March 22, 2024
Residency by investment programs

Residency in UAE by Investment Requirements and Costs in 2024

Are you considering relocating to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2024? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the Residency in UAE by Investment Requirements and Costs, offering valuable insights and expert advice. Whether you're a business professional, an entrepreneur, or simply seeking a new place to call home, the UAE's investor visa program provides a promising opportunity. The UAE's unique blend of modernity and tradition, its tax-friendly environment, and world-class infrastructure make it a top choice for those looking to establish their roots in this dynamic nation. With this guide, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the steps involved in securing your residency and the advantages of making the UAE your new home.

UAE Investment Programs and The Total Costs for Obtaining a UAE Golden Visa 

The United Arab Emirates offers several investment opportunities by the amount of investment in real estate that allows individuals to obtain coveted UAE Golden Visas, granting them extended residency in this dynamic and prosperous nation. The Golden Visa provides stability, security, and numerous opportunities for those who choose to invest in the UAE. Below, we outline the different investment options and their associated costs.

10 Years Residency Visa by Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment presents an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking a 10-year UAE resident visa. To qualify for this long-term visa, an investment of a minimum of AED 2,000,000 (approximately USD 545,000, but please note that USD values may vary) in real estate is required. The associated costs include:

- Minimum Real Estate Investment: AED 2,000,000+

- State Fees for the Visa: AED 3,860 per person

This long-term commitment to real estate investment not only ensures personal and professional stability but also opens doors to various business opportunities, making it a favorable choice for entrepreneurs and investors looking to explore the UAE's thriving economy.

Entrepreneurial 5 Years Residency Visa

Ambitious entrepreneurs looking to pursue innovative economic ventures can opt for the 5-year Golden Visa. To be eligible for this visa, individuals need to meet certain requirements, including:

- Project Value: A minimum of AED 500,000

- Auditor's Confirmation: Certification by a UAE auditor confirming the project's value.

- Emirate Authorities' Approval: Recognition from local authorities emphasizing innovation and a future-oriented nature.

- Business Incubator Partnership: Partnering with a certified business incubator in the UAE.

If you're looking to start a business and want to stay in the UAE for an extended period of time, the Golden Visa for 5 years is a great option. It's a great way to stay and contribute to the UAE's cutting-edge economy.

2 Years Residency Visa by Real Estate Investment

Investors have the option of obtaining a 2-year resident visa in the UAE by purchasing property in Freehold Zones, where foreigners can enjoy complete ownership rights. The investment requirement varies based on ownership structures:

- Individual Investors: At least AED 750,000

- Jointly Registered with a Spouse: AED 1,000,000

This visa is perfect for those who have immediate plans or just want to try it out before making a commitment. It gives you the option to keep the ownership of your property while you're here, and it's a great way to get residency in the UAE if you meet the investment requirements.

Hidden and Extra Fees for Golden Visa in UAE

At Mirabello Consultancy, we care about privacy and transparency, and we provide all the details that can occur during the process of due diligence and after it. The United Arab Emirates offers a variety of investment options that allow individuals to obtain the most wanted UAE Golden Visas, granting them extended residency in this dynamic and prosperous nation. The Golden Visa provides stability, security, and numerous opportunities for those who choose to invest in the UAE. Above provided costs are the main costs that the process requires to be paid. For further details and a tailored process outline reach out to us for free consultancy. 

UAE Residency By Investment Requirements For Eligibility 

The Golden Residence visa is a long-term residence visa issued by the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the categories under the Golden Residence Visa. The Golden Residence Visa for real estate investors in the UAE is a 10-year, renewable residence visa. In order to apply for a Golden Residence Visa in the UAE, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Investment Requirements 

Property Investment: Individuals seeking a Golden Residence visa through real estate investment can choose from the following options:

Property Worth AED 2 Million or with Loan: Applicants must invest in a property with a minimum value of AED 2 million, approximately equivalent to USD 550,000. This direct property purchase qualifies them for the visa.  Alternatively, investors can opt for a property worth AED 2 million, approximately USD 550,000, with a loan from specific local banks. This option allows for flexibility in financing while still meeting the investment requirement.

Age Requirements of Investor

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the Golden Visa. This criterion ensures that the visa is accessible to adults who are interested in making the UAE their long-term home.

Family Inclusion

One of the notable advantages of the Golden Visa program in the UAE is the ability to include family members. Typically, eligible family members for inclusion in the visa application are:

Spouse: Married individuals can include their spouse in the application.

Son: Sons under the age of 25 are eligible for inclusion.

Unmarried Daughters: Unmarried daughters of any age can also be included, demonstrating the program's inclusive nature.

Health Insurance 

Applicants must submit proof of medical insurance for themselves and any family members (if any) as part of the Golden Residence visa requirements. This assures that visa holders have access to critical healthcare services, supporting the applicant's and their family's well-being and health security while in the UAE.

Important Documents for the UAE Golden Visa Program

Passport: A valid passport from the country you are currently residing in is a fundamental requirement. Ensure that your passport has an adequate validity period to meet the UAE golden visa scheme requirements.

Birth Certificates: Birth certificates for all family members included in the application are typically required. These documents are essential to establish familial ties.

Marriage Certificate: If you are applying with your spouse, a valid marriage certificate is needed to verify the marital relationship.

Certificate of Non-Marriage for Children Over 18: In the case of children over the age of 18, a certificate confirming their single status may be required.

Certificate of No Criminal Record: A certificate of no criminal record issued by the authorities in your country of citizenship is a vital document to demonstrate your good conduct and eligibility for the Golden Visa.

UAE Good Conduct Certificate: This certificate, addressed to the Dubai Land Department, serves as evidence of your good behavior and compliance with UAE laws. It is an essential component of the application process.

Medical Insurance: It is necessary to have valid medical insurance coverage for all family members included in the application. This ensures that you can access healthcare services during your stay in the UAE.

One Photo per Applicant: Recent passport-sized photographs of each applicant should be provided. These photographs will be used for identification and documentation purposes.

Current UAE Visa: If you are already residing in the UAE under a different visa category, you will need to submit a copy of your current UAE visa to support your Golden Visa application.

Who Else is Eligible for UAE Golden Visa by Investment? 

The UAE Golden Visa program is available to certain categories of individuals who meet specific criteria. Eligibility for the UAE Golden Visa could include the following:

Real Estate Investors:

   - Those who invest in UAE real estate with a minimum property value that is typically in the range of AED 1 million for joint investment to AED 2 million or more for a single investor.

Long-Term Property Investors:

   - Individuals who commit to holding a property for a certain period (e.g., 3 to 5 years) can also qualify.


   - Those who make a significant investment in real estate, a business, or financial assets in the UAE.


   - Individuals who start a business in the UAE and meet certain criteria for their business activities and investments.

Skilled Professionals: 

  - High-skilled professionals, such as doctors, engineers, and scientists, who have outstanding expertise in their fields. They may need sponsorship from their employer.

Researchers and Innovators:

   - Individuals who have made significant contributions to research and innovation. They should have approvals from UAE authorities.

Artists and Creatives:

   - Prominent artists, authors, and other creative professionals who have made substantial contributions to their respective fields.


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