March 22, 2024
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Greek Golden Visa - What is the 7 years law in Greece?

The Greece Golden Visa program is a leader in the field of residence by investment projects and provides a tempting range of benefits for people looking to settle in the European Union. This initiative, which is made to match a variety of investor profiles, has advantages that go far beyond the buying of a single residency. The following investigation delves into the several benefits that distinguish the Greece Golden Visa program and make it a standout option for international investors.

What is the 7 Years Law 

For people pursuing Greek citizenship, the "7 Years Law" is a key component of the Greece Golden Visa program that is of utmost importance. According to this statute, people who have lived continuously in Greece under the Golden Visa program for seven years are qualified to petition for Greek citizenship. It represents a transformational journey by giving people and their families the chance to settle in Greece permanently and even get citizenship. This statute not only acknowledges the passage of time, but also paves the way for a more complete integration, sense of belonging, and involvement in the Greek community and the larger European Union.

The Significance of the 7 Years Law in Greece

Consider the 7 Years Law as a stopover on the road to receiving a Greece Residency Visa. The avenue to Greek citizenship is opened by this law after seven years of continuous residency. It's an opportunity to include your tale into Greece's history rather than just a change in the law. This law is about passing the time and enjoying Greece, establishing a new sense of identity, contributing to your adoptive home, and joining a community. The ideal of citizenship becomes a reality as the 7-year mark draws near, resulting in a richer, more connected existence in Greece and beyond.

Opportunities offered by Golden Visa Program

By extending a gateway to a world full of opportunities and benefits, the Golden Visa Program redefines residency and opens up a world of unmatched options.

Family Inclusion

Beyond the advantages for the individual, the Greece Golden Visa program strongly emphasizes maintaining family harmony. The benefits provided by this program are enjoyed by spouses, dependent children, and parents as well, broadening the scope of who feels like they belong. This clause not only fosters a family-friendly environment but also reflects the welcoming nature of Greece.

Investing in Residency with Simplified Process

The simplified application process for the Greece Golden Visa program adds to its allure. The program welcomes participants from all over the world without being constrained by requirements for language proficiency or strict residency. Greece is becoming more popular among foreign investors as a second home because of how simple it is to apply.

Traveling visa-free

The promise of visa-free travel inside the Schengen Zone is at the core of the Greece Golden Visa scheme. With the help of this special function, people can discover the delights of several nations without having to deal with the hassle of additional visas. This program's seamless mobility improves travel experiences while also fostering commercial opportunities, cross-cultural dialogue, and a better awareness of the rich diversity of Europe.


How to get a Golden Visa in Greece?

First you need to buy real estate. This first step will open up the doors to obtaining a residence permit in Greece immediately. Greece has a wide range of possibilities, from picturesque islands to ancient cities. The cost of real estate can be significantly influenced by location. Golden visas and real estate are available for as little as EUR 250,000, however a newly introduced law has raised the minimum requirements to EUR 500,000 depending on the property’s precise location. 

How to Get Residency in Greece ?

There are many ways to become a resident of Greece, and one well-known route that provides noteworthy benefits is the golden visa program. With a EUR 250,000 minimum investment requirement, you can invest in Greek real estate through this option. You and your family will be able to live there thanks to this investment, which also offers the chance to earn good money from rentals. The golden visa program offers a truly unique chance to integrate into Greek society while taking advantage of resident benefits. To guarantee a successful application process, it is advised to consult an experienced professional about this program.

Can I live in Greece permanently?

Yes, there are other ways to obtain permanent residency in Greece, including the Greece Golden Visa program. You can apply for Greek citizenship once you have a resident permit for seven years in a row. Through this procedure, you have the chance to acquire citizenship and all the associated rights and benefits. It's an enlightening experience that enables you to forge a lasting and significant relationship with Greece.


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