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Citizenship by investment programs

Citizenship Timeline - How long does it take to get citizenship in Malta for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment ?

Malta, a pearl of the Mediterranean, has always been a popular choice for people seeking citizenship. Although becoming a Maltese citizen is a fascinating possibility, it's important to comprehend the prerequisites and timetable. We'll lead you through the citizenship timeline in Malta in this guide to make sure you have the knowledge you need to make this journey.

Planning requires knowing how long it takes to become a Maltese citizen when applying under the citizenship law for exceptional services by direct investment. The length of the process is impacted by various steps, including application, due diligence, investments, and residency commitments. However, receiving Maltese citizenship can take from 12 to 36 months.

Prerequisites including having a spotless criminal record, willingness to invest and legal compliance will also be discussed. With this understanding, you can pursue Maltese citizenship by investing with confidence and embracing its opportunities, history, and culture.

Eligibility Criteria for Maltese Citizenship by Investment

The eligibility criteria for Maltese citizenship by investment are comprehensive and stringent. Prospective investors, better known as applicants, must be at least 18 years old and demonstrate the legitimacy of their investment. While the investment can take various forms, it typically involves a substantial financial contribution to the nation. Family inclusion is a key focus of the program, allowing unmarried children, including those from previous marriages, to be considered, especially if they are financially dependent, such as full-time university students. Family minors can also be part of the citizenship application, expanding the eligibility window to 29 years old. Moreover, applicants over 55 can be included as dependent parents in the application. The residency requirement is influenced by the investment amount, with a €750,000 contribution reducing the residency period to just 1 year, while a €600,000 investment necessitates a 3-year residency. There are specifications you need to follow, so we highly recommend working closely with us to complete all the requirements with no hassle.  

Navigating Through the Process of Obtaining Citizenship in Malta by direct investment

Enhance the efficiency and convenience of navigating the intricate path toward obtaining Maltese citizenship by adhering to these carefully crafted procedures. This systematic approach not only simplifies the process but also mitigates potential obstacles, ensuring a smoother experience. By following these clear instructions, you not only expedite the application process but also gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in acquiring Maltese citizenship, making the entire journey more manageable and less stressful.

1. Choose a Trusted Partner

Select a reliable expert or firm, such as Mirabello Consultancy, to guide you through the Malta citizenship application process. Their expertise is crucial for ensuring a successful and seamless journey.

2. Appointing a Representative

Empower your chosen representative with a power of attorney to represent you during the application process. This legal change significantly streamlines administrative procedures.

3. Residency and Eligibility Application

Collaborating closely with your designated partner to meticulously prepare and submit your applications for residency and citizenship eligibility. Your agent will also conduct a comprehensive assessment of your eligibility through a pre-process evaluation.

4. Investing for Citizenship

Meet the residency requirements after 12 or 36 months in Malta, depending on your chosen residency period. It's essential to fulfill the criteria for direct investment, Donation, and Property rental commitment in this phase of the program.

5. Approval and Citizenship Acquisition

Exercise patience after submitting your eligibility and citizenship application and awaiting the Agency's verdict. Upon approval, you will receive your official Certificate of Citizenship, granting access to the full array of benefits associated with Maltese citizenship, including the highly coveted passport.

Timeline of Receiving Citizenship in Malta 

Since Malta citizenship by investment has a residency requirement of at least 12 months, prospective candidates who are not already residents of the nation are highly urged to start the residency process immediately. However, the timeline can vary. The particular path you choose in your quest for citizenship will determine how long it takes you to become a citizen of Malta and set a specified direct investment amount. Whether you choose to go the traditional route of naturalization, which requires a period of residency and meeting certain requirements, or you look into alternate options like the Acquisition of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment 

Direct Investment

All applicants for Malta economic citizenship are required to contribute a sizable amount of money to the government that cannot be refunded to the Acquisition of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment, which was established by the Maltese government and is overseen by a board of trustees. After receiving approval in principle for the eligibility for Maltese citizenship, you have four months to make the direct investment as well as the following investments. 

Real Estate Lease or Purchase

Applicants must maintain a permanent residency in Malta for the first year. After renting a place with a minimum of EUR 16,000 yearly renting price you need to travel to Malta, provide you biometric data and receive your one-year residency. Following this, there are two ways to accomplish citizenship investment. First, by spending at least €700,000 on an immovable property in Malta and holding onto it for a minimum of five years. Alternatively, by renting a house for a minimum of €16,000 per year for at least five years and making a contribution with as little as €600,000 after 36 months. Upon receiving the Letter of Approval in Principle for Maltese citizenship, candidates will need to show proof of island-based property ownership or leasing within four months. It is completely forbidden to sublet the property.

Donation to Charity

Once a candidate for Malta investment citizenship has received preliminary approval, they are required to make a minimum donation of €10,000 to a non-profit organization as part of the joint investment. The applicant may select from a wide range of qualified philanthropic, artistic, sporting, scientific, or cultural non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and societies registered in Malta for this charitable donation, which must be made within four months of the official Approval in Principle.

About Malta and Why Malta Citizenship 

Malta, a fascinating island country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, has a rich history, a vibrant culture, and stunning scenery. It is a region where ancient civilizations have left their imprint and modernity coexists, with a history spanning thousands of years. And here are a few reasons why having Australian citizenship will be advantageous for you culturally as well as financially. 

The Gateway to Europe

Malta is a major actor in global trade and a gateway to Europe thanks to its advantageous location in the Mediterranean. With Maltese citizenship, you are granted a chance to reside anywhere in EU state countries, have a work permit, and have full security. The steady economy and alluring business incentives of the nation have drawn investors and businesspeople from all over the world.

Heritage and History

The history of Malta is a fascinating tale of invasions and influences. The island has been ruled by a wide variety of peoples, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Knights of St. John, and the British Empire, who have left behind architectural wonders and cultural legacies. Explore Hagar Qim's historic temples, which are considered older than Stonehenge, or stroll through Mdina's medieval alleys, often known as the "Silent City."

Mediterranean Charm

Malta is a veritable treasure trove of breathtaking sceneries for nature lovers. With hidden caves and a variety of colorful marine life waiting to be discovered, the azure waters that round the archipelago provide some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in the entire globe. Beautiful cliffs and peaceful beaches, ideal for relaxation and sun-drenched activities, complement the coastline.

Vibrant Culture

The Maltese people are extremely proud of their distinctive culture, which is a synthesis of influences from the Mediterranean. Maltese culture revolves around festivals, or "festas," which are marked by vibrant parades, fireworks, and music. Don't pass up the chance to sample the delectable pastizzi (savory pastries), rabbit stew, and fresh fish that the region is known for.

Bilingual Society

Maltese and English are the two official languages in Malta, a multilingual society. Due to the language diversity, it is simple for newcomers to communicate and assimilate.


Can I include my family members in my citizenship application?

In Malta, it is possible to include certain family members in your citizenship application, but this typically depends on the specific citizenship pathway you are pursuing and the eligibility criteria associated with it. 

By Naturalization: If you are applying for Maltese citizenship through naturalization (residency-based), immediate family members such as your spouse, children, and sometimes parents may be eligible to apply alongside you. However, they must meet certain requirements and conditions, including residency and financial criteria.

By Acquisition of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment: Malta's acquisition of Citizenship Program allows for the inclusion of certain family members in the main applicant's application. Typically, this includes a spouse, minor children, adult dependent children, and sometimes parents or grandparents. Specific rules and requirements apply, and additional fees may be involved.

By Other Specialized Routes: Depending on the specific citizenship pathway you are considering, the rules regarding the inclusion of family members may vary. It's essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria and guidelines for the particular program or pathway you intend to pursue.

Do I need to renounce my current citizenship to become a Maltese citizen?

No! Malta operates on the principle of allowing dual citizenship, which means you can hold both Maltese citizenship and the citizenship of your home country or any other country simultaneously. 

How long do I need to reside in Malta before applying for citizenship?

After residing in Malta with a valid residency permit for at least 7 years, you may apply for naturalization to become a Maltese citizen. It is possible to extend the process to 18 years, though. However, Malta citizenship for exceptional service by direct investment can save you up to 6 or 17 years before you receive citizenship in Malta. With the direct investment option you can get citizenship as short as within one year.


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