Residency By Investment In Malta

Malta is a beautiful place to live or own a second home using Residency By Investment In Malta. The island has excellent air links with Europe and the Middle East, making it easy to enjoy the many tourist attractions available. Malta is also a safe and secure country, with low crime rates.

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Visa Free Travel Countries

Visa Free Travel to Europe Schengen Area

No Relocation

No Physical stay in the country is required

Residence in EU

Residence of a EU Member State.

Benefits of citizenship by investment in Malta Permanent Residence

Malta offers several benefits for citizens who invest in a Residency By Investment In Malta. These include: freedom of movement within the EU and access to the single market, which provides opportunities for business and investment; no residency or visa requirements for American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand or British citizens; and a low tax rate of 15%.

In addition, Malta offers a range of social benefits including healthcare, education and retirement pensions.

Residence permit can be renewed

The Maltese Permanent Residence permit can be renewed after the initial five years. The process is done through the Immigration Department and requires an application form and supporting documents. The applicant must also undergo a medical checkup and provide evidence that they have been living in Malta for the past five years.

Investment in Malta Permanent Residence

Investment Amount

min. EUR 160,000

Investment Options

Contribution: EUR 28,000 or EUR 58,000
+ Administration Fee
EUR 40,000

Real Estate

Purchase EUR 350,000
or Lease EUR 12,000 annually

Maltese NGO Donation

EUR 2,000

Why shall I invest in Malta Permanent Residence?

Visa Free Travel Countries

Visa Free Travel to Europe Schengen Area

Residence in EU

Residence of a EU Member State.

Fast Processing Time

Efficient processing time of approx. 6 months

No Relocation

No Physical stay in the country is required

Family Inclusion

Entire family can hold residence permit.

Interesting Investment opportunities

Most popular Residence by Investment program in Europe

More benefits and details for your Malta Permanent Residence

1st VISA/Residence Card validity

5 years


Months processing time

Processing Time only 3 months.

EU Member State


Education Background and Local Language requirement


Investment holding requirement

5 years

Rent or Purchase property requirement

Rent or Purchase

Fast & Easy Application Process

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Info about the country

Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily. The government is a republic with a strong democratic tradition. The economy is dominated by services, with a significant financial sector and a growing tourism industry. The people are friendly and welcoming, and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. The scenery is beautiful, with green fields, rugged mountains, and crystal-clear waters.






Maltese, English

Government type

Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic



The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) offers a number of benefits to non-EU/EEA nationals, including the right to live and work in Malta without the need for a visa. MPRP holders are also eligible for certain social welfare benefits, health insurance, and a bespoke education programme. In addition, MPRP holders are able to apply for Maltese citizenship after five years of residency.

Four Generations in one Application

The Malta residence scheme allows you to include your spouse and children under the age of 21 in the program. This is a great benefit if you are looking to relocate to Malta and want to be able to support your family. The scheme also has a number of other advantages, such as reduced residency requirements and generous benefits that make it a very affordable option. The MPRP allows for the inclusion of four generations in one application.


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More about the Residency By Investment In Malta

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme, launched in effort to give Non-EU citizen Investors the opportunity to invest in Malta in return for a legal residence status. This allows an Investor to reside in Malta and move freely in the EU-Schengen area. The Investors family can apply alongside the main applicant and this way include them to the Maltese Residence. The Agency processing all investors applications, will conduct a thorough back ground check on all family members and approve them if satisfied. Only then the required investments are due. The issuance of a Residence Certificate and Residence Card will be issued as soon as the Investments are completed by the main applicant.