November 23, 2023
Citizenship by investment programs

How to Get Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda - Non-Caribbean Citizens

The twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, located in the Caribbean, provides an enthralling fusion of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Learn more about what makes Antigua and Barbuda a special and sought-after travel destination before starting the process to apply for citizenship in this tropical paradise.


The larger of the two islands, Antigua, has 365 immaculate beaches—one for each day of the year. The islands' turquoise, crystal-clear seas make them a sanctuary for snorkelers, divers, and fans of water sports. A short ferry journey away lies the island of Barbuda, which is renowned for its pristine pink sand beaches and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, which is home to one of the greatest frigate bird populations in the world.

Culture and Heritage

The culture of Antigua and Barbuda is a colorful tapestry that combines elements from the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Through music, dancing, and festivals, the country honors its rich cultural past. For both residents and tourists, the yearly Carnival is a vibrant explosion of music, costumes, and dance.


Over time, Antigua and Barbuda's economy has become more diversified, with tourism, banking, and offshore financial services playing major roles. Due to the natural beauty and friendly environment of the islands, tourism in particular has prospered.


Since English is the official language of Antigua and Barbuda, both foreign tourists and potential citizens may communicate there. For individuals seeking citizenship, the widespread use of English makes communication and integration easier.

Healthcare and Education

Access to high-quality medical facilities and educational institutions is available in Antigua and Barbuda. Modern and well-controlled, the healthcare system offers both public and private options. Similar to this, the educational system gives students of all ages, from elementary to tertiary levels, chances.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program's documentary requirements are modest, and the application procedures are simple. Successful candidates can pick up their passports in Antigua and Barbuda once their application has been granted. The complete procedure, from application submission to passport issuance, normally takes three to four months, providing there are no problems with the application. This simplified procedure is intended to make the transfer to citizenship as easy as possible.

Step One 

Contact Your Law Firm Partner: Investors should begin by seeking a reputable law firm to work with. Because only qualified investors will be able to obtain an Antigua passport, working with experts is a critical step. Mirabello Consultancy will do preliminary Due Diligence with a list of essential personal papers and financial records to lessen the chances of a citizenship application being refused. 

Step Two

Gather Your Documents: Following your meeting, you will be ready to begin the process of pursuing your goal far from home. We will supply you with a list of all the required documents, which will help you through the arduous process.

Step Three

Make Your Contribution: When it comes to investing, you must act quickly. We will help you to identify your needs and choose the right investment option. Once you've received clearance, you'll have 30 days to meet the investment requirement, which might include contributing to your preferred fund, purchasing real estate, or investing in a business.

Step Four 

Receive your Passport: The passport and naturalization certificate are issued within four weeks after your investment. It's crucial to know that while the procedure begins now, you won't obtain your passport right away. Instead, your Antigua and Barbuda passport, your key to a world of options, is usually accessible 3 to 6 months after you make your donation. These vital documents will be given to you at your convenience, marking the final stage in your path to becoming a citizen of this lovely Caribbean country.

Why to Choose Antigua and Barbuda Passport 

Visa-Free Travel

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship opens doors to visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 151 countries, including the United Kingdom and the European Union. This privilege simplifies international travel and business opportunities.

Political Resilience

The country has a democratic system of administration and a stable political climate. English common law serves as the foundation for the legal system, which offers a dependable and recognizable framework for both corporate and personal issues.

Dual Citizenship 

The Citizenship by Investment Program of Antigua and Barbuda enables people to become citizens of Antigua while maintaining their citizenship in their native country or another country of their choice. You can travel, work, and invest in both nations thanks to this dual citizenship status, which gives you all the advantages of having citizenship in both countries. However, it's crucial to discuss the particular requirements for dual citizenship with a reliable representative.

Caribbean Lifestyle 

The islands provide a relaxed, Caribbean way of life that prioritizes enjoyment and relaxation. The "Antiguans" and "Barbudans," as the people are referred to, are friendly and inviting, which adds to the feeling of belonging.

Extraordinary Tax Advantages

The Antigua and Barbuda passport earned through investment provides significant financial benefits in addition to travel privileges. Because it does not tax capital gains, inheritances, or personal income, the country is recognized as a tax haven for investors. It is a tempting destination for anyone wishing to improve their financial situation because even tax residents are exempt from paying income, interest, or royalties taxes.

Eligibility Requirements for Antigua Citizenship by Investment

To embark on the journey of obtaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, prospective candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria are meticulously designed to ensure that citizenship is granted to individuals who are committed to advancing the country's growth and who share its core values. Firstly, the investor must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of their financial capability. Let's delve into a comprehensive overview of the other essential prerequisites:

Demonstrating Commitment Through Investment

Fundamentally, applicants must demonstrate their dedication to the country's development by making a substantial financial investment in Antigua and Barbuda. There are two primary avenues to fulfill this investment requirement:

1. Donation to the National Development Fund

Prospective citizens can opt to make a non-refundable contribution to the government's National Development Fund. This fund plays a pivotal role in financing a wide array of national development projects, ultimately contributing to the overall progress and prosperity of the nation.

2. Investment in Approved Real Estate Projects

Alternatively, applicants have the choice to invest in government-approved real estate projects. This not only serves as a pathway to citizenship but also provides the additional privilege of property ownership within the enchanting landscapes of this Caribbean destination.

Background Check

Ensuring the nation's integrity and security is of paramount importance. Consequently, all applicants must undergo a comprehensive background check as part of the citizenship application process. This rigorous investigation aims to confirm that candidates have a spotless record devoid of any criminal activity. By upholding this requirement, Antigua and Barbuda can maintain its reputation as a nation where the safety and security of all its residents are preserved.

Health Assessment

A commitment to good health is a shared responsibility among all prospective citizens. Therefore, individuals aspiring to attain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship must undergo a thorough medical examination. This examination not only attests to the applicant's overall well-being but also ensures that they possess the physical capability to make a positive contribution to the nation's development.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Antigua Citizenship by Investment?

Several critical criteria must be considered when calculating the cost of gaining Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. Antigua and Barbuda have four distinct paths to citizenship, each with its own approach and investment requirements. The pricing structures connected with each approach are summarized here in brief.

One Time Contribution 

This Antigua Citizenship by Investment program, suitable for both individuals and families of up to five members, offers the highest cost efficiency. This non-refundable donation, starting at a minimum of $100,000, directly fuels the progress of Antigua and Barbuda, allowing investors to contribute actively while securing their citizenship journey.

  Investor Spouse Family 5+ 

Investment amount

US $100,000 US $100,000 US $125,000

Total other fees 

US $30,300 US $30,600

US $31,500+

Due Diligence 

US $7,500 US $15,000

US $15,000+

Cost for dependents 


$2,000 per dependent 12-17 

$4,000 per dependent 18 and over

Real Estate Investment

To qualify, investors must purchase real estate from an authorized real estate project for a minimum of USD 200,000. Joint applications are also permitted, with a minimum investment requirement of USD 200,000 for each applicant. It's vital to remember that the estate cannot be sold during the first five years.

  Investor Spouse Family 5+ 

Real Estate Purchase 

US $200,000+ US $200,000+ US $200,000+

Total other fees 

US $30,300 US $30,600

US $31,500+

Due Diligence 

US $7,500 US $15,000

US $15,000+

University Investment

This contribution is intended for families with six or more members. It provides financial benefits as well as an essential educational incentive. Any family member under the age of 29 is eligible for a year of tuition-free education at the prestigious University of the West Indies.

  Family 6 or more

Investment amount

US $150,000+

Total other fees (including passport )

US $31,800+

Due Diligence 

US $15,000+

Investing in a Business 

There are two ways to invest. The applicant can become a sole investor by investing at least $1.5 million in Antigua and Barbuda. If each investor invests at least $400,000, a collective investment of at least $5 million is permitted.


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