March 22, 2024
Residency by investment programs

Benefits of Greece Residency in 2023

In a world where horizons stretch far beyond our homeland's borders, Greece stands as a captivating haven for dreamers and doers alike. The year 2023 paints Greece's residency options with vibrant hues, calling out to business visionaries and souls seeking a home away from home. As the sun rises over the cobalt waters of the Aegean, Greece's charm as a residency destination with big and real promises that resonate deeply—inviting you to start a fresh beginning and seize golden opportunities.

What Are The Benefits of Obtaining Residency in Greece in 2023?

Crafting Dreams, Building Residences: Imagine a path that leads not just to a new home, but to a canvas where dreams take form. The Greece Golden Visa Program invites you to incorporate your goals into the foundation of a nation rich in tradition and full of opportunity. It involves making dreams come true along with the residency permit 

A Road to Tomorrow: The enticement of Greece's residency landscape is not limited to the short-term; this trip can lead to permanent residency and beyond. After seven years, the promise of applying for citizenship opens a door to a new life chapter that is linked with the legends of this ancient region. Greece's golden visa offers more than a simple permit; it's a doorway to belonging in between the aromas of olive trees and hearings of ancient legends.

Visa-Free Traveling Within Schengen Area: Obtaining Greek residence provides you with opportunities for visa-free travel around Europe in addition to your new home. With Greece as your base, you have the freedom to travel to nearby nations and far-off coasts without being constrained by visa requirements. As a permanent resident, the globe is now your blank canvas, ready for you to paint it with the colors of fresh encounters.

Mediterranean Climate: As soon as you step foot on Greek soil, the Mediterranean environment welcomes you like a symphony that nature has crafted. Imagine a climate that becomes an essential part of your experience—warm days touched by soft breezes. Greece's natural scenery, golden beaches, and warm-hearted people inspire your days in your new hideaway.

Learning, Growing, Thriving: For families, Greece's golden visa is just another big opportunity to build a stronger and safer future. The power of Greece's residency extends to your loved ones, granting access to complementary education.

Residency programs in Greece 

Greece, with its illustrious past and stunning scenery, is currently extending an alluring invitation to people who wish to have a second home away from their own. Greece's residency programs offer a passport to opportunity, whether you dream of a lucrative business venture, a successful holiday rental, or simply a peaceful getaway. Let's explore the possibilities for making these dreams a reality.

Real Estate Investing Program

Finding a key that unlocks doors to permanence is comparable to the attractiveness of Greece's real estate investment opportunity. You can access a world of potential with a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 (taxes excluded). Your route to permanent residency begins to take shape as you stake your place in the Greek real estate market. This investment not only guarantees your spot in this Mediterranean refuge, but it also creates opportunities for company development. Consider a foray into the booming travel industry, where your investment serves as the foundation of a travel agency, or a foray into the hospitality industry, where you enter into a 10-year leasing arrangement for hotel rooms or furnished vacation apartments in specific complexes. 

Government Bonds Program

Greece's government bonds option draws to individuals looking for a harmonious balance between residence and financial prosperity. You start a journey toward shared prosperity by investing a minimum of EUR 400,000 in Greek government bonds with a residual maturity longer than three years. Your investment turns into more than just a financial deal; it turns into a pathway to citizenship. This investment option, made possible by Greek credit institutions, not only paves the way for your future, but also advances the country's economy.

Along with the programs, Greece can be flexible when it comes to investing in real estate. Greece's Golden Visa program offers exciting opportunities for the creative spirits looking to combine investment and business participation. A twin advantage—permanent residency and a key position in Greek markets—is revealed by purchasing shares or corporate bonds for EUR 800,000 on regulated markets or trading systems. Investors wishing to establish a foothold in Greece can also employ units of a mutual fund with a minimum investment value of EUR 400,000 that is focused on Greek assets.

Greece Financial and Tax Benefits

As in any other country you have to pay taxes as a resident in that country. Greece isn't an exception, however, it comes with many benefits compared to many other countries within Europe. There are 4 different types of taxes that you can be eligible to pay. 

Companies in Greece are required to deduct the relevant tax and national insurance payments from the monthly wages of their employees. Employers contribute 25.06 percent of an employee's salary toward social security, while the person also makes a 16 percent contribution.

Alternatively, if you are a self-employed person in Greece, you must prepay your individual income tax; the prepayments will be offset in an annual report. Additionally, you must pay your own social security contributions out of your own personal income if you are a self-employed person. This coverage includes pension, healthcare, and unemployment insurance.

Visa-Free Travel within Schengen Area 

A second residence in Greece allows you to travel to other Schengen countries without a visa, allowing you to experience a richer culture. You are free to travel throughout 26 countries in Europe if you have a Greek resident permit.

a spontaneous, unplanned trip around Europe. Your residence in Greece provides access to countless new adventures. The Schengen privilege is your ticket to unexplored territories, whether you cherish flexible travel or are a keen adventurer. Access to the diversity and cultures of Europe is possible with a resident visa in Greece. Your base in Greece is a priceless gift for further adventure.

Real Estate Market overview in 2023 

Having an overview of a market before jumping into a decision is always the greatest choice. We have done research for you to save more time. The area achieved the highest property asking price in July 2023, hitting €2,981 per square meter. In contrast, the region had the most affordable real estate available for purchase, with a rate of just €1,209 per square meter - the lowest in all of Greece.

The region in which rentals were most expensive during that time frame averaged €10.93 per square meter per month. The lowest monthly rate nationwide was found in the E area, where the most affordable rental possibilities were located. The average asking price there was just €6.04 per square meter.


Moreover, parallely increase has been seen in the overall market. At €2,389 per square meter in July 2023, the average asking price for residential homes for sale was a significant 10.40% rise over the same period in 2022 ($2,164 per m2 in July 2022). The top value of the average price trajectory in Greece during the last two years—a peak value of €2,389 per square meter—was attained in July 2023. The lowest asking price, on the other hand, was in November 2021, when homes for sale demanded an average of €2,003 per square meter.

Quality of Life in Greece 

Greece's cultural history stands out as its actual wealth, surpassing financial gains. Imagine Ikaria in Greece joining places like Sardinia in Italy and Okinawa in Japan as top 5 Blue Zones where the value of life isn't merely measured in money.

Greece moves to a distinctive beat, where the seasons and local life are synchronized. Time passes more slowly, talks continue, and friendships get closer. Simple pleasures like children's laughter and strolls in the sunshine thrive.

Longer, richer lives can be attained with the use of Ikaria's magic, a Blue Zone gem. Bonds, wholesome food, and a sense of connection to the land are more important than bank accounts. Connections are valued here, along with conversations at neighborhood cafes and touching tales.

Greece's appeal goes beyond money; it also reveals the wealth of a rich life. the setting sun the land. Connections are valued here, along with conversations at neighborhood cafes and touching tales.Greece's appeal goes beyond money; it also reveals the wealth of a rich life. the setting sun 

Families and lone travelers of all kinds are welcome in Greece, a land of possibility. Locals here welcome you with open arms and impart the art of pleasant living and balancing work and life. Greece, along with Spain and Finland, is a shining example of excellent work-life balance.

Being Greek by birth is no longer necessary; residency is now possible with a $250k investment. Furthermore, this route offers the possibility of citizenship in just 7 years, in addition to residency.


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