March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Benefits of Malta Citizenship - Become a citizen in Malta

The unique citizenship scheme in Malta provides a quicker option than the usual five-year residency requirement. Now, investors can become citizens of Malta in as short as one to three years, making their aspirations come true. Beyond the sought-after passport, this procedure opens up a wealth of advantages. These advantages consist of the flexibility to move to Malta or take advantage of prolonged stays, visa-free travel to more than 185 countries, and a variety of other benefits that come in handy with a Maltese passport. 

One citizenship can solve many nowadays problems, especially during unexpected dangers that can happen in the world. Moreover, Malta allows foreigners to keep their citizenship and travel with both of the documents. Let’s dive in to learn more about the advantages for one of the world's best passports and citizenship. 

Benefits of Maltese Passport 

Every country in the world has passport advantages, so does Maltese citizenship. In the world with unpredictable changes of different events can be significantly stressful nowadays and harm the rhythm of life, work and security. In contrast to these issues, Malta offers many benefits to keep up with the safety of businesses and family. 

Settling in the EU or Schengen countries: Malta is an EU member, hence its people do not need visas to enter the EU or Schengen nations. Additionally, when traveling to another country within EU they are permitted to extend their stay for longer than 90 days.

Work Safety without a permit: Maltese citizens have the special benefit of being able to open enterprises everywhere in the European Union, including in Malta. This adaptability helps the local economy flourish while also providing opportunities for individuals looking to build their businesses internationally. We will continue to study how the advantages of Maltese citizenship through investment can catapult businesspeople toward riches and success on a global scale.

Tax benefits in Malta: Tax conditions might frequently be better in Malta than in the person's home country. Malta, for instance, does not impose annual real estate taxes or wealth taxes. In some cases, such as when a child receives a parent's estate, inheritance taxes may not be necessary. Additionally, Maltese corporations' stockholders are eligible for a 100% corporate tax refund.

It's vital to remember that getting Maltese citizenship by an investment program doesn't automatically grant you any direct tax benefits within the country. It does, however, offer the chance to live in Malta and establish tax residency there, which could result in tax benefits for people looking for a more favorable tax climate.

Visa-Free travel: The ability to travel without a visa to nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and those in the Schengen Area as well as to places like Hong Kong and Japan, which are outside of the European Union and North America, is made possible by Maltese citizenship. This large list of nations without visa requirements makes international travel simple, enabling Maltese nationals to easily embrace various cultures and discover new vistas.

Access to public services such as high-level healthcare: Malta's healthcare system meets EU standards, yet it offers the advantage of being more affordable compared to countries like Germany or France. You can access a wide range of medical services in state hospitals, including emergency care, surgeries, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and more. Residents of Malta also hold the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which grants them access to healthcare services on the same terms as citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, in addition to EU member states. While the EHIC proves invaluable in emergencies, it's important to note that it doesn't cover planned medical treatments.

Settlement Freedom in the EU and EEA: Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), along with their family members, enjoy the privilege of unrestricted travel and residence across any Member State, including Malta. Maltese nationals can stay in EU and EEA countries for up to 90 days within a rolling 180-day period without a residence card. Obtaining a residence card is a straightforward process requiring registration of the intention to live and/or work in another EU or EEA nation for more than three months through Identita. It's important to note that this procedure is uncomplicated and hassle-free.

Access to Education: Malta's dedication to education goes beyond its provision of medical treatment. Due to Malta's higher education system's connection with the Bologna system, degrees gained from Maltese universities are recognized not just in Europe but also in the United States. Additionally, Maltese citizens have the benefit of receiving a free education from public institutions, providing a culture of lifelong learning and personal development available to all and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality education.

Dual Citizenship: Malta permits dual citizenship for its residents. If you get a passport from Malta, you don't have to give up your previous citizenship. But only if your country of origin also permits you to hold another citizenship is it true.

Citizenship for family members which lasts for life: When applying for Maltese citizenship through naturalization based on exceptional services through direct investment, individuals have the opportunity to include their family members in the application. This includes spouses or registered partners, children under the age of 29, and parents over the age of 55. Notably, Maltese citizenship does not have an expiration date, providing a lasting and secure status for you and your family.

Furthermore, the Maltese passport, obtained through this process, remains valid for up to ten years. When it nears its expiration, the renewal process is straightforward, involving the simple replacement of the old document with a new one. This convenience and flexibility ensure that the benefits of Maltese citizenship endure, offering long-term advantages for you and your loved ones.

Why Malta Citizenship? 

Several factors, such as the advantages and chances it may provide for you and your family, must be taken into account while thinking about the possibility of getting citizenship in a new nation. Malta, a gem of the Mediterranean, has gained popularity as a travel destination among people looking for a special road to citizenship through naturalization that is based on superior services and foreign direct investment. But why is choosing Malta citizenship so appealing?

Unlike some citizenship programs that may come with a time limit or expiration date, Maltese citizenship is a lasting status. Once obtained, it doesn't have an expiry date, providing you and your family with long-term security and peace of mind.

It's important to keep in mind, too, that while Malta citizenship has many benefits, it cannot be acquired through a quick investment process. Potential citizens must first fulfill certain requirements and go through an initial due diligence procedure aided by a licensed agent. Following this, candidates must pass the Eligibility Test and acquire a police clearance certificate. This is required for all family members who are older than 12 to apply.

The Maltese passport, a valuable document for international travel, remains valid for up to ten years. When it's time for renewal, the process is straightforward. You only need to replace the expiring passport with a new one, ensuring continued ease of travel and access to the benefits of Maltese citizenship.

Obtaining a Passport through the Investment Program in Malta 

Prospective citizens have a variety of investment choices to select from through Malta's Citizenship by Investment program. These investments offer options for long-term financial planning in addition to being a way to obtain Maltese citizenship.

Investing in real estate 

People can choose to make a wise, long-term investment in real estate through the Malta Citizenship by Investment program. A real estate purchase of at least EUR €700,000 is necessary to qualify for Maltese citizenship. To ensure compliance with program profitability and flexibility requirements, property ownership must be maintained for at least five years after attaining citizenship.

Rental Option

While buying real estate is a common strategy, renting property is an alternative that should be taken into account. Although renting may result in a higher overall cost compared to a one-time investment, it allows for spreading the financial commitment over a more extended period, leading to lower monthly payments. This adaptability can assist candidates in fulfilling the criteria for Maltese citizenship. Moreover, renting typically has a quicker turnaround time, with arrangements possible in as little as two weeks, in contrast to the potentially lengthier process of property acquisition.

Alternative Investment 

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program offers a different option for anyone looking to live permanently in Malta. In addition to real estate investment, this route also includes two other essential requirements: funding the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) and aiding non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Application Process for Malta Citizenship 

Malta distinguishes itself from other European nations by offering a distinct and adaptable investment pathway that empowers individuals to select from a diverse range of investment prospects. Our analysis delves into the intricacies of Malta's investment terrain in this domain, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with your objectives and preferences. As we navigate the avenues that lead to Maltese citizenship through investment, discover the multitude of opportunities that await.

Choosing a Legal Partner

Start by selecting a reputable attorney or legal partner such as Mirabello Consultancy to guide you through the Malta citizenship application process. Their expertise is invaluable in ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

Appoint an Agent

Grant your chosen agent power of attorney, authorizing them to represent you throughout the application procedure. This legal measure simplifies administrative processes and streamlines your application.

Application and Due Diligence

Collaborate with your agent to prepare and submit your residency and citizenship eligibility applications. Your agent will also conduct Tier 1 due diligence to assess your eligibility. This can be done before getting yourself into the stressful process us.

Investment for Citizenship

Depending on your chosen investment strategy, you'll meet the residency requirements after either 12 or 36 months. During this phase, you must fulfill the program's criteria for Exceptional Investment, Donation, and Property.

Obtain Approval, Then Citizenship

Patience becomes paramount as you await the Agency's decision following the submission of your Citizenship application. Upon approval, you will receive your official Certificate of Citizenship, granting you access to the full benefits of Maltese citizenship, including the coveted passport.

Financial Commitments and Malta Citizenship cost

Here we have several pathways to obtain citizenship in Malta. As the paths are different the contribution amounts also differ. When it comes to buying real estate it will probably cost you less with a long period of investment. Contribution to NDSF and Buying a Real Estate. You need to find a property with  EUR €700,000. For renting a property you need to choose carefully. You have to consider the regions and investment amounts. Obtaining citizenship by real estate renting for 3 years you need to consider paying at least  EUR € 16,000 yearly for 3 years, without gaining interest on the property.  

Other fees also need to be considered. Here are the fees during the eligibility stage

Eligibility Stage

Applicant Due Diligence Fee €15,000

Each Dependant Due Diligence Fee €10,000

Benefactor Due Diligence Fee €15,000

Per Applicant/Dependant Administrative Fee €1,000

You can learn more about the fees

Malta Citizenship Requirements

To be eligible for Maltese citizenship takes several steps and a long process, however, the main requirements can be considered the following. Passport through investment, applicants must meet certain criteria. First and foremost, applicants must be at least 18 years old and provide verifiable proof of their investment.

It is important to note that the investments are made in different ways when obtaining citizenship in Malta by naturalization. This includes a 36-month residence requirement, with exceptions possible for substantial direct investments. Additionally, you must invest in a residential property or lease one meeting certain value and duration criteria, make an exceptional direct investment in Malta, and donate a minimum of €10,000 to a registered non-governmental organization or society before receiving your naturalization certificate. These requirements aim to ensure meaningful contributions to Malta's society and economy from those seeking citizenship.

The residency requirement for citizenship application is determined by the specific contribution amount made by the investor:

- An investment of €600,000 requires a 3-year residency period.

- Opting for an investment of €750,000 reduces the residency requirement to just 1 year.
Please note whether you choose to buy or rent option you need to have a dwelling place in Malta for the first year with agreements and licenses to be able to apply for citizenship and make the contribution. 

These criteria and contribution options provide individuals with clear guidelines for pursuing Maltese citizenship through investment, allowing them to choose the path that aligns with their goals and circumstances.

Required Documents for All

The application process for Malta citizenship as an investor necessitates a comprehensive collection of documents. These documents serve to substantiate the information provided in various application forms, a task often carried out by accredited agents on behalf of applicants. Mirrabello Consultancy offers support to investors pursuing Malta citizenship, operating under license number .

Key documents include

  1. Application for a Residence Permit: Initiating the process with a formal request for residence.
  2. Electronic Identity Registration Form: Providing essential personal information.
  3. Image Capture Application Form: Capturing biometric data.
  4. Rental Declaration Form: Documenting the applicant's place of residence.
  5. Health Insurance Documentation: Ensuring adequate healthcare coverage.
  6. MRQ Form: Collecting health-related information, completed by a medical professional.
  7. Declaration for the Submission of the Citizenship Application: An official statement of intent.
  8. Citizenship Application Form: The core document for citizenship consideration.
  9. Documents About Family Members: Providing information about family, education, and employment.
  10. Declaration of Income, Net Worth, and Source of Funds: Demonstrating financial stability and the origin of funds.
  11. Declaration of Business and Corporate Affiliations: Disclosing professional affiliations.
  12. Declaration of Tax Residency Jurisdiction: Reporting tax residency status.
  13. Parent's Consent Form: When applicable, documenting parental consent.
  14. Dependency Declaration: Verifying dependents.
  15. De-Facto Partner Declaration: For partners in a de-facto relationship.
  16. Photographs of Children Under 12 Years Old: Providing visual documentation of young family members.

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