May 3, 2024
Residency by investment programs

How to Get Permanent Residency in Saudi Arabia?

Everyone knows The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a booming oil country and popular destination, but it is now becoming better known as a thriving global force of economic power by diversifying from their vast oil reserves and investing heavily in the country's future. 

Every industry from healthcare to new technologies is taking advantage of this central development hub. People from all over the world are looking at how to get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia as a second home and for investment opportunities. 

In this article we will discuss the following:

  • What a Saudi Golden Visa actually is
  • The benefits the Saudi residency grants
  • Different ways of acquiring residency

What is the Saudi Premium Residency (Saudi Golden Visa) and how does it work?

The Saudi Golden Visa, better known as the Saudi Premium Residency Program, is a popular immigration option to Saudi Arabia, first introduced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019 and further expanded in 2024, to attract foreign talent, investors, and skilled individuals to live, work, and invest in the country. It grants legal residency with benefits similar to those enjoyed by Saudi citizens, providing a second home and thriving work environment for individuals and their families. 

5 Benefits of Getting Saudi Permanent Residency

The Saudi Arabian Premium Residency program offers a multitude of advantages for people all over the globe. Their booming financial sector makes it an attractive option for those seeking to live, work, and invest in this dynamic global hub.

  1. Tax Efficient

One of the primary benefits of having a residency in Saudi Arabia is the tax exemptions on individuals, afforded to premium residents. Unlike expatriates who typically face withoutling taxation on their income and that of their dependents, premium residents enjoy tax benefits similar to those of citizens. This financial advantage not only enhances the attractiveness of living in Saudi Arabia but also facilitates greater financial stability and investment opportunities for residents and their families.

  1. Mobility

Saudi Arabian residency grants individuals new mobility within the country. Holders of permanent residency have the flexibility to switch jobs, explore different regions, and travel with their families without the constraints typically faced by expats. Additionally, premium residents and their families gain access to flight tracks that were previously exclusive to citizens, making travel much more affordable. With a firm intention to create a more interconnected world, Saudi Arabia is expanding their airports and creating new airlines to meet the growing demand of travelers. 

  1. Family Inclusion

Many who acquire Saudi Arabian residency do so with the goal of moving their entire family to the country for residence. Reside in Saudi with family members, including parents, spouses, and children under 25. Those who do not want residency can just get visiting family visas for easy travel to the country. 

  1. Pathway to Saudi Arabian Citizenship

One of the greatest benefits of the Saudi premium residency program is the potential pathway to citizenship. By fulfilling specific criteria like residing in the country for 10 consecutive years, demonstrating proficiency in the Arabic language, and meeting other eligibility requirements, premium residents may become eligible to apply for Saudi citizenship. This opportunity not only solidifies an individual's ties to Saudi Arabia but also grants them the same rights and privileges as a citizen of the country.

  1. Acquiring Property

Saudi residency opens doors to a wealth of real estate opportunities for residents. Holders of the golden visa can invest in and own property throughout Saudi Arabia. Whether purchasing properties for personal use or investment purposes, premium residents have the freedom to explore the diverse real estate landscape and capitalize on emerging market trends.

6 Ways to Get a Saudi Golden Visa

  1. Limited Stay Residency (1-5 Years)

Not everyone wants permanent residency. For those who are looking for a more affordable way to get short-term residency in Saudi Arabia, there are residency options for about 100,000 SAR a year with other fees to be paid during the application process. 

  1. Unlimited Duration Premium Residency

The most straightforward way to obtain permanent residency in Saudi Arabia is the Unlimited Duration Premium Residency full package for just an 800,000 SAR fee. Within a few months, you will be on your way to Premium Saudi Arabian residency, which gives you the full benefits of residency. 

  1. Special Talent Residency

Are you a researcher or healthcare professional? Those with the necessary work experience, academic qualifications, and employer recommendation letters can apply to get residency in Saudi Arabia. 

In order to qualify, researchers must earn a minimum of SAR 14,000 monthly, while healthcare and scientific professionals should earn SAR 35,000 monthly. Executive-level professionals, on the other hand, must secure a total monthly wage of at least SAR 80,000 and provide a recommendation letter from their employer.

This qualifies special talent for a 5 year Saudi residency program through employment which can become permanent for those eligible. 

  1. Gifted Residency

Being a recognized gifted artist or specialist is one unique way to get Saudi residency. Those who meet all criteria of the Ministry of Sports and Culture and have an income to meet their cost of living can gain Saudi residency for 5 years with an option to extend. 

  1. Residency Through Investment

Another way to become a permanent Saudi resident is to acquire an investment license. By investing a minimum of 7 million SAR in economic activities in Saudi within the Investment Law within the first two years as well as creating 10 jobs, you can gain permanent residency for you and your family. 

  1. Residency through Property Investment

Want to know how to get Saudi Arabian residency as well as property? By purchasing an already developed residential real estate asset worth a minimum of SAR 4,000,000 that is free from mortgages and is approved by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers “Taqeem,” you can get a fast-tracked residency. The residency lasts for 5 years and must be renewed, requiring you are still an owner of a property that qualifies. 

Family Residence Visa in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is very generous in extending residency to families. A spouse, children under 25, and parents who are dependent all qualify to be included in your Saudi residency program. For those family members who do not want residency, a fast-track visa program is available so they can easily visit. 

How much does it cost to get a Saudi Golden Visa?

If you want to know how to get Saudi permanent residency, you should first ask yourself how much you are willing to invest or spend. For a straightforward approach, a “golden visa” can be purchased with a SAR 800,000 payment plus application fees. There are higher-end options for residency that have the potential to bring in huge profits, which start at SAR 4,000,000 and require some more paperwork. Consider talking to a professional agent to best get acquainted with the multitude of options. 

How to apply for a Saudi Golden Visa?

Getting an application ready for a Saudi Golden Visa requires a lot of preparation work and research. Depending on what program you are applying through, you need to prepare finances and submit your application paperwork. After visiting for a health checkup and submitting biometric data, you can receive your residency once you are approved. 

One of the easiest ways to make sure everything is in order is to get in contact with a professional agency that can provide needed insight to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Why Get a Saudi Golden Visa?

Saudi Arabia is known as one of the safest countries in the world to live in. As Saudi Arabia is diversifying their assets and creating new investment and work opportunities, it needs a new workforce, talent, and investors to keep growing. With Saudi permanent residency, you can travel to any Gulf country visa-free, take advantage of some of the same benefits citizens have access to, as well as invest in property. You will be able to fly with special flights originally reserved only for citizens. 

The Saudi permanent residency program offers something for everyone who wants a place to live, work, and an opportunity to travel. 

It can be difficult being an expat working in Saudi Arabia, having to depend on a sponsor, and not getting the opportunity to invite your family to live with you. With Saudi Permanent residency you can extend residency to your family, including your parents who are dependent on you. If they do not want residency they also easily qualify for visitation visas. 

For expats who are already paying higher taxes and have little mobility in the country, residency gives tax exemptions, the ability to switch jobs, as well as move to anywhere you want in the country. 


There are many benefits to acquiring a Saudi golden visa. It allows for investment opportunities, a safe residency, and a thriving place to work. Compared to other countries, the minimum amount to invest for residency is quite low for such a competitive economy, opening up new opportunities for up-and-coming investors. 

The easiest way to learn how to get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia is to begin consulting with an agency that specializes in residency by investment. While the application process may be relatively straightforward there is a lot of industry-specific insight that can be given as to where to put your money. Considering the large amount of investment into the country, it is worth doing the extra research and seeking professional help.


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