March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Everything about Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programs

Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Programs stands out as an appealing alternative for worldwide investment and citizenship. Our goal is to provide investors and contributors with the information they need to make smart decisions. Mirabello Consultancy's legal team will help you through the process of obtaining  Grenada's citizenship, whether you're an experienced investor or considering second citizenship.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program requires applicants to either make a significant economic contribution to the country or to acquire a government-approved qualifying asset. In exchange, and subject to a stringent vetting and due diligence process, including thorough background checks, the applicants and their families will be granted citizenship.

Grenada, known as the "Spice Isle" for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, offers not just a second passport but a gateway to a world of opportunity. Grenada passport provides global mobility, financial diversification, or a secure future for your family, Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Programs provide a compelling path towards achieving your goals. 

Citizenship Investment Programs

Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Programs provides an individual route to earning citizenship in this picturesque Caribbean country. To be eligible for citizenship, the principal candidate must be over the age of 18, meet the application criteria, and invest in one of the two primary qualifying options

National Transformation Fund (NTF) Investment Option in Grenada

The National Transformation Fund (NTF) Donation Option is one of the two basic qualifying alternatives for getting Grenadian citizenship. This option, created exclusively for single candidates, permits the principal applicant to get Grenada citizenship by making a minimum non-refundable contribution to the NTF of USD 150,000. The NTF or non-refundable contribution serves as a fund dedicated to driving Grenada's economic and social development initiatives.

  Investor Spouse Family 5+ 

Investment amount

US $150,000 US $200,000 US $200,000

Total other fees 

US $4,000 US $6,500

+ US $50,000 per parent under 55

+ US $25,000 per parent over 55

+ US $75,000 per sibling 

Due Diligence 

US $5,000 US $10,000

+ US $5,000 per family member

Choice efficiency

This option stands out by not incurring any additional requirements after the initial investment. It is still a popular choice for both individual investors and families with up to five members. Non-refundable investment choice that directly helps Grenada's growth. Choosing this path allows investors to gain citizenship while actively contributing to the advancement of the country. The National Development Fund's minimum non-refundable investment amount remains at USD 150,000.

Investment in Real Estate in Grenada

The second way to obtain citizenship by investment in Grenada is by real estate investment. The Real Estate Investment option allows individuals to invest in government-approved real estate projects in Grenada. To qualify for this option, applicants must make a minimum real estate investment of USD 220,000 in a government-approved project. Additionally, an extra minimum non-refundable USD 50,000 contribution to the tax system applies for Grenada citizenship by investment real estate, which further supports Grenada's development.

It is important to note that real estate obtained through this option must be retained for a minimum of five years before being sold for the value suggested by the property owner. 

  Main Applicant  Couple  Family 5+ 

Investment amount

US $220,000 US $220,000 US $220,000

For each option other total fees parent under 

US $4,000 US $6,500

+ US $50,000 per parent under 55

+ US $25,000 per parent over 55

+ US $75,000 per sibling 

Due Diligence 

US $5,000 US $10,000

+ US $5,000 per family member

Choice efficiency 

When contributing to the Grenada citizenship by investment program in the form of real estate rather than cash, you will be able to "receive your money back" after 5 years of deciding to buy real estate and obtain citizenship through this option. This is one of the best and most flexible citizenship options offered by the government of Grenada as well as in many other Caribbean countries.

How to Choose the Best Investment Program

Grenada stands out as an easy alternative for getting citizenship because it offers two basic paths: non-refundable contributions and real estate investment. When compared to other Caribbean countries, such as Antigua and Barbuda, which present more complex alternatives, frequently with many variations, this streamlined approach makes the decision-making process far easier.

Mirabello Consultancy is crucial in supporting investors with this decision-making process. We ensure that the chosen option is ideally aligned with the investor's circumstances, including their country of citizenship and life direction, by extensively examining each investor's personal and family goals. This individualized counsel ensures that investors make an informed decision that best meets their unique goals and needs.

Grenada Passport for a Better Life 

E-2 Visa for the USA

Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a citizenship by investment scheme that has the coveted E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the United States. This treaty allows Grenada people to apply for a working visa to the United States after establishing a habitation in Grenada. It not only opens the door to business opportunities but also to U.S. residence opportunities later in life, all without an obligatory minimum investment (though investing at least USD 100,000 is recommended).

Family Inclusion 

Grenada Citizenship by Investment recognizes the importance of family togetherness. As a result, you can include a wide range of family members in your application. This includes your spouse, unmarried siblings aged 18 and up, parents, and even grandparents of the main applicant and spouse. This family-friendly choice assures that your loved ones can also benefit from Grenada citizenship's protection and opportunity.

Visa Free Traveling in 145 countries 

Citizens of Grenada have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 145 countries worldwide. This comprises Asian powerhouses such as China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, as well as the Schengen Zone and the United Kingdom in Europe. With such comprehensive travel privileges, you can easily and conveniently visit the world, cultivating a spirit of global independence and curiosity.

No Tax Hassle

Grenada has a favorable tax climate, which can have a significant impact on your financial security and prosperity. There are no taxes on global income, dividends, interest, or royalties derived from sources other than the United States. Exemptions from inheritance, capital gains, income, and stamp duty taxes. Favorable tax circumstances for enterprises and corporations make Grenada an appealing option when compared to many other countries.

Required Documents to Obtain Grenada Passport

To achieve a high level of compliance with the necessary criteria and minimize the likelihood of rejection to less than 1%, Mirabello Consultancy collaborates closely with each applicant to facilitate the submission of essential documents, such as an original or certified medical certificate affirming their health status and a police certificate confirming their clean criminal record.

Here you can see the whole list of criteria:


The main applicant must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old.

Financial Capability

The main applicant must have enough funds to make the necessary investment, and the source of these assets must be legitimate and verifiable.

National Security Considerations

Applicants who are the subject of a criminal investigation or who are judged potential national security threats to Grenada or any other country shall be denied citizenship.

Criminal Record

Individuals with a prior conviction in any nation for an infraction with a maximum custodial punishment of more than six months imprisonment (unless they have received a free release) shall be denied citizenship.


The main applicant, as well as other applying family members, must be of good health and free of any communicable disease, as attested by a medical practitioner's certificate.

Financial Commitments and Grenada Citizenship Cost

Potential investors should consider various financial aspects beyond the obligatory investment when evaluating their costs. 

Due diligence fees for the investor amount to $5,000.

Investor with spouse, the due diligence fee is $10,000.

Each family member is subject to a due diligence fee of $5,000 per person.

Please keep in mind that the total additional fees can vary depending on the individual investment program, so it's best to contact Mirabello Consultancy for the most accurate and up-to-date fee information. 


Can You Buy Citizenship In Grenada? 

It would be inaccurate to say that you can simply "buy" citizenship in Grenada. However, you can get citizenship in Grenada by making a qualified investment in the country through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program. This initiative allows individuals and families to become Grenada citizens by investing in the country's development. So, while you are not directly purchasing citizenship, you are making an investment in Grenada that will lead to eligibility for citizenship.

How Long Does It Take To Get Citizenship In Grenada?

The time it takes to get citizenship in Grenada through its Citizenship by Investment program varies, but it usually takes 4 to 6 months from the time you submit your application to the time you receive your Grenadian passport. However, factors such as the complexity of your application, the accuracy of your documents, and the efficiency of the due diligence procedure can all affect the actual processing time. To obtain more specific information depending on your circumstances, it is best to talk with Mirabello Consultancy.

Do I Have To Live In Grenada Full Time To Receive My Citizenship By Investment?

No, you do not have to live in Grenada full-time in order to obtain citizenship under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program. Grenada has a flexible residency requirement, which means you are not required to stay in the nation indefinitely. This program is intended to give people and families the chance to earn Grenadian citizenship while continuing to live in another country. One of the alluring aspects of Grenada's citizenship by investment scheme is its flexibility.

Is Grenada Part of the Commonwealth of Nations?

Yes, Grenada is a Commonwealth of Nations member. The Commonwealth of Nations, often known as the Commonwealth of Nations and formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organization with 54 autonomous member states. It includes former British Empire countries that have opted to preserve various relationships and associations within this international organization.

For How Many Years Is A Grenadian Passport Valid?

A Grenadian passport is valid for a period of 5 years for all citizens. Grenadian passports can be renewed at the Grenadian Consulate in London or by contacting the Grenadian Passport and Immigration Office directly.

Where is Grenada Located? 

Grenada is situated in the Caribbean Sea, to be more specifically in the southern Caribbean region. It is part of the Lesser Antilles, an island group in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is located northeast of Venezuela and southwest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


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