March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Investment Program to Obtain Maltese Citizenship

Your dreams of obtaining Maltese citizenship can come true through the Malta Citizenship by Investment program. Getting citizenship in the European Union is a remarkable adventure that opens up a world of options and benefits. The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program, officially known as the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (MESDI), as regulated by the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations (S.L. 188.06), is the famous Maltese citizenship law, designed to serve talented people and families looking for a unique way to become Maltese citizens. It demonstrates Malta's persistent dedication to welcoming foreign investment and enhancing its thriving and diversified community.

You have access to one of Europe's most alluring and culturally diverse countries through this program. The program's requirements must be met in order for potential applicants to start this thrilling trip. One of the essential requirements for those who are prepared to commit higher sums of money. In exceptional cases, the program also permits a larger investment level and a shorter residency requirement of just twelve (12) months. The minimum investment of €700,000 over 24-36 months of period you can receive citizenship of Malta for life. 

Requirement of Obtaining Citizenship in Malta 

Applicants must meet certain requirements in order to be granted Maltese citizenship, such as proving residency, participating in real estate operations, making direct financial investments, and supporting charitable causes. The revised requirements are intended to guarantee a thorough assessment of candidates' dedication to the advancement and principles of the country. Fulfilling these requirements demonstrates a comprehensive perspective on Maltese citizenship eligibility.

Investment Requirements 

To be eligible for Maltese citizenship by naturalization, you must satisfy several investment criteria and invest in various fields. First and foremost, you'll need to provide proof of residence in Malta for thirty-six (36) months, although exceptions can reduce this requirement to a minimum of twelve (12) months. This reduction is contingent upon an exceptional direct investment of either €600,000 or €750,000, depending on your specific circumstances, made prior to the issuance of the naturalization certificate.

Additionally, you are required to either purchase an immovable residential property in Malta with a minimum value of €700,000 or lease a residential immovable property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of €16,000. The property must be suitable for you and your dependents and must be maintained for a minimum period of five (5) years from the date of receiving the certificate of citizenship.

Furthermore, as part of the naturalization process, you must undertake an exceptional direct investment in Malta, according to the regulations outlined in the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations (S.L. 188.06).

Lastly, it is necessary to donate a minimum of €10,000 to a registered non-governmental organization or society that is involved in philanthropy, culture, sports, science, animal welfare, or the arts. This donation should be completed prior to the issuance of the certificate of naturalization.

Investor Eligibility

To qualify for Maltese citizenship through investment, the main applicant (investor), must meet specific eligibility criteria. Firstly, he must be over 18 years of age and provide verifiable proof of their investment.

Inclusion of Family Members

Children: The program permits the inclusion of children with dependencies, even those from previous marriages, in the citizenship application. For eligibility, children must be unmarried, and substantially dependent on the investor, typically evidenced by enrollment in full-time university studies.

Young Adults: Family minors can also be included in the citizenship application, up to the age of 29.

Parents: Investors applying for citizenship may additionally include their parents who are older than 55.

Clean Criminal Record

Every applicant seeking Maltese citizenship through the investment path, must possess a clean criminal record. This entails having no prior criminal convictions or ongoing legal cases. This stringent criterion ensures that only individuals with a history of ethical conduct are granted citizenship, enhancing the safety and security of the country.

Malta Citizenship Investment Programs

Following the completion of investment requirements, investors are granted permanent residency status in Malta, providing a flexible and alternative means of attaining their desire to live in this dynamic European country with chances for Malta economic citizenship.

Investment in Real Estate 

Individuals seeking Maltese citizenship have the choice to make a wise, long-term investment in real estate under the Malta Citizenship by Investment program. Your citizenship application will be protected by a minimum real estate acquisition of €700,000 as part of the Malta citizenship criteria. Prior to being allowed to sell the property after gaining citizenship, you must hold onto ownership of it for at least five years. This makes sure that your investment satisfies the program's profitability and flexibility requirements for citizenship in Malta.

Investor Spouse Family
Real Estate purchase €700,000 €700,000 €700,000
Contribution in NDSF €600,000 €650,000 €70,000, +€50,000 (4th member +)

Renting Real Estate Property 

It's important to remember that while renting property may have a higher overall cost than making a one-time investment, it has the advantage of spreading the financial commitment over a longer period of time, resulting in lower monthly payments. This is important for people considering this option to meet the requirements for Maltese citizenship. Additionally, renting a home may usually be arranged in as little as two weeks, in contrast to buying one, which can take up to three months.

Investor Spouse Family
Real Estate Renting for 3 years €36,000 €36,000 €36,000
Real Estate Renting for 5 years €80,000 €80,000 €80,000
Donating in NDSF €600,000 €650,000 €70,000, +€50,000 (4th member +)

Malta Citizenship by Investment program

Note: The minimum annual rent varies by region within Malta, impacting the overall Malta citizenship cost

Contribution to NDSF

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program offers an alternative investment opportunity for people seeking permanent residency in Malta in addition to the conventional real estate investment path. This route combines buying real estate with adhering to two other essential conditions: funding the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) and an approved charity organization.

Investment Requirements

NDSF Donation: Investors can greatly lower the cost of obtaining Maltese citizenship by contributing €600,000 to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF), which entitles them to a three-year residency permit in Malta.

Contribution: A contribution of €750,000 entitles the investor to an accelerated path that reduces the duration of the residency permit need to only one year, making it a quicker way to apply for Malta citizenship. This investment is in addition to the NDSF gift.

Application Processes and Fees 

A thorough awareness of the application procedures and related costs are essential while pursuing Malta citizenship. This section acts as your thorough guide, explaining the nuances of the application process and offering insightful information about the necessary financial requirements. This resource will arm you with the knowledge necessary to negotiate the complex processes and monetary concerns that lie ahead, whether you are starting along the path of economic citizenship or looking into alternate possibilities.

Application Fees

Several payments are associated with the Malta Citizenship program. However, there are various steps to the application expenses for the citizenship by investment program. There are three steps in total when you will need to make payments:

  1. The residency stage is: The initial stage is when you gather all the required paperwork and are prepared to submit it for processing.
  2. Eligibility Phase: You are now awaiting official government confirmation of your program eligibility.
  3. Citizenship Stage: Lastly, you submit the investment voucher (IRV) during this stage to formally become a citizen.

You may find additional information about the fees associated with each phase here.

Understand the Investment

Malta's citizenship framework is firmly rooted in the country's commitment to economic growth and development. Malta's idea of economic citizenship through investment serves as an example of this dedication. Understanding that Maltese citizenship is a commitment rather than a possession is crucial. The procedure complies with strict Maltese citizenship requirements that support the goals and values of the country. This strategy is an intentional investment, where a sincere desire to have a beneficial impact on Malta's socioeconomic environment and financial engagement come together.

Investment Amount

Depending on the specific contribution amount, an investor can apply for citizenship at any time. A €600,000 contribution necessitates a 3-year resident requirement, whereas a €750,000 contribution necessitates only a 1-year residency need. Investors have the freedom to select a pathway that fits their unique circumstances and goals while still adhering to Malta's citizenship standards thanks to these various residency requirements.

How to Invest in Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Malta sets itself apart from other European nations by providing a clear and flexible investment path that gives people the ability to choose from a variety of investment possibilities. We examine the depth of Malta's investment landscape in this area so that you may make well-informed choices that are specific to your aims and tastes. As we explore the routes that lead to citizenship in Malta through investment, learn about the variety of opportunities that are waiting.

Choosing a Legal Partner 

Choose a reputable attorney or legal partner to help you with the Malta citizenship application procedure. Their knowledge will be crucial for ensuring a successful and easy journey.

Appoint an agent

Give a power of attorney to your selected agent, allowing them to represent you during the application procedure. The administrative processes are simplified by this law measure.

Application and due diligence 

Prepare and submit your residency and citizenship eligibility applications in collaboration with your agent. Additionally, your agent will evaluate your eligibility by performing Tier 1 due diligence.

Investment for Citizenship 

Depending on the investment strategy you decide to choose, you will either meet the requirements after 12 or 36 months of residence. At this step, you must fulfill the program's requirements for Exceptional Investment, Charity Donation, and 5-year Property commitment by either purchasing or renting.

Obtain approval, then citizenship

Patience is required as you wait for the Agency's decision after filing your Citizenship application. You will receive your official Certificate of Citizenship after your application has been approved, giving you access to all the benefits of Maltese citizenship, including the much-coveted passport.

Documents Required for Citizenship by Investment 

The bundle of documents necessary to initiate the Malta citizenship application comprises various forms and records that substantiate the information provided within those forms. Accredited agents undertake the completion of all these forms on behalf of applicants. Mirabello Consultancy provides the entire support needed for an investor and his family, seeking Malta citizenship.

The essential documents include

  • Application for a Residence Permit and Forms R and R1
  • Electronic Identity Registration Form or PSC Form
  • Image Capture Application Form.
  • Health insurance documentation.
  • MRQ Form, which includes information about the applicant's health status, is completed by the examining physician.
  • Declaration for the Submission of the Citizenship Application.
  • Citizenship Application Form E
  • Citizenship Application Form J
  • Documents related to the applicant's family members, education, and employment.
  • Declaration of income, net worth, and the source of funds and wealth (Part MRQ Form)
  • Declaration of Business and Corporate Affiliations (Part MRQ Form)
  • Declaration of Tax Residency Jurisdiction (Part MRQ Form)
  • Dependency Declaration.
  • De-Facto Partner Declaration.
  • Photographs of children under 12 years old.

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