May 15, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

The 5 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship For in 2024


Citizenship is about more than just a passport to travel. It is a gateway to investment opportunities, financial safe havens, and other prosperity. While different countries have different ways of obtaining a second passport, we are here to outline the 5 easiest countries to get citizenship for in 2024. 

In this article we are going to discuss: 

  • How to get citizenship in different countries
  • Which countries are worth getting citizenship from
  • How to get citizenship from those countries by investment
  • Planning your investment process for citizenship

How to get citizenship in other countries?

With more opportunities opening up overseas, the pursuit of citizenship in foreign lands has become a hot topic for individuals seeking new opportunities, security, or a fresh start. From traditional routes like birthright citizenship to specialized circumstances such as refugee status and marriage, the avenues to acquire citizenship vary widely across nations. 

When considering the different possibilities of obtaining foreign citizenship, it is important to have a solid understanding of your capabilities. 

Important factors that :

  • Current Citizenship
  • Ancestry
  • Status of Your Spouse
  • Financial Assets
  • Profession

Even the easiest countries to get citizenship have varied requirements when determining your eligibility. It is vital to first determine why you want foreign citizenship, what you are willing to do for it, and what expectations you have. 

Birthright or Ancestry

Are you familiar with your ancestry? Some countries like Italy uphold Jure Sanguinis, or right by blood, which states that if you can prove that you have an ancestor who was an Italian citizen, you can automatically qualify for citizenship. Many other countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia offer similar laws which may make looking into your family history worth the effort. Using your ancestry may be one of the easiest ways to get citizenship in certain countries. 


Naturalization may not be the easiest way to get citizenship, but it is a proven method in some countries. Naturalization is when foreign residents live legally in the country long enough to be able to qualify for citizenship. This method typically requires an individual to fulfill predetermined residency criteria, learn language proficiency, and understand the host country's culture and customs. 

The applicant’s paperwork, work history, and criminal history are all checked to ensure they are qualified to become a citizen through naturalization. Successful candidates will have to go through interviews to determine if they not only meet all legal criteria but if they are also a cultural fit. This process takes a long time and requires residing in the country for many consecutive years. 

Citizenship by Marriage

Marriage with a citizen of another passport holder can be a path to citizenship in many countries. But it isn’t just a walk down the aisle, you have to deal with a long bureaucratic process. Prepare to spend just as much time planning the citizenship process as the wedding. It typically involves paperwork, proof of a genuine union, and personal interviews in many cases. This is a popular method for those already residing in the country they want citizenship for and need to speed up the process. 

Skilled Work or Entrepreneurship

Your skills and entrepreneurial spirit aren’t just for career growth – it can be an easy way to get citizenship. Many countries welcome skilled professionals and enterprising minds, encouraging them to stay with a golden ticket to citizenship.

You have to present your skills, a compelling business plan, or be called to employment by a company willing to host you. Different countries have different criteria for giving out work visas and how long you are required to work to obtain citizenship eligibility.


Some countries are happy to grant you citizenship if you invest enough money into their country. These investments can be government bonds, real estate, or business. The process is relatively straightforward, especially when you have professionals working with you to make sure everything runs smoothly. This opens up a chance to invest in your future country, speed up the acquisition of a new passport, and can even yield good returns. 

The 2 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship by Investment in Europe


The beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea is not only a popular tourist destination but also one of the easiest countries in the EU to get citizenship.  Malta allows your entire family, spouse, children under 29 who depend on you, and parents over 55 years of age to join in on the application process. 


According to the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services (S.L. 188.06), a government-approved investment of over €600,000 into business or real estate with contingencies qualifies one to easily acquire citizenship. Other methods of securing easy citizenship in Malta include making a donation, residency, and paying a lease.

To learn more about getting citizenship in Malta through investments read more here.


Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is an EU country whose citizens have access to over 190 countries and territories visa-free, ranking it among some of the most powerful passports. While becoming a citizen is not simple, it is one of the easier EU countries to obtain citizenship through investment when you have professional help. 


It takes more than filling out an application and waiting to invest to become an Austrian citizen. The Austrian citizenship program through investment is loosely defined with varying requirements and can include long waiting times. You can expect to invest a minimum of €2 million to the local economy, pay application fees, and wait more than 2 years to complete your journey. Austria is definitely one of the easier countries in the EU to get citizenship for your family and yourself thanks to investment opportunities.

Read more about specifics when applying for citizenship in Austria here.

The 3 Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda

With visa-free access to over 140 countries and great tax breaks, it comes as a surprise that Antigua and Barbuda is one of the easiest countries to obtain citizenship in the Caribbean. A popular choice for non-Caribbean citizens, it is a growing tourist destination, a tax haven, and the whole family can become citizens.


Antigua and Barbuda is one of the easiest places to get citizenship thanks to the straightforward process and relatively low investment requirement. Starting from a $100,000 donation to their state fund or university, or a $200,000 investment into a government-approved real estate project, you can easily acquire citizenship and add on family members for a small additional cost. 

Learn more about one of the easiest countries to get citizenship by investment here

Saint Lucia 

Another Caribbean island that is a hot tourist destination and holds an attractive passport that separates itself from other countries is one special rule. You never have to actually visit Saint Lucia to obtain a passport, making it the easiest country to get citizenship for. 


The simple route to obtaining a Saint Lucian passport is to invest $100,000 into their National Economic Fund or $300,000 into property. This process can be done as quickly as 4 months, making it the easiest country to get citizenship through investment. 

Interested in investing? Read more about Saint Lucia’s citizenship policies here.

St Kitts and Nevis

Being the oldest country in the Caribbean to offer citizenship through investment, it has a sustainable fund to invest in for citizenship and residency purchases. St Kitts may not be the cheapest option when it comes to families, but it has the longest track record of successfully giving citizenship through investment. 


Like other Caribbean countries, St Kitts has a short processing time that can get you a passport in as little as six months. The most streamlined path to citizenship is contributing to the Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC) for $250,000 (non-refundable donation) or investing in larger projects like real estate, government projects, or public goods projects for $400,000. A professional can assist you in choosing what methods best fit your needs.

Read more about how to obtain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship here.


Which country is easy to immigrate to?

Depending on what country you currently have citizenship for, different countries have different requirements. Generally speaking, the easiest countries to immigrate to are in the Caribbean, where it only takes a few months to acquire citizenship which allows you to freely travel to over 130 countries. 

Which EU country is the fastest to get citizenship?

Citizenship requirements can change over time and have different demands from different countries. The easiest country to get citizenship in the EU is Malta for most people seeking to get a passport through investment. They offer a fast-track one-year-long process but generally speaking, it can take up to 18 months for everything to finalize. 

Which country's citizenship is hardest to get?

Qatar, Liechtenstein, and Bhutan are some of the hardest citizenships to acquire. They require living in the country for long consecutive years, speak their language fluently, and tend to make the citizenship process as exclusive as possible. Many countries allow migrant labor but do not make it easy to get citizenship. 


There are many reasons to seek a second passport. Having a safe country to escape to in times of conflict, traveling visa-free, and getting tax breaks are just a few reasons many people seek citizenship in different countries. One of the easiest ways to acquire citizenship is through investment because it is relatively quick and straightforward. 

Whether choosing the Caribbean, Europe, or another destination, you need a strong team to help guide you through the investment process. Even the easiest countries to obtain citizenship through investment still require paperwork and legal knowledge not easily found online.

Make sure you are well informed of your options by consulting with a professional who can guide you through your citizenship journey. 


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