March 22, 2024
Residency by investment programs

Greek Golden Visa - Can I live in Greece permanently?

Yes! You can live in Greece with a Golden Visa. You also can travel within the Schengen Zone freely, without the need of a visa, and so can your family.

Stability is guaranteed through permanent residency in Greece for applicants, families, and parents. It's the most affordable and convenient option for fast-track EU residency, providing a safe and hopeful road. The opportunities for international movement made possible by this permit are unprecedented. It leads to prospective citizenship within 7 years and is tailored for investment-based pathways. Greek residency permits provide inheritance benefits and access to national social services in addition to voting rights. It also permits travel within the Schengen Area, removing the need for visas. It adds an investment component and goes beyond Greece. Acquired properties provide prospects for leasing and reselling while facilitating residence. We analyze the Greece Permanent Residency Permit, pointing out its benefits and describing opportunities in the fast-paced 2023 environment.

What is the Greek Golden Visa? 

Greece's Golden Visa program embraces dreams of becoming a global citizen without the constraints of full-time living. This program, designed for the modern traveler, enables holders of golden visas to guarantee their place as citizens of Greece while still having the flexibility to travel freely, with as little as a EUR 250,000 real estate investment in Greece.

Imagine that the Greece Golden Visa program is a key that opens up a world of financial opportunities in addition to the country's natural beauty. You enter a lifestyle where your personal adventures coexist with the growth of your investment portfolio when you apply for a golden visa. This program excels because it recognizes your changing ambitions. Without committing to a full-time lifestyle, you can still participate in Greece's dynamic tapestry.

The Greece Golden Visa program values your uniqueness, whether it's spending a few months luxuriating in the landscapes caressed by the sun or managing your investments from a distance.

It can be intimidating to navigate bureaucratic obstacles, but do not be alarmed. The program's clarity shines through, and with the help of committed legal firms, the trip is made simple. The Greece Golden Visa program cordially welcomes you to integrate your life's work, investment, and personal fulfillment into the vibrant fabric of Greece without being bound to any one location.

Benefits of obtaining permanent residency in Greece 

A Road to Citizenship in Greece: The appealing prospect of Greece's residency options extends beyond the short term; a visit there may result in eventual permanent residency. The possibility of seeking citizenship after seven years provides a door to a new life chapter that is connected to the stories of this archaic area. Greece's "golden visa" provides more than just a mere permit; it opens a door to a sense of identity amid the scent of olive trees and tales of antiquity.

Visa-Free Travel Within the Schengen Area: Acquiring Greek residency gives you access to your new home as well as options for visa-free travel throughout Europe. With Greece as your home base, you are unrestricted by visa rules in your travels to surrounding countries and distant shores. A resident in Greece you can discover the Schengen area without stress. 

Climate and People: The Mediterranean region welcomes you like a piece of music that nature has composed as soon as you set foot on Greek soil. Warm days and gentle breezes that become an integral part of your experience. You can enjoy each morning feeling the beauty of weather spiced with harmonic people. Your days in your new retreat are inspired by Greece's natural beauty, its golden beaches, and its kind people.

Education and Healthcare: Families have yet another great opportunity to create a stronger and safer future with Greece's golden visa. Learning, Growing, Thriving. Your loved ones can also benefit from the residency's influence by having access to free education and public healthcare. 

How to Get Residency in Greece? 

The investment programs can be difficult to navigate, overwhelming, and perhaps even frightening. However, the procedure may be made pleasurable and simple by dealing with dependable partner law firms. You can complete these stages with the assistance of reliable partners:

Investigate Your Real Estate Options

Consider your options carefully, making sure they fit the EUR 250,000 minimum investment criteria. This makes sure your investment satisfies the primary requirements of the program.

Property Selection and Acquisition 

Pick a property that aligns with your objectives and satisfies the necessary financial requirements. To ensure legal compliance, work with recognized law firms during the purchasing process.

Gather Required Materials

We assist you by putting together your golden visa application, including passport photos and a certified copy of your passport or other travel document. Adding it together to the required real estate investment formalities and it will be ready to be submitted to the government.

Secure Comprehensive Insurance

In accordance with Article 136, paragraph 3, of Law 4251/2014, comply with legal requirements by acquiring a comprehensive insurance coverage that addresses health and safety hazards.

Collect Required Documents

Gather photocopies covering the period of time that your prior residence permit was valid before renewal, of all pages from your travel documentation.

Start the application process

By submitting your well-prepared paperwork, then wait for it to be reviewed. Consult seasoned law firms for individualized advice. Await a comprehensive examination of your investment and supporting paperwork by the authorities.

Obtain Residence Permit

Upon acceptance, the result of your dedication to the Residency by Investment program in Greece is the granting of your residence permit. It opens a border free access within the Schengen Area in addition to granting residence in Greece.


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