March 22, 2024
Residency by investment programs

Visa Free Travel Greece Golden Visa Programs for 2023

Greek Permanent Residents are excluded from the need to apply for a visa under the remarkable and practical rule that has been established by the 26-nation Schengen Area. With the potential for the Schengen Area to expand in the future, currently affording access to 26 countries within its zone, as of January 2024, this privilege will extend to include Bulgaria and Romania. For those people, this law presents a world of travel possibilities, allowing them to experience a variety of nations without having to deal with the trouble of applying for visas.

You enjoy the unique benefit of unrestricted travel inside the Schengen Area as a bearer of Greek Permanent Residency. This indicates that you are allowed to go to any of the member countries without having to first obtain a visa. This specific feature of the Schengen Agreement greatly facilitates international travel, encouraging more mobility and contact between the participating nations.

With Greek Residency you can travel with free visa to these countries: 

  • Austria             
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Czech Republic
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Slovenia
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Switzerland

Benefits of Visa-Free traveling

Visa-free travel offers numerous benefits that cross international boundaries. The advantages of visa-free travel include making travel arrangements easier, promoting cross-cultural exchange, increasing tourism, and enabling commercial connections. These advantages make the world more open and accessible.

Simplified traveling 

A notable benefit of traveling with Greek residency is the simplification of travel arrangements, especially inside the Schengen Area. With this residency, people can travel freely throughout the Schengen region without needing visas for their intended locations. Travelers may move freely and immerse themselves in different cultures thanks to the convenience of not having to go through the visa application process. This freedom of mobility encourages a more impulsive and flexible approach to travel, enabling people to set out on travels without the customary difficulties of obtaining visas.

Saving on Visa Fees

Schengen visa applications can take a sizable amount of time and effort. Trips that were already planned may be affected by the weeks- to months-long waiting period for visa approval. This restriction is removed by accepting visa-free travel inside the Schengen Area with Greek residency. Travelers can now explore new cultures and areas in a more spontaneous and free manner. The removal of visa costs not only results in cost savings but also enables people to invest their money in more worthwhile travel experiences.

Expand your Network in Europe 

By meeting like-minded people from all over the world, traveling internationally presents a special opportunity to grow one's network. Particularly in Europe, there are numerous towns that hospitably welcome tourists and immigrants. Travelers can establish significant relationships, engage in intellectual dialogue, and learn about various lifestyles by engaging with these communities while traveling throughout the Schengen Area made possible by Greek residence. The simplicity of visa-free travel encourages participation in research activities and cultural discovery in addition to enhancing personal and professional networks.

Other Benefits of Greek Golden Visa

Inclusive for the Whole Family

This program isn't limited to individuals alone; it extends its benefits to families as well. Spouses, dependent parents, and children alike can all take advantage of the Greece Golden Visa program. Moreover, the program offers flexibility in investment options, with accessible entry points that can be as low as 250,000 EUR. The potential for lucrative rental prospects further cements the Greece Golden Visa program as a viable channel for generating passive income.

Application Process that is Quick 

One of the most appealing facets of the Greece Golden Visa program is its streamlined application process, marked by its rapid and comprehensive nature. Unlike other programs, the Greece Golden Visa program doesn't necessitate language proficiency or prior residency, making it universally accessible to individuals across the globe.

Path to Greek Citizenship

Beyond residency, the Greece Golden Visa scheme includes further benefits. It also offers a possible route for obtaining full Greek citizenship. Those who have had a Greece Golden Visa for seven years are then qualified to seek Greek citizenship. They can now enter 186 countries without a visa thanks to this status, which removes the trouble of obtaining a visa. Even to visit the USA, Canada and Australia Greek Citizens can apply for an e-visa without concerns. 

Citizenship in Greece with Golden Visa 

Greece has established a path to citizenship for non-Greeks with Greek ancestry or a Golden Visa residency status since 2012. This comprises obtaining a long-term visa through investments and then applying for citizenship after 7 years of residence. The fact that this program provides residency privileges to couples, unmarried children under 21, and students under 24 is noteworthy. It is remarkable that Greece does not have any additional residency criteria for acquiring a resident visa. The comparatively low investment requirement of 250,000 euros, which can be met by opening a Greek bank account, buying real estate (both commercial and non-commercial), or securing agricultural land for five years, is one noteworthy feature.

What are the Visa-Free Benefits of Greek Citizenship? 

Greece offers its residents visa-free travel to 186 countries, which includes all of Europe. Passport holders from Greece are not required to have a visa to access these nations. Greek nationals can easily travel by obtaining an electronic travel permission for countries including the USA, Canada, and Australia. Notably, the Greece Golden Visa acts as the first step for foreigners seeking to obtain a passport, offering a special chance to take advantage of increased global mobility and exploration.


What does Visa-Free travel mean?

The capacity to enter and remain in a foreign nation for a set period of time without having a visa is referred to as visa-free travel. This convenience, which is often established by bilateral agreements or international agreements, is meant to promote international trade, tourism, and cultural interactions. Travelers must still abide by the entry conditions, which include the permitted activities and stay lengths, as well as the rules of the host country while they are there. It's crucial to remember that the terms of visa-free travel might differ between nations and change over time owing to diplomatic or security considerations.

Is the golden visa going up in Greece?

The minimum investment level for the Greece Golden Visa program will rise from €250,000 to €500,000 beginning August 1, 2023, as a result of an adjustment. Only a few places will be affected by this change, including the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the  Santorini and Mykonos Islands, and some parts of Athens.

Does Greece offer the most affordable Golden Visa Program in Europe?

One of the most affordable possibilities among European countries with comparable investor visa schemes is the Greece Golden Visa program. In addition to providing a route to residency, it presents a chance for Greek citizenship. 

How can I get a Greek Golden Visa by Investment? 

Setting clear goals and objectives for your property in Greece is essential. Align your research and financial planning accordingly, whether it's a holiday home, rental property, or long-term housing. Recognize the possibility for financial appreciation and current market trends in your area. According to your preferences, pick an appropriate location; Greece has a variety of choices. Consult a qualified Greek Golden Visa expert if you need assistance with the legal and financial elements. Research, negotiating, buying, and owning real estate come next, leading to the potential for obtaining a Greece Golden Visa with resident benefits.


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