May 3, 2024
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Saudi Arabia Investor Visa: Benefits, Requirements and Opportunities

Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing financial capitals of the world, diversifying its economy away from oil and welcoming new industries. Saudi Arabia has opened investment visa programs to welcome foreign investors as premium residents to their country. 

In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into the Saudi Arabia investment visa requirements, processes, and benefits. 

Key Takeaways

  • Saudi Arabian residency can be achieved within a matter of months with the right investment plan.
  • A Saudi investor visa gives you the opportunity to extend residency to family, freely travel in the country, acquire property, and much more.
  • Saudi investment visas can only be acquired by being a licensed investor and investing 7 million SAR into the economy that also creates 10 jobs.
  • Expert agencies like Mirabello Consultancy, offer specialized insight to all those who seek a Saudi investment visa. 

What is a Saudi Investor Visa and How does it Works

Thanks to its strategic location and growing economy, Saudi Arabia has become an attractive hub for investment, work, and travel. Citizens of some countries may have difficulties obtaining the right to live and work in Saudi Arabia so the Premium Residency program was introduced in 2019 to allow investors and professionals to become residents.

By holding a legal investment license and meeting the required investment quota, you can directly obtain Saudi permanent residency. The entire application process can take as little as 3 months. 

4 Benefits of Getting a Saudi Investor Visa

  1. Extension to Family

Saudi Arabia allows for residency to extend to a spouse, children under 25 years old, and parents who are dependent on you. Family members who do not want residency can also easily be given a visitation visa. With the Saudi investment visa, more investors will be incentivized to bring their family with them to reside, making it one of the more attractive investment visas in the world. 

  1. Freedom of Travel

With your Saudi investment visa, you and your family can easily travel within the kingdom, as well as come and go as you please. You are also allowed to freely change your residency and live where you please. 

  1. Investment and Work

The primary benefit for the Saudi investment visa is the right to invest in business in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the proper license, you can conduct business under the regulations of The Investment Law. 

You and your family also acquire the right to work in the private sector and change jobs freely without needing any special permissions or adhering to restrictions placed on those with work visas. 

  1. Property Acquisition

A whole market of real estate becomes available when you acquire a Saudi Arabia investor visa. With your Saudi investment visa you can purchase property and have full rights to sell or profit off of it, which is not available for other residents. 

Investment Opportunities: How Can You Become An Investor in Saudi Arabia?

According to the Saudi Arabia investment visa criteria, you should have: 

  • A valid investment license
  • Submit a valid license(s) issued by the Ministry of Investment for an investment(s), with a minimum of 7 million SAR as an applicant's share
  • Valid Commercial registration
  • Memorandum of Association showing investor shares

The minimum investment amount is 7 million Saudi Arabian Riyals, which should be done in over 2 years and in those 2 years create a minimum of 10 jobs. There is also a 4,000 SAR application fee to begin the application process.

It is also important to note that applicants can not have a criminal record and need to provide proof of financial solvency.

When all of these criteria are met then you will receive your Saudi investment visa within 3 months of completing the application process. To learn more about Saudi Arabian investment visa requirements and investment opportunities, speak to a professional agent who can give you better insight. 

How to Get an Investment Visa for Saudi Arabia?

Obtaining an investment visa for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite straight forward. The first step is to consider if a Saudi investment visa is right for you and your family, and if the numerous benefits meet your actual needs as an investor and potential resident. After your due diligence is cleared, you and your family need to get a health checkup 6 months before completing your application process. 

Investors need to be accredited with a valid investment license to conduct business in Saudi Arabia, as well as be approved by the Ministry of Investment. After deciding on what to invest in, you must receive a valid commercial registration and prove that your investments meet the requirement of injecting 7 millions SARs into the economy and create 10 jobs within the first two years. 

With the application near completion, you and your family are required to submit biometric data with all other paperwork.

With everything submitted, it should take about 3 months for the application process to complete and you can pick up your Saudi investor visa which grants your permanent residency. 


Acquiring a Saudi investment visa offers a variety of benefits. Lucrative investment opportunities, a secure residency, and a booming business sector make Saudi Arabia an attractive place to acquire permanent residency. Compared with competing nations, the minimum investment threshold for permanent residency is affordable given the diverse opportunities of the Saudi economy.

The safest way to obtain permanent residency in Saudi Arabia through investment is with specialized agencies like Mirabello Consultancy. While the application process itself may seem straightforward, insights of different sectors can provide direction into where best to allocate funds. With a huge rise in foreign investments into the country, professional guidance can be the determining factor of what you decide to invest your money into. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers many paths to residency from investment to skilled work. Investments can range from acquiring property, to paying a direct fee for permanent residency. Make sure you discuss with your agent about all the possible ways to acquire your Saudi permanent residency.


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