Greece Permanent Residency Permit in 2023 - Ultimate guide

Residency by investment programs
September 29, 2023

Permanent residency in Greece ensures stability, covering applicants, families, and parents. Among EU residency choices, it's cost-effective and streamlined, paving a secure and promising path. This permit opens doors to unparalleled possibilities in global mobility. Tailored for investment-based paths, it leads to potential citizenship after 7 years. Beyond voting rights, Greek residence permit offer inheritance advantages and access to national social welfare. It also grants Schengen Area travel, eliminating visa hassles. Expanding beyond Greece, it introduces an investment dimension. Acquired properties facilitate residency and offer leasing and resale opportunities. We dissect the Greece Permanent Residency Permit, highlighting its advantages and outlining opportunities in the dynamic 2023 landscape.

Enjoying these opportunities have ways to be part of your life journey as well. Investment programs to obtain residency in Greece offer multiple programs which can be beneficial for travelers, Mediterranean lifestyle seekers, business men and women, or for families who want to have a second home far from home. 

What is a Golden Visa? 

The Golden Visa is a concept of a compelling pathway for individuals seeking residency in a foreign country through strategic investment. This innovative program offers an alternative route to acquiring residency or even citizenship by facilitating investments that align with the host country's economic development goals. Greece stands as a prime example of a nation that has harnessed the power of the Golden Visa to attract investors and invigorate its economy


Greek Golden Visa by Investment Options 

Applying for permanent residency through Greece's Golden Visa program is an exciting journey with numerous investment options. These avenues not only lead to residency rights but also offer a chance to contribute to Greece's vibrant culture and economy. Before embarking on this path, assess your investment strategy and long-term goals, and consider the renewal requirements and potential citizenship pathway for a comprehensive decision-making process.

Whether you're drawn to real estate's allure, government bonds' stability, or the potential of business ventures, Greece's Golden Visa program presents diverse opportunities to claim your place as a permanent resident while enriching your investment portfolio. Embrace the chance to apply for permanent residency through Greece's Golden Visa program, a gateway to cultural immersion, economic engagement, and a new chapter of life.

Real Estate Investment: Path to Permanent Residency

Greece's landscape is dotted with opportunities, and the real estate investment option stands as a captivating gateway. With a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 (excluding taxes), investors can claim their stake in the nation's property market. Additionally, the program extends a unique option for those interested in hospitality — a 10-year lease agreement for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences within designated complexes. This not only offers residency but the chance to immerse in Greece's thriving tourism sector.

Government Bonds: Investing in Nation 

An alternative route, the government bonds option, aligns residency with financial growth. By investing a minimum of EUR 400,000 in Greek government bonds with a residual maturity of over three years, applicants contribute to both their future and Greece's economic progress. This investment avenue, facilitated through Greek credit institutions, also serves as a stepping stone to becoming a permanent resident.

Flexibility Investment Options

Diversification is the hallmark of modern investment strategies, and this extends to Greece's Golden Visa program. By investing a minimum of EUR 400,000 in units or shares of alternative investment funds, applicants contribute to Greece's property landscape while securing their own residency path.

For the entrepreneurial souls, Greece's Golden Visa program offers avenues to combine investment with business engagement. Acquiring shares or corporate bonds valued at EUR 800,000 on regulated markets or trading mechanisms offers dual benefits — residency and a foothold in Greek markets. Alternatively, opting for units of a mutual fund with a minimum value of EUR 400,000, focused on Greek assets, opens another avenue for investors seeking permanent residency.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Residency in Greece 

The Golden Visa program in Greece presents a great opportunity for individuals and families who are looking for a permanent place to live. Eligibility requirements serve as the foundation for prospective participants, who can then begin this transformative journey by diving into Greece's rich cultural fabric and thriving economy.

Non-European Union/European Economic Area Citizenship

The program welcomes applicants who hold citizenship from non-European Union/European Economic Area countries. This fundamental criterion serves as the initial step towards accessing the benefits of the Golden Visa program, facilitating international investors' integration into Greece's inviting environment.

Age Requirement

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to embark on the Golden Visa journey. This age requirement ensures that individuals are of legal age to make informed investment decisions and fully embrace the opportunities that the program offers.

Clean Criminal Record

A prerequisite for securing residency under the Golden Visa program is maintaining a clean criminal record. This criterion underscores Greece's commitment to welcoming individuals who uphold lawfulness and ethical conduct, ensuring a seamless pathway to residency.

Medical Insurance

Applicants are required to provide evidence of comprehensive medical insurance coverage for themselves and their family members. This prerequisite safeguards the health and well-being of applicants and their loved ones while embarking on their residency journey in Greece.

The combination of these eligibility criteria ensures that applicants are not only investing in Greece's economic future but also integrating harmoniously into the country's cultural milieu. By adhering to these criteria, investors gain the privilege of securing their place as permanent residents of Greece, embracing the promise of cultural enrichment, economic engagement, and a new chapter of life.

Navigating to Permanent Residency in Greece through Investment 

Setting your sights on achieving permanent residency in Greece through investment is a meaningful pursuit that demands careful consideration. As you step into this exciting venture, it's important to infuse full guidance along the way from a trusted law firm and professionals. They will help you keep an eye on the process mentioned below. 

Preliminary Due Diligence

Before delving into the intricacies of the Greece Golden Visa program, initiate your quest with thorough research. Arm yourself with knowledge about the program's nuances and intricacies. Collaborating with experienced golden visa consultants or a reliable golden visa consultancy can offer you expert insights, ensuring you embark on your journey well-prepared.

Survey Real Estate Options

Survey the array of real estate options available to you, ensuring they align harmoniously with the minimum investment threshold of EUR 250,000—a fundamental requirement for the golden visa. This meticulous scrutiny guarantees that your chosen investment fulfills the program's criteria, positioning you for a successful application.

Choose and Purchase Real Estate

Selecting the ideal property for your investment is a pivotal step. Handpick a property that resonates with your preferences and investment goals, while ensuring it aligns with the financial criteria set by the Greece Golden Visa program. Once you've made your choice, embark on the property transaction process, guided by reputable law firms to ensure adherence to all legal and regulatory norms.

Prepare Documents for Application

Meticulously assemble your application materials, ensuring every detail is impeccably addressed. Begin with four recent color photographs that adhere to passport standards, submitted digitally in the JPEG 2000 format on an optical storage disc (CD). Accompany this with a certified copy of your valid passport or recognized travel document, unless exceptional circumstances require a formal declaration outlining the reasons for its absence.

Secure Insurance and Gather Documents

Prior to submission, secure a comprehensive insurance policy compliant with legislative mandates, encompassing health and safety risks as prescribed by Article 136 par. 3 of Law 4251/2014. Equip yourself with photocopies of all pages of your travel documents spanning your last residence permit's valid interval prior to renewal.

Application and Residence Permit

Commence the application journey by submitting your meticulously prepared materials for the Greece Golden Visa. While you navigate this path, consider seeking guidance from seasoned law firms specializing in golden visas. Engage in a personalized consultation to clarify any queries.

Await the authorities' thorough review of your application, encompassing your investment and the comprehensive documentation you've submitted. Upon approval, embrace the issuance of your residence permit. This permit stands as a tangible testament to your commitment to Greece's residency by investment program. It not only grants you the privilege of residing in Greece but also unlocks the coveted privileges within the Schengen Area.

Benefits of Residency Permit of Greece 

Understanding the intricacies of the process might appear daunting, deterring some from taking that step forward. However, from the enriching cultural experiences of Greece to the privileges that extend across the Schengen Area, each advantage is a testament to the value that permanent residency holds. Moreover, beneath the layers of documentation and hard planning lie numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your life and broaden your horizons. These benefits extend not only to you, the investor, but also to your cherished family members who will join you on this exciting journey. 


Visa-Free travel in Schengen Area 

Investors looking to enter the Schengen Area can benefit from a number of advantages provided by the Greece Golden Visa program. One of its unique characteristics is the ability for holders of golden visas to travel throughout the Schengen area without the requirement for extra visas.

Quick Proceeding in Comparison

Another appealing aspect of the program is its simplified application procedure, which is quick and inclusive and has no requirements for language proficiency or residency. Because of this, it may be accessed by anyone everywhere.

Potential to Receive Citizenship in Greece 

The Greece Golden Visa program offers immigration assistance as well as a potential route to obtaining full Greek citizenship. Seven years after moving to Greece, Golden Visa holders can now apply for Greek citizenship, which grants them access to 185 countries that do not require a visa.

All Family Gets Access 

Families, including spouses, dependent parents, and dependent children, can benefit from the program. Additionally, it provides adaptable investment possibilities with affordable entry points as low as EUR 250,000 and lucrative rental prospects, establishing it as a viable route for the generation of passive income.

The program stands out thanks to its non-residency option, which enables investors to take advantage of program benefits without having to live there permanently. This option melds in perfectly with worldwide lives. The golden visa in Greece program also gives investors a tactical route for portfolio diversification, providing a safe investment opportunity within Greece's secure market while granting access to the economic and political stability of the European Union.


Can a Greek permanent residency holder travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area?

Absolutely, a Greek permanent resident gains the privilege of visa-free travel within the Schengen area. This means that once you obtain your permanent residency in Greece, you can explore the diverse countries of the Schengen region without the need for additional visas. This freedom opens doors to seamless travel, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich cultures, histories, and landscapes that Europe has to offer, all without the constraints of entry visas

Do you have to learn the Greek language in order to acquire a residence permit or citizenship?

No, it is not mandatory to learn the Greek language to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in Greece. While language proficiency can be beneficial for integration and communication, it is not a strict requirement for these processes. However, some residency or citizenship programs might offer language learning as part of their integration initiatives to help individuals adapt to their new environment more effectively.

What is the procedure for applying for a Greek Golden Visa or a residency permit?

To apply for a Greek Golden Visa or a residence permit, you need to follow a specific set of steps outlined by the Greek authorities. The process typically involves selecting an eligible investment option, gathering the required documentation, submitting your application online or through authorized centers, attending any necessary interviews or biometric appointments, and awaiting the decision from the authorities. It's important to ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and provide accurate and complete information during the application process to enhance your chances of a successful outcome. Consulting with legal experts or immigration consultants who specialize in Greece's residency programs can also be beneficial in navigating the application process smoothly.

Where can I access additional details regarding the Greek Golden Visa initiative and residency permits?

For information about the Greek Golden Visa program and residency permits, you can refer to official government websites, specifically those related to Greek immigration and residency services. However, if you read the article and still have questions we highly recommend getting in touch with us for high level free consultancy.
Moreover,  you can find 10 more question specific blogs on our website where we provide detailed guidelines, application procedures, eligibility criteria, and frequently asked questions. 

Are there restrictions on buying real estate in Greece?

There are several restrictions and you need to consult with a trusted partner. However, here are several thing that can be major restrictions:

Reciprocity Principle: Non-EU citizens might face restrictions based on their country's relationship with Greece, following the reciprocity principle.

Land Border and Islands: Special permission might be required from the Ministry of Defense to buy property near land borders and islands due to security concerns.

Agricultural Land: Non-EU citizens generally can't purchase agricultural land without specific approvals.

Property Size: Limits on property size might apply, varying by location and property type.

Urban Planning: Greece's urban planning regulations impact property development and construction.

Legal Assistance: Due to complexities, legal advice is crucial, ensuring compliance and protection.


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