March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Obtaining Malta Passport by Direct Investment - All Requirements

Knowing the Maltese citizenship requirements is essential before beginning the process of getting a Maltese passport. This procedure not only grants the benefit of Malta dual citizenship but also unlocks a travel passport to the world. With Malta's citizenship, people can improve their access to world-class healthcare, EU GDP growth and education as well as their overall quality of life in Malta as well as the rest of the EU. This thorough guide will carefully navigate through the complexities of the Malta citizenship requirements and delve into the particulars of the investment paths in Malta, illuminating the road to obtaining the prestigious status of Malta dual citizenship.

How to get Citizenship in Malta? 

To ensure that anyone applying for Maltese citizenship does so in a way that not only serves their own interests but also benefits the country's economy and society as a whole, a comprehensive and stringent set of eligibility requirements has been devised. These strict requirements have been carefully created to protect the integrity of Malta's citizenship program while encouraging a partnership that is advantageous to both the investor and the host nation. The following extensive set of requirements must be satisfied for potential applicants to be eligible, and ultimately approved, for Maltese citizenship and the many benefits it brings.

Investment Requirements: To qualify for Maltese citizenship, applicants are obligated to make a substantial investment in Malta.This involves a financial contribution to the country in order to acquire the Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment.

Residency Obligations: Prospective citizens must adhere to specific residency obligations. This typically entails residing in Malta for a designated period. The minimum investment needed for a 36 months residence is €600,000. However, there is an exceptual option available for those who are prepared to make a larger investment. If you are prepared to invest €750,000, you simply need to live in the nation for a minimum period of only 12 months to take advantage of the fast-track option. 

Health Insurance Coverage: Applicants are required to maintain sufficient health insurance coverage. This criterion protects the health of both residents and the healthcare infrastructure by ensuring that people can obtain healthcare services in Malta without unduly taxing the system.

Language Proficiency: Applying for a Malta passport through the Acquisition of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Program does not require any particular language proficiency. It's important to keep in mind that language requirements may vary over time, and the criteria for the application have probably altered since then.

Path to Malta Citizenship

In contrast to the Austrian citizenship by extraordinary achievement scheme, applicants for Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, must navigate a well-defined set of investment regulations under this program. In addition to granting an expedited path to citizenship, this investment opens doors for wise financial planning and expansion, strengthening the foundation of the new nation.

Property renting in Malta for MESDI

Renting a residential immovable property in Malta requires a minimum of sixteen thousand euros (€16,000) per year in rent to qualify under the Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment. The applicant and their dependents must find the rented property satisfactory, and the lease agreement must last for a minimum of five (5) years after the citizenship certificate is issued. Alternatively, you can purchase residential real estate in Malta with a minimum value of €750,000 as a proof of living commitment. 

Direct Investment 

After buying or renting a house in Malta, you will certify that you have a living commitment in Malta for thirty-six (36) months; however, this duration may be shortened to a minimum of twelve (12) months in exceptional circumstances, contingent upon an extraordinary direct investment of seven hundred fifty thousand euros (€750,000) after the first year, to be able to receive the certificate of naturalization is issued. You can also invest €600,000 after 36 months, however, in order to be eligible for citizenship under the direct investment law. 

Donating to a registered Charity 

Additionally it mandates a minimum donation of €10,000 to a locally registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organization or society, as approved by the Agency. This comprehensive strategy gives participants a unique and alluring path inside the program, enabling them to meet the requirements for Maltese citizenship while having a significant impact on the social and economic growth of Malta. Once the charity donation as well as the direct investment is completed, the applicant's family will be able to get their Maltese Citizenship.

Why Choose a Maltese Passport?

When it comes to seeking global opportunities and a higher quality of life, obtaining Malta citizenship by investment is a decision laden with many advantages. Here are compelling reasons why choosing a Maltese passport is a step towards a brighter future:

Visa-Free Travel to the USA and UK and Asian leading countries 

Citizens of Malta are entitled to visa-free travel to popular countries including the USA, Canada, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and many more around the world. The varied cultures and landscapes of the Schengen Area are also open to exploration. Beyond these regions, your Malta passport grants you the freedom to journey to distant and enchanting places like Hong Kong and Japan, making your travel aspirations a reality.

Freedom of Settlement in the EU and EEA

Every citizen of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as their family members, are entitled to the freedom to travel, work, invest, and live anywhere on the territory of any EU Member State, as well as the European Economic Area. Maltese citizens are allowed to stay in other EU and EEA nations for up to 90 days in 180 days without a resident card. For EU nationals, these processes are meant to be straightforward and trouble-free.When legitimately residing longterm in one of these nations, people are guaranteed equal treatment in important areas such as access to employment, working conditions, taxation, training, trade unions, and vital amenities such as housing and education, without regard to their nationality.

Dual Citizenship Opportunity in Malta

Due to Malta's acceptance of dual citizenship, investors can proudly adopt Maltese citizenship without giving up their original passport. In cases when dual citizenship is allowed by your home nation, this flexibility is very beneficial. It implies that you can maintain your ties to your home country while taking advantage of the rights and perks that come with being a Maltese citizen.

High-Quality Healthcare Access

Maltese citizens enjoy access to extensive medical insurance options that offer top-tier healthcare treatment. These programs encompass free screenings and provide access to first-rate medical care at reputable clinics and hospitals. To ensure residents receive the best possible medical treatment, essential medications are readily available. This commitment to health care ensures peace of mind for you and your family.

Business Opportunities within the EU

Malta's citizenship by investment unlocks a world of business opportunities from Inside Malta and within the European Union (EU). As a Maltese citizen, you have the unique chance to establish and expand businesses in any EU member state. This opens doors to global markets, facilitating more efficient and effective business operations on an international scale. The EU's robust business environment becomes your playing field for entrepreneurial success.

Access to the Public Education Sector

For families considering education, residing in Malta offers remarkable advantages. Lower educational costs make quality education more accessible for Maltese individuals. Moreover, Maltese citizens are not burdened with the requirement of obtaining student residency permits when pursuing studies in any EU member state. This streamlined process eases the path to overseas education, ensuring that educational opportunities are within reach.

Timeline and process of receiving citizenship in Malta for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

Navigating the path to obtaining a Maltese passport requires meticulous attention to application requirements and essential steps and can take from 12 months (exceptional) up to 36 months. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Choosing a Trusted Partner

Your first crucial step is selecting a trusted partner to guide you through the entire Malta passport application process. The expertise of a reputable associate plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and successful journey toward Maltese citizenship.

Step 2: Residency Application

Collaborate with your designated representative at Mirabello Consultancy to thoroughly starting with submitting your residency applications over to eligibility application and citizenship application ultimately. In addition, your representative from our agency will perform a thorough evaluation of your eligibility, which will ensure compliance with all prerequisites. After that, with full support from Mirabello Consultancy, you will begin with obtaining a legal residency status in Malta. Adult applicants will fly to Malta to submit biometric information and submit a personal application for residency once all the necessary arrangements have been made and the appropriate property has been secured locally. After that, within two weeks, residency cards will be generated and sent to the applicants.

Step 3: Application for Eligibility

Experts from Mirabello Consultancy will go to work on the eligibility application as soon as the resident status has been issued by Malta. They will prepare the necessary government papers and supporting documentation and legalize them to the satisfaction of the nation. The eligibility application packet will be physically submitted to the Community Malta Agency, a government agency. Now, the government agency will undergo a background check on each applicant and get back to us if any questions arise or with its final decision. Be patient as this could take up to six months.

Step 4: Acceptance and Citizenship Acquisition

The government has informed all candidates that they have been approved, marking the achievement of a crucial milestone. Now, the primary applicant (investor) must meet the citizenship requirements for the investment, which include making an extraordinary contribution (min. EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000) in addition to the charitable donation and promising for five years to keep renting or buying real estate in the nation. You can complete everything during your first year of residency with the assistance of Mirabello Consultancy. 

Application Fees for Maltese Citizenship 

Obtaining Maltese citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment program (Malta Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment) entails a number of necessary processes, including the payment of particular application costs. These fees, which cover different application-related costs, are separate from the exceptional direct investment amount. The application costs are broken out below by step of eligibility:

Eligibility Payment Request Voucher (EPRV): At the outset of the application process, applicants are required to obtain an Eligibility Payment Request Voucher. This voucher is a crucial initial step and sets the stage for the application process.

Applicant Due Diligence Fee (per applicant): €15,000. This fee covers the due diligence process for the primary applicant, ensuring that all requirements and eligibility criteria are met.

Each Dependant Due Diligence Fee: For each dependent included in the application, there is a due diligence fee of €10,000. This fee ensures that the eligibility of dependents is thoroughly assessed.

Benefactor Due Diligence Fee: In cases where a benefactor is involved in the application, a due diligence fee of €15,000 is applicable. This fee covers the due diligence process for the benefactor.

Per Applicant/Dependant Administrative Fee: In addition to the due diligence fees, there is a per applicant or dependent administrative fee of €1,000. This fee contributes to the administrative processes associated with the application.

Legalization and Translation Fee: These costs vary depending on the family size and amount of non-English language documents, however, make a minimal and effortless part in the entire procedure of approximately € 3,500 over the 12 months time frame.

Dual Citizenship Benefits with Malta Citizenship 

Global Mobility: People who hold dual citizenship are to effortlessly travel visa-free to 187 countries and live in two or more countries without being constrained by residency requirements or visa limitations. For people with commercial interests, family ties, or a desire to explore other cultures, this is very helpful.

Freedom of Settlement:
Maltese Citizens are allowed to freely travel and settle within the EU and EEA at any time. 

Property Ownership: For dual nationals, owning property in both nations becomes more feasible, making it simpler to make real estate investments or create homes in several areas.

Commercial Opportunities: Having dual citizenship makes it possible to pursue more varied commercial ventures. It enables people to run enterprises in both nations and more effectively reach markets around the world.

Access to National Services: Citizens of two countries have equal access to a wider range of services, such as healthcare and education.

Economic Advantages: Dual citizenship may also provide financial advantages, such as favorable tax treatment or investment opportunities in multiple countries. Also, freedom to reside in EU member states and have work freedom


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