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November 17, 2023

When it comes to passport choices, the Antigua and Barbuda Passport stands out as a hidden gem. It's not surprising that more people are choosing it as their preferred travel document given its many benefits. We shall examine the many advantages of obtaining an Antigua and Barbuda passport in this article.

Antigua and Barbuda passports can be used to travel visa-free to 151 countries globally as well as the Caribbean.  holders of Antigua passports can discover the breathtaking vistas and varied cultures of the Caribbean islands. For those looking to fully experience the beauty and charm of the Caribbean, this passport's attractiveness is increased by how simple it is to move about the region.

Key Benefits of Antigua Passport 

It is impossible to stress the importance of having a second passport in a world that is constantly changing. For those looking to expand their horizons, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program presents an exceptional opportunity. In this essay, we examine the Key Benefits of the Antigua Passport, examining its countless benefits and revealing why it's a highly sought-after option among worldwide residents.

Visa-Free Travel in 151 Countries

The passport of Antigua and Barbuda provides extraordinary flexibility, enabling visa-free travel to 151 nations. Notably, it contains the Schengen Area, where a stay is permitted for 90 days out of every 180. Additionally, you are permitted to stay in the UK for up to 180 days annually. A 10-year tourist visa to the United States is also granted to you. This means smooth travel, especially in the Schengen Area, a popular tourist destination. Enjoy traveling throughout Europe without obtaining a Schengen visa and making the US tourist visa accessible than ever 

Exceptional Tax Benefits with Antigua Dual Citizenship

Investment passports from Antigua and Barbuda come with significant financial benefits, making them an appealing option for anybody looking to maximize their finances. With no taxes on personal income, capital gains, or inheritances, Antigua is regarded as a tax haven. Even tax residents are not required to pay taxes on royalties, interest, or income. With no personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes, Antigua is a desirable location for maximizing wealth and securing one's financial future.

Additionally, by having dual citizenship with Antigua, you can expand their global options while taking advantage of these outstanding tax benefits. 

Swift Application Process

Citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda application is remarkably quick and easy to complete. The complete process from start to receiving citizenship normally takes between three and six months, which is shorter than citizenship procedures in many European countries. Additionally, as this procedure is carried out online, no mandatory history or language tests are required, ensuring accessibility for all applicants. 

The primary applicant must be at least 18 years old and complete all eligibility conditions to be eligible for citizenship and the application should be submitted with the help of a law agency 

Family Member Inclusion 

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program's flexibility in allowing applicants to include their loved ones is one of its key benefits. Even after being granted citizenship, the Antigua Citizenship Program allows candidates to add dependents, providing continued flexibility for shifting family dynamics. 

Spouse: The primary candidate may choose to submit their spouse's application as well, allowing them to set off on this thrilling journey together.

Children under the age of 31, including those of the primary applicant and their spouse, may be considered dependent children. This covers the wives and kids of the dependent children of the applicant, offering a wide range of opportunities for family reunification and long-term planning.

Grandparents and parents: The program accepts parents and grandparents who are 55 years of age or older. This not only gives family members the chance to benefit from Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, but it also assures their safety and well-being.

Unmarried Siblings: Regardless of age, applicants are free to include unmarried siblings of the primary applicant and/or their spouse.This inclusive approach allows families to stay connected and thrive together.

Why Antigua Citizenship? 

When contemplating the prospect of obtaining citizenship in a new country, several factors must be carefully considered, especially the advantages and opportunities it offers to you and your family. So what makes Antigua citizenship such an appealing choice?

Antigua citizenship is a permanent status, unlike several citizenship procedures that include deadlines or expiration periods. Once purchased, it has no expiration date, providing you and your family with long-term protection and peace.

It's important to remember that although Antigua citizenship has several advantages, it cannot be acquired quickly by money. Prospective citizens must first satisfy certain criteria and go through the basic due diligence processes supervised by a qualified agent. Candidates must then pass the eligibility test and get a police clearance certificate, which is necessary for all family members applying who are 12 years of age or older.

Obtaining a Passport through the Investment Program in Antigua and Barbuda

Non-Refundable Investment

One of the compelling options within Antigua and Barbuda's Investment Program is the National Development Fund (NDF). This choice is well-suited for both individual investors and families of up to five people, offering an unparalleled level of cost-effectiveness.

Supporting National Development

The NDF represents a contribution that is not refundable, and its significance goes beyond the individual investor. By choosing this path, investors become active contributors to the development and prosperity of Antigua and Barbuda as a nation. This choice aligns with those who not only seek personal benefits but also wish to leave a positive mark on the country's growth story.

A Minimum Donation Requirement

To embark on this transformative journey and become a part of Antigua and Barbuda's thriving community, there is a requirement of a nonrefundable minimum donation to the National Development Fund. This amount stands at a commendable $100,000.

Real Estate Investment 

This choice stands out due to its potential for financial success in the booming Antiguan and Barbuda real estate market. Investors have the exceptional chance to explore a market known for its development potential while pursuing citizenship. 

A Minimum Requirement for Buying a Real Estate 

Investors must make a minimum investment of USD 200,000 in real estate from an approved real estate project in order to follow this route. It's crucial to remember that each applicant in joint applications must meet this condition. Although there is a significant financial commitment, the potential benefits in terms of both citizenship and investment returns make it an appealing option.

Five-year contribution period 

Investors should be aware of the restriction that the real estate cannot be sold during the first five years of ownership. This requirement makes sure that those who take this path dedicate themselves long-term to advancing Antigua and Barbuda. However, the Antigua real estate market is outstanding as it supports price growth of up to 5-10% for properties within 2 years of period. 

Other Investment Options 

While real estate is a popular choice for obtaining citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, the Investment Program offers a diverse range of options to cater to various preferences and priorities.

Business Investment

The Business Investment road is an alluring option to citizenship for persons with an entrepreneurial drive. By providing two alternative investment options, this choice enables applicants to select the one that most closely fits their objectives.

The direct purchase of an eligible business for a minimum amount of USD 1.5 million as an individual. You can obtain an Antigua and Barbuda passport by investing at least $400,000 in business ventures. This strategy encourages cooperative economic development and offers a citizenship route to individuals who favor a shared commitment.

Investment in University of the West Indies

This choice, intended for bigger families, has both financial and educational advantages:

Education-related Motivation: One of the 6 members of families will be eligible for a year of tuition-free study at the prestigious University of the West Indies.

Financial Commitment: Families must donate at least USD 150,000 to the University of the West Indies as a non-refundable minimum in order to be eligible for this educational incentive.

Application Process for Antigua Citizenship 

Through its Investment Program, Antigua and Barbuda offers citizenship, but there are various important stages and factors to take into account. The steps and associated costs for obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship are listed below

Get in touch with Your Partner Law Firm

The journey begins with finding a trusted partner law firm, a crucial step that ensures you have the expertise needed for a successful application in the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program. Working with experts is essential, as only qualified investors have the chance to secure their Antigua passport. Your chosen firm, such as Mirabello Consultancy, will request a list of personal documents and financial records to initiate the process, meeting the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship requirements.

Get Your Documents ReadyYou'll be well-prepared to start down the road to realizing your dream of becoming a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda after speaking with your partner law firm. Your legal company will give you a thorough list of all the required paperwork and act as your guide through the challenging application procedure, making the process of applying for citizenship in Antigua straightforward.

Make the investment 

Making your investment, a crucial step on the road to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, is now that your paperwork is in place. You have 30 days from the time you receive approval notification to complete the investment requirement in order to receive the citizenship advantages of Antigua. Depending on your chosen path within the program, this may entail making a gift to your chosen fund, buying real estate, or making an investment in a company. To keep the application moving forward, this step must be finished as soon as possible.

After completing these important steps you will be notified about the decision within a 4 weeks period and you will be available to get your passport within 3 to 6 months of the period.

Financial Commitments and Citizenship Fees  

Prospective investors should be aware of other financial factors in addition to the required investment. These include application form expenses and passport fees, which total USD 300 per person. Additionally, there are extra charges such due diligence fees, which change depending on a variety of factors:

Total other fees can range from $30,300 to $31,500 or more, depending on individual factors.

Due Diligence fees range from $7,500 to $15,000.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Requirements

The primary applicant must be at least 18 years old and complete all eligibility conditions in order to be eligible for citizenship. Moreover, fulfill a five-day residence requirement and travel to Antigua and Barbuda to complete the Oath of Allegiance, demonstrating commitment to the nation.


Is the investment refundable?

No, the investment made as part of the Citizenship by Investment program for Antigua and Barbuda is typically non-refundable. A non-refundable financial commitment also known as the inclusive of government processing fee is frequently required for a variety of investment alternatives, including payments to the National Development Fund, Donations to Charities, real estate purchases, and company investments. It is crucial for applicants to thoroughly analyze their investment strategy and comprehend that these investments are not designed to be refundable in nature, but rather to promote the nation's development and economic prosperity.

Can I keep my original citizenship?

When applying for citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda through the Investment Program, you can keep your current citizenship, yes. Dual citizenship is permitted in Antigua and Barbuda, therefore you can simultaneously hold citizenship in your home country and in the two countries. Through this policy, people are able to take advantage of all the advantages and rights associated with dual citizenships, including the freedom to travel, work, and live in either nation as well as access to a range of benefits and opportunities.

What are the due diligence checks?

Due diligence checks are extensive background checks performed on candidates as part of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program to guarantee their eligibility for citizenship. These investigations seek to confirm the accuracy of the information offered and evaluate the applicant's moral character, financial situation, and any security issues. Due diligence investigations usually include:

Identity Verification: Confirming the applicant's identity, including checking passport and identification documents for authenticity.

Criminal Record Checks: Scrutinizing the applicant's criminal history and background in their home country and other relevant jurisdictions.

Financial Background: Investigating the applicant's financial history, including their sources of income, to assess their financial stability and integrity.

Reputation and Associations: Assessing the applicant's reputation, business affiliations, and associations to determine if they are involved in any activities that might pose a security risk.

Sanctions and Watchlists: Checking international sanctions lists and watchlists to ensure the applicant is not associated with any individuals or entities that are subject to sanctions or restrictions.


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