Citizenship By Investment in Malta

Malta is a beautiful place to live or own a second home. The island has excellent air links with Europe and the Middle East, making it easy to enjoy the many tourist attractions available. Malta is also a safe and secure country, with low crime rates.

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184 Visa Free Travel Countries

USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and more

28 EU Member State

Become a citizen of a full EU member State, allowing you to live, move, study and invest anywhere in the EU territory.

Passing Citizenship to Future Generation

Citizenship will be passed on to future generations automatically at birth.

Benefits of Maltese citizenship by investment

There are many benefits of Maltese citizenship by investment. These benefits include a stable economy, low tax rates, and a welcoming society.

Maltese citizens enjoy a high level of security and stability, thanks to a well-functioning government and one of the strongest economies in Europe.

Furthermore, the country has a strong legal system and is considered a safe place to do business. All these factors make Malta an attractive destination for those looking for a long-term investment opportunity.

Best services by direct investment

Malta offers the opportunity for foreign citizens (EU and Non-EU) to acquire full Maltese citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment.

By contributing to the economic and social development of the country, the Maltese Citizenship law will provide citizenship certificates to successful applicants and families who have contributed significantly to the country after only one year.

Investment in Malta

Investment Amount

min. € 738,000

Investment Summary

Main Contribution

Real Estate Rent or Purchase

Malta Charity Donation

Malta Charity Donation


Annual Rent & Main Contribution

€16,000 & €600,000

Why shall I get Maltese citizenship?

Capped Application

Only a total of 1,500 applications will be granted citizenship by law.

Future Generations

Citizenship will be passed on to future generations automatically at birth.

Exclusive Citizenship

Most exclusive Malta Citizenship by Investment Program in the world.

EU passport for the whole family

Apply for citizenship for the whole family including adult children and parents.

Travelling Visa-Free

Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 185 destinations.

Tax benefits

There is no income tax, inheritance or gift taxes, no dividends or capital gains tax.

More benefits and details for your Maltese Citizenship

1st VISA/Residence Card validity

> 5 years


Months processing time

Processing time requires 12-24 Months.

European Union (EU) Member State & Schengen Area Travel Access

YES – since 2004

Higher Education Background & Local Language required


Valid-excl. USA

Global Health Insurance

Physical stay required & Family inclusion


Fast & Easy Application Process

Are you looking for the world’s fast track option to a second passport?


Invest in Malta using the most exclusive Citizenship by Investment Program in the world.


Obtain a golden passport to enhance your freedom and options


Enjoy the Benefits of your new Citizenship for life.

Info about the country

Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily. The government is a republic with a strong democratic tradition. The economy is dominated by services, with a significant financial sector and a growing tourism industry. The people are friendly and welcoming, and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. The scenery is beautiful, with green fields, rugged mountains, and crystal-clear waters.






Maltese, English

Government type

Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic



Pass on to future generations forever

Maltese Citizenship will be beneficial to all applicants incl. children as the Maltese nationality will be passed on to future generations forever. Spouse, parents, unmarried children under 27 are eligible for citizenship in Malta as well.

Travel to over 184 countries visa free including the United States

Additionally, successful applicants will receive a Malta passport that allows them to travel to over 184 countries visa free including the United States and Canada. When you acquire a Maltese passport you acquire the right for you and your family to have freedom of settlement within the EU and Schengen territory within the countries legal requirement.


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More about the Citizenship By Investment Program In Malta

In an effort to attract talented foreign Investors from all around the world and give them an exclusive opportunity to invest in the Maltese Economy, a new Citizenship law was passed in 2020 Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulations (S.L. 188.05), under the Maltese Citizenship Act Cap. 188, LN437 of 2020, allow for the granting of citizenship by a certificate of naturalization to foreign individuals.