March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Visa Free Travel with Grenada passport in 2023

The importance of passport power cannot be emphasized in today's rapidly changing global world. Passport holders from some countries have visa-free access to a wide range of international destinations and Grenada is one of them. This makes the Grenada passport excellent for international travel. As the opportunities worldwide continue to expand, the ability to extend one's perspective has become increasingly valuable. The Grenada passport, often referred to as a "hidden gem," gives users access to unmatched worldwide adventures. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just getting started, understanding the benefits and possibilities of a Grenada passport will make all the difference. 

Obtaining Grenada Passport by Investment Program

Grenada's Citizenship by Investment program has been the gateway for many individuals seeking to obtain a Grenada passport. This program allows foreign investors and their families to become citizens of Grenada by making an investment in the country, which can be in the form of real estate or a contribution to the National Transformation Fund.

Real estate investment: Grenada's Real Estate Investment option grants citizenship and potential capital growth through property ownership. To qualify, invest a minimum of USD 220,000 in an approved project, including family members. Ideal for citizenship and financial growth.

National Transformation Fund: The NTF Donation Option is one of two ways to obtain Grenadian citizenship. This option, designed for single applicants, grants citizenship through a minimum non-refundable contribution of USD 150,000 to the NTF, supporting Grenada's economic and social development.

Visa-Free Access Worldwide with Grenada Passport 

One of the most compelling reasons to acquire a Grenada passport is the extensive list of countries that grant visa-free access to Grenadian citizens. This privilege provides a world of opportunities for business professionals and travelers to travel in 145 visa free.

Schengen Zone Access: Grenadian passport holders have the unique advantage of being able to travel within the Schengen Zone, which comprises 26 European countries. This includes popular destinations like France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, making it an attractive option for those with wanderlust.

The Caribbean: Being located in the Caribbean itself, Grenada offers its passport holders hassle-free access to neighboring countries. Explore the pristine beaches of Barbados, the vibrant culture of Trinidad and Tobago, or the lush landscapes of Saint Lucia without the need for a visa.

North America: Grenada passport holders can travel to the United States without the cumbersome process of obtaining a visa, making it an excellent choice for business professionals with American interests.

Asia: Asian countries like China and Singapore have also opened their doors to Grenadian passport holders. This opens up exciting business opportunities and cultural experiences in the East.

Visa Free Countries 

Traveling within Asia with Grenada Passport 

Grenada's strong diplomatic ties and international agreements have paved the way for its passport holders to enjoy visa-free access to various Asian destinations. This simplicity eliminates the need for time-consuming visa applications, making travel preparation easier and more pleasurable. 
Asia is immensely diverse, with each nation providing distinct cultural and business experiences. Planning a business visit can bring many opportunities with a Grenada passport. Also, besides work, Asian countries have something for everyone, whether you're interested in old customs, modern metropolises, or natural wonders.

Traveling and Working in the USA with E-2 Visa 

Grenada's citizenship opens doors to the U.S. through the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. Established in 1989, this treaty allows Grenadian citizens to invest in and manage U.S. businesses. The E-2 Visa is flexible, with no set time limits and the potential for indefinite renewal as long as the business remains active. Franchise options provide diverse business opportunities.

Spouses of E-2 Visa holders can work in the U.S. with more flexibility than other work visas like the H-1B, while dependent children under 21 can join their parents. Though Grenadian citizenship doesn't guarantee a U.S. visa, the E-2 Treaty offers a quick route to establishing or expanding a business. Processing times are short, sometimes just a month. Many use the E-2 Visa to live and work in the U.S. while waiting for an EB-5 visa, which can take years due to high demand. Davies & Associates, a leading law firm, specializes in E-2 Visas, providing expert assistance.

Traveling to the UK with Grenada Passport

In 2023, Grenadian citizens, as members of the Commonwealth, can travel to the United Kingdom without the need for a tourist visa. Holders of Grenada passports are granted the privilege of staying in the UK for a short duration, typically up to 180 days, for tourism or other permissible purposes. This ease of travel makes the UK an accessible destination for Grenadian passport holders to explore and experience its rich culture, historical landmarks, and vibrant cities, fostering stronger ties between the two Commonwealth nations.

How to Get a Grenada Passport 

Step 1: Consult an Authorized International Marketing Agent

To start the journey towards Grenada citizenship contact an experienced consulting firm, who will subsequently coordinate between yourself and the Grenadian Government. In this regard, Mirabello Consultancy, as an experienced and trusted partner, will furnish you with a comprehensive application package, including all the necessary documentation and step-by-step instructions.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documentation

Once you've connected with your chosen partner, you'll begin preparing the necessary paperwork for your application. This involves completing official forms, undergoing a medical examination, and gathering specific documentation. All documents must be in English and legally certified. If you opt for property investment, you'll need to secure your investment through a sales and purchase agreement. Mirabello Consultancy will guide you in selecting the most suitable investment program based on your specific requirements.

Step 3: Application Submission and Processing

After you've completed all the requisite paperwork and documentation, Mirabello Consultancy will submit your application to the Grenada Citizenship Executive Office. From this point, we will manage all communication related to your application, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise.

Step 4: Citizenship Confirmation and Passport Application

Upon completing the necessary steps, applicants will receive their citizenship permit. However, during this period, investors must ensure they fulfill their investment commitments within the deadlines stipulated by the Grenadian Government. Once the full investment amount is made, Mirabello Consultancy will assist you in applying for a Grenada passport, which typically takes 4-6 months to process and receive after application submission.


Are There Any Restrictions On Visa-Free Travel For Grenada Passport Holders?

While Grenada passport holders enjoy extensive visa-free access, it's essential to check the specific entry requirements of each destination, as they may vary. Some countries may impose limitations or entry conditions.

Can Family Members Also Obtain Grenada Passports Through The Citizenship By Investment Program?

Yes, family members can indeed obtain Grenada passports through the Citizenship by Investment program. The program allows the primary applicant, their spouse, and dependent children under the age of 30 (and in some cases, dependent parents and grandparents) to apply for Grenadian citizenship in conjunction with the primary investor. This family-friendly approach makes the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program an attractive option for those seeking to secure citizenship for their loved ones as well.

What Should I Do If My Grenada Passport Is Nearing Its Expiration Date?

If your Grenada passport is about to expire, which happens every five years, it's critical to plan ahead for its renewal. To avoid travel inconveniences, begin the renewal process at least six months before the expiration date. Collect the necessary documents, pay the renewal fees, and then submit your application to the Grenada Passport and Immigration Office. Avoid making international travel plans during the renewal period to ensure a smooth process and uninterrupted travel chances.


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