July 13, 2024
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Visa-Free Countries with Malta Passport

Are you looking to visit the world without having to deal with visas and permits? The Malta passport is your ticket to hassle-free, visa-free travel to a wide range of nations, so look no further. We'll go further into the benefits and privileges that come with holding a passport from Malta in this extensive tutorial. We've got it all covered, from its illustrious past to the variety of places it gives you access.

Malta is renowned for its rich history and cultural legacy, and it provides passport holders with a special connection to centuries of tradition. A sense of connection to a country with a fascinating past, including ancient temples and medieval cities, comes with the Maltese passport.

Global Mobility: Holders of a Malta passport are entitled to visa-free travel to more than 187 nations, including the Schengen Area, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom amongst so many more. This unrivaled mobility makes it possible to take advantage of both business and leisure opportunities worldwide and instantly.

Possession of a Malta citizenship and therefore passport, may also open up appealing residency opportunities easily throughout the Schengen area, due to its common freedom of settlement law. One option to naturalize to a Maltese is by its innovative and unique investment program

Benefits of Visa-Free Travel 

Visa-free travel offers a multitude of advantages, enhancing the travel experience and benefiting individuals, society, and the global economy in various ways. It promotes cultural exchange by enabling people from different parts of the world to explore and appreciate diverse cultures, fostering a greater understanding and tolerance among nations. Moreover, visa-free travel stimulates tourism industries, contributing significantly to job creation and economic growth in countries that rely on tourism as a key source of income. 

Discover New Cultures: Traveling without a visa encourages cultural exchange and a better understanding of the various traditions and customs that form the foundation of the world's cultures. It promotes connections that cut beyond national boundaries, enabling people to establish deep bonds and get a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry that is our global civilization, ultimately leading to a more linked and peaceful world.

Individual Diplomacy: Through their encounters and experiences abroad, travelers act as unofficial ambassadors, advancing international diplomacy and ultimately fostering world peace and cooperation. These interpersonal relationships and intellectual exchanges aid in bridging cultural divides and promote a sense of shared responsibility for a peaceful world where all viewpoints are respected and understood.

Broader Business Opportunities:  Visa-free travel opens doors for business people and entrepreneurs, facilitating global trade, alliances, and investment opportunities that can spur innovation and economic progress. This unrestricted cross-border exchange of talent and goods strengthens the international economy while also promoting entrepreneurship and creating conditions for it to flourish on a global scale.

Keeping Family Bonds: It allows families separated by borders to reunite more easily, maintaining strong familial bonds and nurturing relationships irrespective of geographic distances. This ability to stay connected is especially crucial during challenging times, providing emotional support and the opportunity for families to celebrate important milestones and share in each other's lives. Ultimately, visa-free travel reinforces the importance of family unity in an increasingly globalized world.

Traveling to Schengen Area with Maltese Citizenship 

The unlimited access to the Schengen Area that comes with Maltese citizenship is one of the most notable benefits. Being a citizen of Malta entitles you to the benefit of unhindered travel throughout the Schengen Zone, a grouping of 27 European nations. Consequently, you won't have to deal with the administrative hurdles of acquiring separate visas for each nation inside the Schengen Area as you set out on your European travels.

The Schengen region is rich in historical significance, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty. 

List of Schengen Area Countries to Travel Passport-Free

Austria Greece Luxembourg Sweden
Belgium Hungary Netherlands Switzerland
Bulgaria Iceland Norway
Cyprus Ireland Poland
Czechia Italy Portugal
Denmark Kosovo Romania
Estonia Latvia Slovakia
Finland Liechtenstein Slovenia
France Lithuania Spain

List of the Visa Free or Visa on Arrival Countries

Albania - Visa Free Traveling 

American Samoa - Visa Free Traveling 

Andorra - Visa Free Traveling 

Anguilla - Visa Free Traveling

Antigua and Barbuda - Visa Free Traveling

Argentina - Visa Free Traveling

Armenia - Visa Free Traveling

Aruba - Visa Free Traveling

Australia - Visa Free Traveling

Austria - Visa Free Traveling

Bahamas - Visa Free Traveling

Barbados - Visa Free Traveling

Belarus - Visa Free Traveling

Belgium - Visa Free Traveling

Belize - Visa Free Traveling

Bermuda - Visa Free Traveling

Caribbean Netherlands - Visa Free Traveling

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Visa Free Traveling

Botswana - Visa Free Traveling

Brazil - Visa Free Traveling

British Virgin Islands - Visa Free Traveling

Brunei - Visa Free Traveling

Bulgaria - Visa Free Traveling

Canada - Visa Free Traveling

Cabo Verde - Visa Free Traveling

Cayman Islands - Visa Free Traveling

Chile - Visa Free Traveling

Colombia - Visa Free Traveling

Cook Islands - Visa Free Traveling

Costa Rica - Visa Free Traveling

Croatia - Visa Free Traveling

Curaçao - Visa Free Traveling

Cyprus - Visa Free Traveling

Czechia - Visa Free Traveling

Denmark - Visa Free Traveling

Dominica - Visa Free Traveling

Dominican Republic - Visa Free Traveling

Luxembourg - Visa Free Traveling

See the complete list here 

Traveling to the USA with a Maltese passport? 

Maltese nationals can visit the United States without a visa for 90 days. All they need to do is submit an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel permission) permission request. In addition to easing the cost of visa applications, this expedited procedure promotes tourism, commercial partnerships, and cultural interactions between Malta and the United States, strengthening cross-border ties.

Furthermore, the ease goes beyond transitory travel for investors with Maltese passports. The B-1/B-2 visitor visas provide a long-term option for people who frequently go to the US for business, make investments, or engage in other types of activity there. Such a visa provides a more effective and practical way to conduct international business and promote economic relations by eliminating the requirement for ESTA authorization with each visit.

Traveling to the UK with Malta Passport 

In 2023, Maltese nationals will not require a tourist visa to enter the UK, with holders of Maltese passports being allowed to stay for a limited period of 180 days. To ensure a smooth and secure travel experience, it's important to read the entire section below.


What is a Malta passport, and why is it significant for travelers?

A Malta passport is a travel document issued to citizens of Malta. It is highly significant for travelers because it provides visa-free access to numerous countries, making international exploration easier and more convenient.

Which countries can I visit without a visa using a Malta passport?

Malta passport holders can visit a wide range of countries without requiring a visa. This includes the Schengen Area, and various destinations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The specific list of countries can vary and may be subject to change, so it's advisable to check the latest information before traveling. However, you can check out the latest updated country information here.

How does visa-free travel benefit me as a Malta passport holder?

Visa-free travel offers several benefits, including the ability to travel without the time-consuming visa application process, cost savings on visa fees, and the freedom to explore diverse cultures and destinations without bureaucratic hassles.

Can I use my Malta passport for business purposes and international meetings?

Yes, your Malta passport can be a valuable asset for business professionals. It provides opportunities for international business ventures, networking, and attending meetings or conferences in various countries without the need for extensive visa arrangements.

Is there a limit to the duration of my stay in visa-free countries with a Malta passport?

While Malta passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 187 countries , there is often a limit to the duration of stay, typically ranging from 90 to 180 days within a given time frame (e.g., within a 180-day period). The specific duration may vary depending on the destination country and its immigration policies. We highly recommend checking all the traveling details before arranging your traveling plans

Are there any restrictions or requirements when traveling with a Malta passport?

Travelers with a Malta passport are generally expected to abide by the immigration laws and regulations of the countries they visit. It's essential to have a valid passport, maintain good conduct, and be prepared to provide necessary documentation if requested by immigration authorities.

How can I obtain a Malta passport if I'm not already a citizen of Malta?

To obtain a Malta passport, you typically need to become a resident of Malta through various residency programs or invest in the country, such as through the Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (MESDI). The specific requirements and application processes should be verified with official government sources and legal advisors. Contact Mirabello Consultancy to learn more about investment programs 


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