investment for mutual prosperity, in addition to its geographic charm. In order to become citizens of Austria, candidates must make a significant contribution to the country's economy. In addition to giving people unmatched global mobility, this also stimulates Austria's economic growth. We'll learn about the motives driving people toward Austrian citizenship as we navigate the complexities of this program.

Key Benefits of Austria Citizenship

Austria is the finest country to call home because it is one of the safest nations with low crime rates. Citizens of the Republic of Austria are entitled to a number of advantages. You'll discover a strong feeling of community that values variety and promotes a sense of belonging in addition to security and stability. The country's breathtaking scenery, from the mighty Alps to the quaint cities, offers a great quality of life that promotes outdoor activity and cultural exploration. You'll get legal status and join a welcoming, close-knit community in a place with a populace noted for its warm friendliness.

Not only can obtaining Austrian citizenship increase your travel possibilities, it also helps you build a solid future for your family. Political stability, functioning institutions, and adherence to the rule of law in the country create an atmosphere where you can prosper without the uncertainties that frequently come with international travel. This sense of assurance extends to your financial activities as well because Austria's robust economy and responsible financial laws support your long-term tranquility. With a dynamic social scene and a rich cultural legacy, Austria offers a friendly environment where you may forge enduring relationships and celebrate life's special moments.

Visa Free Travel 

The Austria economic citizenship program offers access to almost 190 foreign countries in addition to the acquisition of a valued passport. This highly sought-after citizenship opens doors to a variety of locations and extends the right to travel without a visa or with a visa upon arrival.

Expanding Investment Opportunities

Austria citizenship offers a great opportunity to diversify your investing portfolio when you look past the surface. You can access a wide range of economic opportunities by becoming a citizen. Furthermore, Austrian citizenship grants access to the large single market of the European Union, opening doors to trade and economic opportunities across the continent. This can be especially beneficial for entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand internationally.

Access to Public Services 

Austria citizenship includes much more than just investment and tourism. It's like a guarantee of something even more significant: equal access to top-notch healthcare through the reliable social insurance system of the nation.

Security and Stability 

Austria is a great destination to call home because of its reputation as a peaceful, stable country with a low crime rate. Austria has a high level of living with good healthcare and education systems, making it a great place to raise a family in addition to its reputation for peace and stability. Nature aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the country's beautiful natural surroundings, which range from the Alpine ranges to tranquil lakes.

Austria Citizenship by Investment
Austria Citizenship by Investment

Economic Position 

Austria has one of the strongest economies in EU 

Full Confidentiality 

With Mirabello Consultancy we make sure the process runs smoothly and privately 

Dual Citizenship 

Yes (only with citizenship by investment program) 

Tax Benefits 

Charitable contributions are deductible up to 10% of income. The unexceptional tax percentage in Austria is from 30% to 55%  

Citizenship by Investment Options in Austria

In contrast to many other investment programs, Austria's citizenship requirements for citizenship programs differ from other programs and methodologies. Austrian investment opportunities, in contrast to many other ventures, take a unique route. The framework for citizenship by investment requires potential citizens to actively contribute to the Austrian economy, frequently through joint ventures or direct investments in businesses that not only promote job creation but also generate new export revenues. The emphasis shifts to more significant and active kinds of investment, even though passive investments, like ownership of real estate or government-issued bonds, are not eligible for consideration within this paradigm. This frequently requires a sizable direct investment, highlighting Austria's unique strategy. Austria demonstrates its continuous commitment to strengthening its economic environment by concentrating on proactive investments that create job opportunities and promote economic growth. Additionally, this strategy provides doors to exclusive opportunities for foreign travel and networking, which are only open to people who contribute significantly to the progress of the country. By purposefully avoiding passive investments, Austria has demonstrated its dedication to promoting a vibrant economic climate and effectively set its citizenship program apart from traditional investing paradigms.

The Austria citizenship application procedure involves providing a detailed CV for all individuals aged 14 and above, offering an exhaustive overview of their life journey, including places of residence since birth and educational achievements. Accompanied by passport-size photographs, this documentation creates a comprehensive dossier that aids in building a detailed profile of the applicant.

In addition, essential life documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, are prerequisites for acquiring Austrian citizenship. These documents serve as fundamental proof of the applicant's origin and marital status. Their importance lies in their ability to validate the applicant's personal history and establish their identity within the scope of Austrian citizenship.

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Requirement of Obtaining Citizenship in Austria

Austria, noted for its strong economy and high standard of living, welcomes wealthy individuals who wish to become citizens of the country. However, getting Austrian citizenship necessitates strict adherence to a number of stringent requirements. This section explains the difficult requirements that potential applicants must meet in order to get Austrian citizenship.

Financial investment is the main part of the program. A considerable financial commitment is the foundation of the path to Austrian citizenship. Potential citizens must invest a minimum of €2 million and a maximum of €10 million. This investment serves as an engine for economic growth in addition to being a financial transaction. A symbiotic relationship between the applicant's goals and the well-being of the country must be established by the invested capital, which also needs to promote employment opportunities for the citizens of Austria.

All applicants must provide a thorough CV detailing their entire life history, including all residences since birth and academic accomplishments, for those who are 14 years old or older. This information, along with passport-size photos, builds a thorough dossier that helps establish an in-depth picture of the applicant.

Additionally, obtaining Austrian citizenship requires proof of certain life events, such as birth and marriage certificates. These records serve as the applicant's primary proof of nationality and marital status. They are significant because they can prove the applicant's identification within the context of Austrian citizenship and verify the applicant's personal history.

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Austria Citizenship by Investment

About Austria

Austria is an intriguing location with a rich history, magnificent scenery, and a dynamic cultural environment. Austria offers a visual feast that never fails to excite, from the grandeur of the Alps to the beauty of its cities. AlsonAustria entices investors with an intriguing combination of stability, innovation, and unrivaled quality of life. Austria's strategic location in the center of Europe provides easy access to a wide market. Its thriving economy, powered by industries as diverse as technology, manufacturing, and finance, guarantees stable returns on investment. Austria, with its skilled workforce and strong dedication to R&D, provides an ideal environment for fostering creative ventures. The country's well-known educational institutions and efficient infrastructure add to its charm. For those looking for long-term growth Austria, with its business-friendly environment, cultural diversity, and supportive ecology, is an excellent choice for investors seeking both financial prosperity and a good level of living.

Total Area
83,871 km²
About Austria
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Receiving Process

Secure a trusted partner, compile essential documents, apply, invest, and receive.

Investment-based citizenship acquisition in Austria is more complicated than checking off a simple list. In reality, the procedure defies a conventional step-by-step manual since it lacks a tightly defined application method. Instead, it's a convoluted journey structured by amendments to Austria's 1965 Citizenship Law that include multiple paths to citizenship. The acquisition and loss of Austrian citizenship abide by the principles of this law, echoing a nuanced narrative of national belonging that takes shape through a variety of channels: birthright, lineage, naturalization, and even exceptional contributions to Austria's progress in fields like sports, culture, science, and economy. Despite this complexity, some components of citizenship through investment never change. All applicants must have impeccable references and thorough company history information. The journey necessitates a richness of character consistent with Austria's principles and commercial savvy that supports its ambitions in terms of growth. Investment-based Austrian citizenship goes beyond the ordinary. It is a process that is weaved from the threads of several stories and is governed by the intricate web of Austrian law. Although there is no set path to take, everyone agrees that citizenship must be won via the combination of character, dedication, and cooperation. When it comes to obtaining Austrian citizenship by investment, the journey's difficulty itself serves as evidence of its importance.

Mandatory list of Documents

Copy of passport

Colored passport photo

Criminal background check

Proof of Earnings from the last three years

Entry documentation into Austria

Proof of relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate, etc.)

Certification of academic accomplishments

CV or Resume (for all members 14 years and older)

Depending on your situation, the embassy or consulate may require additional documentation.


Clear and crisp answers to some burning questions you may already have

How much is Austria's Citizenship by Investment application fee?

Applicants of the Austrian Citizenship program should take into account the Austrian citizenship cost, which includes a federal fee of EUR 700 and a provincial administration fee of EUR 76. For married couples seeking to obtain Austrian citizenship, the expenses are doubled, with a federal cost of EUR 1400 and an additional provincial administrative fee of EUR 152. It's essential for potential citizens to factor in these fees as part of their decision-making process.

Can I buy Citizenship in Austria?

Yes, Austria has a citizenship scheme via which persons can get citizenship through investment. This program is known as a "citizenship by investment" program because it allows eligible individuals to make a considerable investment in the Austrian economy in exchange for the opportunity to become an Austrian citizen. This investment is meant to benefit Austria's economy and provide jobs for its citizens. It is vital to highlight that this process has certain criteria and standards, and it is not a simple purchase of citizenship, but rather an investment in the country's economic growth and development.

How long does it take to get citizenship in Austria?

The time it takes to gain citizenship in Austria might vary depending on a number of factors, including the precise path you're taking, the intricacy of your case, and the efficiency of the administrative processes. In general, the process of obtaining Austrian citizenship can take anywhere from 24 to 36 months, and in certain situations, much longer.

For example, if you want to become a citizen through naturalization, which entails passing residency requirements, establishing language competency, and meeting other requirements, the procedure can take several years. If you are pursuing citizenship by investment, the timing may be determined by factors such as the thoroughness of your application, the assessment of the impact of your investment on the Austrian economy, and any background checks that are done.