March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Obtaining Austrian Passport - All Requirements and Documents

Austria has captivated the imagination of people from all over the world with its rich cultural heritage, magnificent landscapes, and devotion to well-being. This country, nestled in the heart of Europe, offers not only stunning views but also the opportunity to become a part of its thriving community. While Austria does not offer dual citizenship, however, this is an exception. The only exception for new citizens to have dual citizenship is when awarded citizenship in the special interest of the Republic of Austria. Austrian Citizenship does offer this special award, better known as,  Austria Citizenship by Investment Program, to people who want to embrace its culture and contribute to its economic strength.

The enticement of Austrian citizenship extends beyond what meets the eye. It provides worldwide mobility, allowing passport holders to travel freely to 190 countries thanks to visa-free or visa-on-arrival benefits. It also provides access to world-class educational possibilities and a society dedicated to social justice social welfare and health care. Dreams can be pursued in Austria without jeopardizing one's quality of life.

The Austria Citizenship by Investment Program was established in response to an increase in interest in getting Austrian citizenship by investment in recent years. This one-of-a-kind project not only welcomes newcomers to Austria but also encourages them to actively engage in the country's economic development.

How to get Citizenship in Austria? 

Obtaining an Austrian passport through investment is subject to strict eligibility requirements aimed to ensure that applicants make a significant contribution to the country's economy and society. The following are the main eligibility requirements:

  1. Eligible Investments: To qualify for Austrian citizenship via investment also known as the award in the special interest of the republic, the investment must be in an active business or a donation to a public project that significantly improves Austria's economic well-being. Government bonds, financial instruments, and real estate are examples of passive investments that do not fit the criteria.
  2. Investment Amount: Typical qualifying investments vary between €2.000,000 and €10 million. These investments can take the shape of a joint venture, a direct investment in an active firm that creates significant job prospects, or a combination of the two.
  3. Influence and Reputation: Applicants must show that they have considerable influence over an entity with a high economic performance and international reputation. This emphasizes how important they are to Austria's economic growth and development.
  4. Family Involvement: The spouse and children under the age of 18 may be included in the citizenship application. Children above the age of 18 may need to make separate applications.
  5. Financial Independence: Demonstrating financial self-sufficiency, whether through work or self-employment, demonstrates the ability to support oneself without relying on government help.
  6. Health Certification: Applicants must have continued health insurance coverage to safeguard their well-being for the next five years, highlighting the importance of health and security.
  7. Linguistic competency: A linguistic test is not required when obtaining residency in Austria by the award in the special interest of the republic.

Important to note that real estate project investments will not be considered investment in the economy unless the real estate properties will open new working spots for Austrians. 

Unique Path to Austrian Citizenship

Austria's citizenship by-investment initiative distinguishes itself through its unique methodology. In contrast to several programs that provide various paths to citizenship, Austria focuses on a single technique built on active economic participation.

This strategy emphasizes investments that assist the Austrian economy directly, with a focus on joint ventures and direct investments in firms. In contrast to programs that accept passive assets such as real estate or government bonds, Austria's strategy necessitates significant direct investments.

Austria's commitment to economic growth is shown in its emphasis on proactive investments that promote job creation and produce export revenue. This strategy not only draws investment but also provides concrete benefits to the country and its residents.

Furthermore, Austria's unique strategy gives exclusive benefits such as foreign vacation and networking chances for those who contribute considerably.

All Required Documents for Austria Citizenship by Investment 

The required documents suggested by the Austrian Government

  • Completed and signed application form "Antrag auf Ausstellung eines österreichischen Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweises"
  • Form "Personenstandserklärung Erwachsene" signed and completed (please note that the legal partner has to submit this form)
  • ID-Document: passport, ID-Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of other citizenship(s) (original and copy)
  • Proof of current place of residence according to local standards (not older than 4 weeks: utility bill, driver’s license, or similar)
  • Proof that you have not acquired a foreign nationality (not older than 2 months)
  • in Australia: VEVO Entitlement Check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) from the Australian Department of Home Affairs
  • in New Zealand: Denial of Citizenship, to be obtained from the Department of Internal Affairs (these documents are only available for foreign citizens with permanent residency in Australia or New Zealand).

Supporting Documents for Austrian Passport Application by Investment 

It is critical to thoroughly acquire the required documents before commencing on the road to obtain your Austrian passport. These documents form the basis of your application and ensure a smooth process. Here's a thorough list, along with important words, to assist you get through the application process:

  1. Original Professional Reference Letter (Not older than 6 months): This letter underscores your expert standing, aligning with the Austria passport necessities for applicants.
  2. Certified Copy of ID Card: This licensed reproduction of your identification card is a necessary record verifying your identity.
  3. Certified Copy of Passport: You'll want a licensed replica of your cutting-edge passport, assembling the stringent Austria passport by using funding criteria.
  4. Medical Certificate: To fulfill health-related prerequisites, encompass a scientific certificate as phase of your application.
  5. Original Police Clearance Certificate: This certificate, confirming your smooth crook record, is pivotal for applicants.
  6. University Diploma: For those with educational achievements, your college diploma is integral documentation of your academic background.
  7. Photograph and Signature Certificate: These certificates provide the visual and handwritten confirmations required for your application, a crucial aspect of required documents.
  8. Original Bank Reference Letter (Not older than 6 months): An updated financial institution reference letter is required to prove economic stability.
  9. Six Passport-Size Photos: To match Austria passport photograph criteria, high-quality passport-sized photographs are required.
  10. Documents Certifying Business Investment: If you are pursuing citizenship via investment, get documents that verify your business investments, in accordance with the Austria passport through funding requirements.
  11. Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable): Your delivery certificates may also be asked, especially if you are of a certain country or meet certain birth-related conditions.
  12. Original or Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable): If you are married, you may be requested to provide your marriage certificates for proof.
  13. Statement of Funds Source: This statement clarifies the sources of your monetary resources.
  14. Evidence of Business Background: For candidates with a business background, providing confirmation of your professional records is an important part of your application.
  15. Certified Copy of Business License or Incorporation Documents: Include records that prove your company's felony status if appropriate.
  16. Curriculum Vitae: Your CV provides a comprehensive summary of your professional and educational path, boosting your candidacy.

Timeline and process of receiving citizenship in Austria 

The Austrian citizenship process typically takes between 24 to 36 months, ensuring a thorough evaluation of applicants. This process includes a comprehensive Austrian passport application to become a citizen of this prosperous nation.

When it comes to citizenship by investment, Austria takes a unique approach. Unlike some programs that accept passive investments, Austria places a premium on active participation in the economy. Applicants seeking citizenship must actively invest in the Austrian economy, often through joint ventures or direct investments in firms. This method ensures that new citizens not only profit from Austrian citizenship, but also significantly contribute to the country's economic well-being.

The investment amount for Austrian citizenship normally ranges between 2 million and 10 million EUR. This considerable expenditure demonstrates the seriousness of the effort and the country's commitment to attracting individuals with major effect.

Austrian Passport and Citizenship Benefits 

Obtaining Austrian citizenship is not only an important decision, but it is also the first step toward obtaining the coveted possession of an Austrian passport. This passport grants access to a slew of advantages, including unparalleled global mobility and a solid foundation in economic stability.

By choosing to become an Austrian citizen, you are committing to actively contributing to the country's economy. Austria's unique approach to citizenship emphasizes investments that not only secure your future but also play an important role in promoting economic growth and job creation. This symbiotic relationship between citizens and the nation emphasizes the importance and depth of Austrian citizenship.

Application fees for Austria Citizenship 

Accepting Austrian citizenship entails fees that must be carefully weighed. The citizenship fee in Austria consists of a federal fee of EUR 700 and a regional administrative fee of EUR 76. This monetary commitment is more than just a fee; it is a contribution to a shared future. Couples that join forces in this search have their expenses tripled, with a federal expense of EUR 1400 and an additional provincial administrative fee of EUR 152. These figures stress the financial aspect of the voyage while also revealing the investment required for the privilege of Austrian citizenship.

Dual Citizenship with Austrian Citizenship 

Dual or multiple citizenship is typically not permissible under Austrian citizenship legislation, with a few exceptions. Only if you apply for citizenship in Austria through investment programs you will be granted a chance to keep your first citizenship. 

It works both ways. When a third-country citizen obtains Austrian citizenship or an Austrian citizen applies for foreign citizenship, their Austrian citizenship is usually lost. There remains, nevertheless, the possibility of retaining Austrian citizenship. Before getting foreign citizenship, persons must submit a written application, which must be accepted through a written decision.

Retaining Austrian citizenship is usually given under the following conditions:

National Interest: Preserving Austrian citizenship promotes the Republic of Austria's interests due to past or projected future contributions.

Exceptional Personal or Family Circumstances: When the applicant's private or family life is extremely compelling.

Minors: In circumstances involving minors, Austrian citizenship is retained. 


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