March 22, 2024
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Malta Passport Ranking in 2023

Passports have evolved into potent tools that open the doors to international travel in the linked world of today. The Maltese passport proudly maintains its position by holding a place in the global TOP 10 passports in the world along with Germany, Austria, and Spain.

The days of difficult visa applications and expensive travel expenses are long gone. The Malta passport comes with the priceless perk of being allowed to travel without a visa, giving its users the flexibility to set out on adventures without the stress of careful planning or budgetary restraints.

Let us dive into the Malta passport as an amazing option that opens doors to unmatched experiences, whether it's the pursuit of travel freedom, asset protection, improving quality of life, or having a strong contingency plan. So buckle up and be ready to discover the endless possibilities that a Maltese passport offers.

Factors Influencing Malta Passport Ranking in 2023

Malta Passport's overall ranking in 2023 will also take into account economic variables such as GDP and trade agreements, giving it a more complete picture of its level of global mobility.The Malta Passport's rating in 2023 is influenced by a number of important variables.

Visa-Free Travel

One of the key determinants is the number of countries that allow Maltese passport holders to enter without a visa. With a global visa free access to as many as 187 countries, Malta is amongst the top 10 strongest travel passports in the world. Malta, being a EU member, grants its citizens the privilege of visa-free travel as well as freedom of settlement within the European Union and the Schengen Area. Additionally, Maltese nationals can often extend their stays beyond the standard 90 days when traveling to other EU countries.

Diplomatic Relations

The strength of Malta's diplomatic relations with other nations plays a pivotal role in determining its passport ranking, as these robust connections foster favorable international cooperation and diplomatic agreements. Such positive diplomatic ties, in turn, often translate into more lenient and accommodating visa policies, greatly enhancing the ease with which Maltese citizens can access a diverse array of countries for both travel and business purposes. This interconnected network of international relations not only bolsters the global standing of the Malta Passport in 2023 but also underlines the nation's commitment to facilitating seamless global mobility for its citizens.

International Strength

Greater travel privileges for Maltese nationals may result from bilateral and multilateral agreements between Malta and other nations. These agreements can simplify the visa application procedure and increase the number of countries that Maltese passport holders can visit without a visa. These diplomatic agreements frequently cover areas like trade, investment, and cultural interaction in addition to visa-free travel, which increases the advantages for Maltese nationals and enhances Malta's standing as a country dedicated to supporting international collaboration. These deals serve as a reminder of how crucial diplomatic discussions are to determining the accessibility and opportunities for passport holders in 2023 and beyond.

Political Stability

Malta's political stability has a big impact on how valuable its passport is. The worth of the passport is further increased by a stable government's propensity for securing advantageous travel arrangements and upholding solid diplomatic ties. Furthermore, a stable political climate encourages investor confidence and draws foreign investments that can strengthen a country's economy and raise its diplomatic profile on the international arena. Malta's strong passport ranking in 2023 will be largely attributable to this well-balanced combination of political stability, diplomatic skill, and economic well being, further cementing Malta's position as a center of international movement and opportunity.

How to Calculate the Passport Ranking in 2023?

Several elements are taken into consideration when determining foreign passport rankings.  

The aforementioned details are important elements that strengthen Malta's passport.

Malta's passport ranking is accurate since it uses exact and current data from governmental organizations, international organizations, and official travel advisories. This information makes sure that the strength of the passport is properly assessed and reflected.

Furthermore, ongoing monitoring of changes in visa policies, diplomatic ties, and security circumstances ensures that the passport rating continuously reflects Malta's present standing on the world stage. The sum of these elements enhances Malta's exceptional passport score by ensuring the legitimacy and dependability of the document.

Why choose a Maltese Passport?

In today's interconnected world, the choice of a passport can significantly impact one's life. Among the myriad of options, the Maltese passport stands out for several compelling reasons. In this section, we will delve into the key factors that make choosing a Maltese passport a wise and beneficial decision.

Quality of Life

Malta consistently scores highly on measures of the world's quality of life. It provides a standard of living that is unmatched because of its Mediterranean climate, breathtaking scenery, and dynamic culture. With its pristine waters, historical landmarks, and friendly people, the Maltese archipelago offers residents an exquisite setting. Choosing a Maltese Citizenship with a passport, will give you and your family access to this remarkable standard of living.

Global Mobility

The unrivaled global mobility that a Maltese passport provides is among its most alluring features. The Malta passport is one of the best in the world for many years, providing visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 185 countries. This broad travel freedom offers a wealth of possibilities for both work and play, making it a great option for the global citizen.

Residence and Citizenship by Investment

The residency and citizenship by investment initiatives in Malta have won praise on a global scale. These initiatives provide an expedited route to Maltese citizenship. By choosing a Maltese passport through these investment programs, individuals and families can enjoy the benefits of Maltese citizenship while contributing to the nation's economic growth.

Education and Healthcare

Malta is the perfect spot for families because it places a high priority on healthcare and education. Also having the English language as an official and legal language together with Maltese, ensures linguistic advantages to all their students. Your children will enjoy a top-notch education thanks to the nation's well developed educational system, which includes foreign schools and institutions. Furthermore, Malta's healthcare system is excellent, offering both citizens and residents easy access to comprehensive medical care.

Economic Stability

Malta's success is largely due to its economic stability. Malta provides a safe environment for business and investment due to its strong financial industry, healthy economy, and advantageous strategic location in the mediterranean sea. Choosing a Maltese passport entails joining this prosperous economic environment, which could have significant advantages for your future finances.

Strategic Location

Malta serves as a hub for international trade and travel thanks to its advantageous geographic location at the intersection of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its location on the Mediterranean Sea and easy access to important markets make it a great option for business owners and investors wishing to increase their global presence.

Multilingual Advantage

English and Maltese are the official languages of multilingual Malta. English is widely spoken, it is simpler for Maltese citizens to communicate and do business internationally. This language edge is a useful asset in a world that is becoming more connected.

Freedom of Settlement in EU and EEA

Every person, including their family members, has the freedom to travel, work, invest, and live anywhere in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). Maltese nationals are allowed to stay in EU and EEA countries for up to 90 days during a 180-day rolling period, even if they do not have a resident card. For EU nationals, these procedures have been streamlined to provide a clear and simple experience.

Dual Citizenship Offered from Malta Citizenship

Malta's policy on dual citizenship is accommodating, allowing residents to enjoy the advantages and privileges associated with being both a Maltese citizen and a citizen of another country simultaneously. This approach provides individuals with the freedom to maintain their connections to their home country while reaping the benefits of Maltese citizenship.

Considerations for Dual Citizenship in Malta

To take advantage of Malta's dual citizenship offering, prospective applicants should be aware of the following key considerations:

Nationality of Origin: The foremost factor to consider is whether one's country of origin permits its citizens to hold multiple citizenships. It is essential to understand the laws and regulations governing residency in your home country, as some nations may have restrictions or policies that prohibit or restrict dual citizenship.

Residency Requirement: Malta typically requires individuals to establish a legal residence in the country before they can apply for citizenship. Meeting the residency criteria is an essential step in the dual citizenship process.

Application Process: The process for acquiring Maltese citizenship, like any citizenship application, involves various requirements, including background checks and financial contributions. Applicants should carefully follow the prescribed procedures and provide all necessary documentation.

Rights and Benefits: Dual citizens in Malta can enjoy numerous benefits, such as visa-free travel to many countries, access to the European Union, and participation in the robust Maltese economy. It is essential to understand the specific advantages and responsibilities that come with Maltese citizenship.

Path to Acquiring Citizenship in Malta 

Consider the residency requirement, which normally is at least 12 months, if you're thinking about gaining Maltese citizenship through investment. It is strongly advised for people who aren't already residents of Malta to start the citizenship procedure right away. However, depending on the route you take, the timeline could change dramatically.

Purchase or Lease a Property

Applicants can choose to lease a residential property for a minimum term of three or five years, with an annual rental fee of not less than €16,000. In the meantime, investors who commit to maintaining a fixed residence in Malta buying real estate can be beneficial for a minimum of five years. The property must have a value of at least €700,000 and must be owned for at least five years to qualify. During the first year of residency in Mirabello Consultancy we will help you prepare your papers for your citizenship and lose no time during this process. Also, it’s important to note that subletting the property is not permitted.

Exceptional Service Direct Investment

Undertaking an extraordinary direct investment in Malta, adhering to the regulations specified in the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services (S.L. 188.06). Importantly, the €600,000 or €750,000 exceptional investment contribution follows only after the application has received preliminary approval from the government. This contribution represents a critical step in the process and must be completed before the final issuance of the naturalization certificate.

Donations to Charities

To complete the investment process investors of Maltese citizenship by Exceptional Services by Direct Investment must also give a minimum of €10,000 charity donation to a nonprofit organization for full eligibility. The applicant may choose from a wide selection of eligible philanthropic, artistic, sporting, scientific, or cultural non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and societies registered locally in Malta.

How to Get a Maltese Passport 

Step 1: Selecting a Consultant

Choose a reliable and seasoned partner to guide you through the Malta citizenship application process. The proficiency of Mirabello Consultancy experts is instrumental in ensuring a seamless and successful journey. Additionally, Mirabello Consultancy will evaluate each applicant's eligibility before commencing the process.

Step 2: Residency Application Process

With complete support from Mirabello Consultancy, you'll prepare all necessary documentation to secure legal residency in Malta. Upon completing the administrative procedures and securing a suitable local property rental, adult applicants must travel to Malta to provide biometric data and personally receive the residency permit. The residency cards will be issued and dispatched to applicants within two weeks.

Step 3: Eligibility Application Process

Following the validation of residency status, Mirabello Consultancy experts will actively work on the eligibility application, preparing government forms, supporting documents, and ensuring their legalization to meet the country's requirements. The eligibility application pack will be submitted physically to the governmental agency, Community Malta Agency. Expect an enhanced due diligence process by the agency, which may take up to 6 months.

Step 4: Approval in Principle

Upon government approval communicated to all applicants, the Main Applicant (Investor) must fulfill citizenship criteria, including the exceptional contribution (EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000), Charity Donation, and a 5-year commitment to renting or purchasing property in the country. Mirabello Consultancy will assist in completing these requirements during the first year of residency.

Step 5: Receiving Approval and Securing Citizenship

After completing all investment criteria, the Agency will confirm satisfaction and invite the main applicant and family to the country for the official naturalization ceremony. This marks the collection of new travel and identification documents (Passports and ID cards).


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