Grenada Passport Renewal

Preparation: 2 weeks

Government Processing time: Up to 4 weeks 

As a Grenada citizen, you've most likely enjoyed the numerous privileges that come with owning a Grenadian passport. Whether you earned your citizenship through an investment program in Grenada or inherited it, you appreciate the benefits and opportunities it provides, such as seamless travel and worldwide access.

Maintaining the validity of your passport is critical to ensuring continued access to these benefits. A valid passport not only allows you to travel freely globally, but it also offers opportunities such as applying for a US investor visa and residing in other UK Commonwealth countries, facilitating global commercial ventures and personal development.

Discover how to renew your Grenada passport effortlessly and maintain your access to a world of possibilities, ensuring that your travel remains uninterrupted and your prospects stay limitless.

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Grenada Passport Renewal

Grenada Passport Renewal: Requirements and Documents

All paperwork needs to be accurately completed and submitted in accordance with the criteria. This will make the passport renewal process go more smoothly and efficiently. The following is a list of documents required to renew a passport in Grenada, whether you do it online or offline:

  • Completed Grenada passport renewal form
  • Recommender
  • Original divorce decree (if divorced)
  • Original marriage certificate (if married)
  • Consent letter (for children under age 16)
  • Two passport photos taken within the last six months, one of which must be endorsed by a Recommender who must be a notary public or attorney at law
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Birth certificate (if applicable)

Additional requirements suggested Grenada Passport Office:

If mailing your application, please use an express service that can be tracked. This way you will be on the safe side if anything happens to your parcel.

  • Applicants MUST sign the form in the space provided above Section 1 and in Section 10.
  • Applications MUST be handwritten, using BLUE or BLACK ink and in BLOCK CAPITAL letters.
  • Applicants MUST complete Sections 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, & 10 and if applicable Sections 2, 6, 8, and 9.

Please also note that in 2023, all passports issued by Grenada's Immigration and Passport Department became machine-readable ePassports. These ePassports are biometric/digital passports with an embedded electronic microprocessor and a logo on the front cover. The microprocessor gathers data that authenticates the passport holder's identity for security and convenience during travel.

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Grenada Passport Renewal Application Form

At the Grenada passport office, they take pride in creating a welcoming and friendly environment for all Grenadian nationals. If you want expedited services, you can provide a letter stating the urgency and deadline for acquiring your passport. After receiving your request for expedited services, along with your completed and proper application, we will immediately forward it to Grenada for same-day processing. Please keep in mind that an accelerated processing fee of $50.00 is required, which can be paid separately by money order or certified check.

As of November 1, 2019, the fee for ePassports within the United States stands at US$250.00, while the fee for Lost/Stolen/Damaged passports within the United States is set at US$500.00.

It’s important to know 

For all First-Time Passport Applicants, a mandatory interview with a Consular Officer is necessary. Upon receipt of your application, a Consular Officer will reach out via email with comprehensive instructions for your virtual interview. It's also crucial to ensure all relevant sections of the application form are completed, with answers written clearly in CAPITAL LETTERS. If you find yourself outside of the State of Grenada, rest assured you may submit your application at the nearest Embassy, Consulate, or Mission office. To complete Grenada passport renewal online you also can work directly with Mirabello Consultancy.

Grenada Passport Renewal: Requirements and Documents

Gather Required Documents

We strongly advise working with a qualified law firm to guide you through the renewal process, especially if you are renewing your Grenada passport online. Complete Sections 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10, as well as Sections 2, 6, 8, and 9, if appropriate. Submit two passport-sized photos, one of which is endorsed by the Recommender. Stick to photo specifications: No spectacles, hair bands, or large earrings; ears and chest must be seen; hair should be kept away from the face. Children under the age of 16 must have signed parental approval. Applicants who are married must produce their original marriage certificate, while those who are divorced must provide their original divorce certificate. Those are important and MUST for everyone. 

Submit Application

Once you've acquired all of the necessary documentation, submit your application. Consider using trackable mailing services, particularly if sending your application by mail. Wait for confirmation of receipt from the Grenada Passport Office.

Passport Office Processing and Receiving

After submitting your application, the Grenada Passport Office will process it. It usually takes 3 weeks to renew a passport and the Grenada passport office distributes passport to the Grenada embassies for passport renewal once a week. The processing time may vary depending on current processing times and additional services ordered. Track the progress of your passport renewal, as the Grenada embassy passport renewal office may provide you with a tracking number upon submission.

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Grenada Passport Renewal


Clear and crisp answers to some burning questions you may already have


How long does it take to renew your Grenada passport?

The processing time for renewing a Grenada passport varies based on a number of factors, including the Grenada Passport Office's current workload, the completeness of the application, and whether expedited processing services are requested. Typically, processing times range from several weeks to a few months. It is best to submit your renewal application far in advance of any scheduled journey to guarantee that you obtain your renewed passport on time. If expedited services are available, they may reduce processing time, but extra fees may apply.

How can I renew my Grenada passport online?

Passport renewal for Grenadian people normally entails completing a physical application form and submitting it, along with the relevant documents, via mail or in person at the Grenada Passport Office or a Grenadian consulate or embassy overseas. However, in Mirabello consultancy, we can help you complete and submit the renewal process online without visiting Grenada.

Where can I get the Grenada passport renewal form? 

Grenada Passport Office: You can visit the Grenada Passport Office in person to request a renewal form. They typically provide physical copies of the renewal form upon request.

Online: Check the official website of the Grenada Passport Office or relevant government agencies for downloadable forms.

Grenadian Consulates or Embassies: Grenadian consulates or embassies located abroad may also provide passport renewal forms. Contact the nearest Grenadian consulate or embassy for assistance in obtaining the renewal form.

Which countries have the Grenada embassy or consular in the world?  

Most members of the United Nations recognize Grenada, and it has diplomatic posts in the United States, Canada, China, Cuba, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. There are five embassies in Grenada, representing the United States, China, Cuba, Taiwan, and Venezuela.

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