March 22, 2024
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Lost, Stolen, or Damaged: The St Kitts and Nevis Passport

In St. Kitts and Nevis, the tranquility of everyday life can be disrupted when your passport goes missing or gets damaged. A damaged St Kitts and Nevis passport can cause serious problems, especially when you need to travel or prove your identity. Renewing your passport in St. Kitts and Nevis isn't as simple as filling out a form. There are procedures to follow and fees to consider, sometimes making the process more complicated than it seems. If you find yourself dealing with a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, navigating the bureaucratic maze becomes a necessity you can reach out to Mirabello Consultancy for help. You can submit the necessary documents and fill out the necessary forms to apply for a new passport without going back to St Kitts and Nevis. 

The process of renewing your passport

Losing, damaging, or having your passport stolen can be a stressful experience, but the process of recovering or replacing it doesn't have to be. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process effectively:


Before initiating the passport recovery or replacement process, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order. This includes:

An affidavit detailing the circumstances of the passport loss, theft, or damage, regardless of whether the passport was valid or expired.

A completed Passport Recovery Form.

A police report documenting the incident.

These documents must be submitted to the passport office at least one month before applying for a new passport. Additionally, be prepared to pay a fee of approximately $500 USD for the replacement.

Document Submission

If managing the process yourself isn't your thing, think about collaborating with Mirabello Consultancy. Our staff can help you efficiently and effectively gather and submit the required paperwork. We are committed to giving our clients a flawless renewal procedure since we recognize how complicated it can be.

Receive your new passport back

Working with Mirabello Consultancy would enable you to expedite the passport renewal process considerably. Unlike unassisted renewals, which typically take three to four months, our expedited process allows you to acquire your new passport in as little as three weeks.

You can take advantage of a quicker and more effective renewal process with Mirabello Consultancy without having to be physically present. While you concentrate on getting your mobility and peace of mind back, let us take care of the details.

St Kitts and Nevis Passport Renewal Fees 

If you find yourself facing the unfortunate scenario of a damaged or lost passport, the process of renewal involves several essential steps. People can lessen the difficulties caused by passport-related mishaps and speed up the restoration of their travel papers by being aware of the processes described by the Passport Office and the relevant fees.

Submission of Affidavit and Police Report: The Passport Office requires an affidavit containing details about the passport, including the circumstances of its loss or stolen, regardless of its validity status. Additionally, it's strongly recommended to provide a police report corroborating the incident.

Application Procedure for Residents of Europe and the UK: Residents of Europe and the United Kingdom must send their renewal applications to the St. Kitts and Nevis High Commission in London, United Kingdom.

Also, please note that the renewal fees vary depending on citizenship status, age, and the path you received your citizenship:

For citizens born in St. Kitts and Nevis and their descendants, the renewal fee is $230.00.

For citizens by investment and their descendants, the renewal fee is $285.00.

The Government instructions state that completing the passport renewal application form is an essential step in the procedure. At Mirabello Consultancy, we are dedicated to provide you with precise guidance throughout this process since we recognize how important accuracy and detail are. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to complete Section 10 in the application if you are submitting a lost or damaged request. However, the rest of the application looks similar to the main renewal process.

Sections (1), (2), and (6): Mandatory for All Applicants

It is imperative to complete Sections (1), (2), and (6) of the application form, as they are mandatory for all applicants. Providing precise and up-to-date information in these sections is vital for the successful processing of your renewal application.

Sections (3) and (4): Applicable Details

Complete Sections (3) and (4) where applicable. These sections may necessitate specific details based on your individual circumstances. Our team at Mirabello Consultancy offers expert guidance to ensure the accurate and relevant completion of these sections.

Section 7: For Applicants Under Age 16

If you are under the age of 16, Section 7 must be completed by the Parent or Legal Guardian no matter if the passport is lost or expired. Our experts assist in navigating this section to ensure accurate and complete submission.

Section 8: For Applicants Age 16 and Over

Applicants aged 16 and over are required to complete Section 8. Our team ensures that the information provided aligns with the requirements for individuals in this age group.

Section 9: Recommender's Details

Section 9 mandates details from a recommender who has known the applicant for at least two years. The recommender must have an official office stamp, which should be affixed in the designated box. Our experts assist in selecting an appropriate recommender and ensure compliance with all specifications.

Section 10: Lost or Stolen Passport

In the event of a lost or stolen passport, complete Section 10 with the requisite details. Our team guides to ensure the provision of necessary information to address this specific circumstance effectively.


Why work with a specialized consulting firm?

Quick Processing One-stop shop: Mirabello Consultancy is proud of its in-depth knowledge and capacity to expedite passport renewals for clients, saving them time.

Easy Process: We streamline the renewal process so that you can easily go through it. No need to travel to St. Kitts; we take care of everything.

Help with Document Preparation: To expedite the procedure even more, we advise obtaining the required documentation ahead of time. Our team is here to help you with the full passport renewal procedure, saving you important time by making sure all necessary paperwork is in order.

Can I report the loss or theft of my passport online, or do I need to visit a specific office?

You have to report the loss or theft of your passport in person at a designated office. Citizens must report lost or stolen passports in person at certain embassies or consulates with all required documentation.

What happens if I find my lost passport after I've already reported it missing and applied for a replacement? 

If you find your lost passport after you've already reported it missing and applied for a replacement, you should notify the relevant authorities. Typically, you will need to inform the passport office or consulate where you reported the passport as lost or stolen. They will likely advise you on the necessary steps to take, which may involve returning the found passport to them and keeping the process the same.


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