May 16, 2024
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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda


Are you ready to make a solid investment, unlock one of the world’s greatest passports, and get access to a tax haven? Antigua and Barbuda has some of the best real estate for investment with amazing returns. Not only is the demand for real estate growing in this twin island nation but making an investment offers amazing benefits. In this article, we will cover the real estate investment market in Antigua and Barbuda. You’ll learn more about:

  • Factors driving the real estate market 
  • Benefits to expect when investing in the country’s real estate
  • The different types of property available for purchase
  • What to expect from the different regions of the islands

Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate Market

There are many factors to consider when making your Antigua and Barbuda real estate investment. Given the size of the island, its location, and its economy, you may need some extra consultation to make sure what kind of real estate is going to be the best investment for you. Consider discussing what kinds of returns and benefits you expect with a specialized agent

Rise in Tourism

Tourism makes up over 50% of Antigua and Barbuda’s economy. While the government is interested in diversifying the economy, it is still the staple of employment and isn’t going to die down anytime soon. When considering investing, take into account what kind of real estate tourists would want to live in when visiting. 

There is a huge real estate investment boom in Antigua and Barbuda from luxury housing near the shoreline to more affordable houses and apartments inland. With new resorts and luxury apartments being built, you can anticipate a growing demand for more affordable rentals. 

It is important to know that tourism is seasonal on the island. There are lots of rainstorms in summer and fall, leaving winter through spring to be the peak of tourist season. Given the strict seasonality of tourism, you may have trouble finding long-term renters. 

Limited Development Space

This twin island nation is only 443 km². With a majority of development happening in Antigua, Barbuda is slowly beginning to develop, opening opportunities for early real estate investors. 

Antigua has many real estate investment opportunities with rapid development. Over 50% of the population lives in the capital Saint John, with other areas near the capital slowly developing. The government has a list of approved areas that can be developed, encouraging real estate investment to reach all corners of the islands. With a limited space to develop, it is important to get in as early as possible, as there is a limit to development. Part of the reason so many tourists are attracted to Antigua and Barbuda is that there is so much undeveloped land to explore and enjoy. 


Caribbean islands are known for really rough hurricane seasons. When making a real estate investment in Antigua and Barbuda, it is important to know the serious repercussions of environmental factors. The Antigua and Barbuda Development Fund aims to mitigate some of the potential risks but it is still best to discuss your concerns with experts

Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Passport

One of the biggest benefits of investing in Antigua and Barbuda real estate is a chance to acquire a passport. With an Antigua and Barbuda passport, you will never need a Schengen visa again and enjoy visa-free travel for up to 90 days out of every 180 days, giving you all the time you need to explore. Being a member of the Commonwealth, holders of an Antigua and Barbuda passport can enjoy 180 days of visa-free travel in the United Kingdom and opportunities to visit other English-speaking countries in North America and Europe. 

Thinking about visiting the United States of America?  Your Antigua and Barbuda passport makes you eligible to apply for a B1/B2 visiting visa for the United States, allowing for stays of up to 180 days a year for business, tourism, and medical treatments. As a member of the Caribbean Community (Carcom), you can freely traverse all 15 Caribbean states without the need for visas or restrictions, giving you the chance to go on the ultimate tropical vacation island hopping from one paradise to another.

Tax Haven

Investors like yourself understand the importance of securing your finances in a tax haven. One of the most appealing benefits of acquiring an Antigua and Barbuda passport is the assurance that your financial matters remain shielded from prying eyes. By investing in real estate in Antigua and Barbuda and becoming a citizen, you can benefit from some of the most favorable tax regulations globally, with no taxes on income, capital gains, or inheritance. 

Antigua and Barbuda does everything they can to make sure that your wealth stays in your pocket. They also take necessary measures to safeguard your financial information from the prying eyes of foreign nations or regulatory bodies. If you want high level financial autonomy and a haven to safeguard your finances, acquiring citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda through a real estate investment is a sure method to financial freedom. Discover how investors like yourself are capitalizing on the many advantages of the Antigua and Barbuda passport with a free no-obligation consultation.

Types of Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Luxury Homes

With a growing emphasis on upscale tourism, investing in luxury real estate in Antigua and Barbuda might be the smartest choice to make. In places like Saint John, where the majority of the population lives, you can find luxury four bedroom homes located inland in a nice neighborhood starting around $700,000 USD and going upwards to about $4,500,000 USD for a plantation home with more than 5 bedrooms or a few millions of dollars for four acres of beachside property to develop. There are luxury homes across both islands, mainly in Antigua, that are for tourists who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. 

Rental Apartments and Condos

There is no shortage of apartments for sale in Antigua and Barbuda. From entry level studio apartments starting at $300,000 USD to luxury condos with beach access going well over $800,000 USD, you can find the perfect property to rent out and make big. There are many rental services that will facilitate management of the property for you and become passive income or you can take your chance at renting it out through an agency like AirBnB and try to make the most of your real estate investment in Antigua and Barbuda. 

Affordable Homes

There is a large market for approved homes around $200,000 USD in Antigua and Barbuda to meet citizenship by investment in real estate law. These homes can be found around the country in many residential areas. They have all modern amenities, the majority of them are two story townhouses, and have spacious yards with paved roads leading to the homes. 

Popular Locations for Real Estate Investment

We can see that there are many places where development is taking place both in Antigua and Barbuda. As residential areas are reaching their maximum capacity, it is important to make your real estate investment in Antigua and Barbuda while you still can. The government has pre approved properties ready for citizenship by investment which can make your decision much easier. 


  1. Fort James to Blue Waters
  2. Pillar Rock to Five Islands
  3. Pearns Point to Johnson’s Point
  4. Falmouth Harbour to Galleon Bay
  5. Willoughby Bay to Half Moon Bay
  6. Nonsuch bay area
  7. Guiana Island and its environs to Crabbs Peninsula to Indian Point
  8. Blackman’s Estate (Blackman’s Point)
  9. Marble Hill


  1. Low Bay to Palmetto Point and Coco Point
  2. Coco Point


How much are real estate purchase taxes in Antigua and Barbuda?

When buying property in Antigua and Barbuda, expect to pay 2.5% as tax of the property value.The seller is obligated to pay 7.5% and if the seller does not have Antigua and Barbuda tax residence, they must pay an extra  5% appreciation tax of the property value.

How much does real estate cost in Antigua and Barbuda?

You can find many properties in Antigua and Barbuda that meet the minimum $200,000 threshold for citizenship by investment. There are comfortable homes available in the capital city of Saint John for around $350,000 and many luxury homes and apartments well over a millions USD. 

How much does it cost to invest in Antigua citizenship?

To gain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda with real estate investment, you must purchase a property of over $200,000 and pay for fees throughout the application process. Another way to attain citizenship is a direct investment into the development of the country with a contribution to the National Development Fund of $100,000 plus fees. 

How long does it take to get citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda is known for a streamlined citizenship process. After meeting all criteria for citizenship and submitting your application, it only takes about 6 months of processing time to deliver your passport and officially become a citizen. 


There has never been a better time in Antigua and Barbuda to make real estate investments. The market is opening up and space is becoming limited. With all of the benefits available for an Antiguan and Barbuda citizenship, you can get more from your investment than just financial returns. With such diversity on the island, it can be difficult to decide where to make an investment. Make a no-obligations call with a specialist who can answer all of your questions about making investing in real estate in Antigua and Barbuda. 


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