March 22, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Everything About Antigua Citizenship by Investment Programs

The stunning twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire citizenship through its Citizenship by Investment Programs. You've come to the right place if you're thinking about taking this route to become a citizen of this tropical paradise. We shall go into great detail about Antigua Citizenship by Investment Programs in this comprehensive guide. We have all the information you need, from the application procedure to citizenship benefits and frequently asked questions.

Citizenship Investment Programs

Investors have the option of making a reasonable long-term real estate investment in order to get citizenship in Antigua. You can guarantee your citizenship process with a minimum purchase price of USD 200,000 or an investment of USD 100,000. You must hold the property for five years after getting citizenship before being given the option to sell it, ensuring that your investment is both lucrative and adaptable. The primary applicant must be over the age of 18 and complete all application conditions in order to be eligible for citizenship. They must also choose one of the available four alternatives.

Real Estate Contribution

Real estate contribution is a crucial condition in the area of investing in the real estate market for citizenship. To become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, you must make this commitment, which requires a minimum investment of USD $200,000.

The Imperative of Minimum Investment

Applicants, including those in joint applications, must make this significant financial commitment to start this adventure. Despite the financial investment, it is a desirable choice due to the citizenship benefits and prospective returns.

A Five-Year Commitment 

Investors should be aware that the purchased real estate cannot be sold for the first five years that they own it. This dedication guarantees ongoing support for the development of Antigua and Barbuda, which is assisted by the real estate market's exceptional rise of up to 10% in just two years.

Choice efficiency 

When you donate in real estate as opposed to cash, you will be able to “receive your money back “ after 5 years of deciding to buy real estate and get your citizenship with this option. This is one of the best and most flexible citizenship offers provided by the Antigua and Grenada government. 

  Investor Spouse Family 5+ 

Real Estate Purchase 

US $200,000+ US $200,000+ US $200,000+

Total other fees 

US $30,300 US $30,600

US $31,500+

Due Diligence 

US $7,500 US $15,000

US $15,000+

National Development Fund

The National Development Fund offers unmatched cost-effectiveness for Antigua and Barbuda passport cost as it ranks high within the international index. Antigua & Barbuda passport is an alluring option in the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Program for both individual investors and families with up to five members. Explore the specifics of this exceptional chance, which enables you to actively contribute to the growth of the country while safeguarding your own future.

The Imperative of Minimum Investment

A minimum inclusive government processing fee of USD 100,000 to the National Development Fund is necessary in order to start this life-changing adventure and become an essential component of the vibrant community of Antigua and Barbuda.

No Commitment 

This choice stands out because of its way of requiring no commitment after the contribution. This choice is one of the popular investment programs for both lone investors and families with up to five members. The NDF is a non-refundable donation well known as an inclusive government processing fee of USD 100,000 that contributes directly to the development of Antigua and Barbuda. By taking this route, investors secure their path to citizenship while actively participating in the advancement of the country.

Choice efficiency 

National Development Fund is a great investment choice as it does not require any further follow-ups and monitoring. In other words, the contribution is non-refundable and it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your Barbuda citizenship.

Investment in the Education system in Antigua

For larger families comprising six or more members, the University of the West Indies presents an exceptional opportunity. It's not just about financial commitment; it's about nurturing the educational aspirations of your loved ones.

The Imperative of Minimum Investment

This program not only appeals to you because it is tuition-free but also because it supports your financial objectives. It calls for a minimum non-refundable donation to the University of the West Indies of USD 100,000 with a promise of a year of tuition-free study for any family member under the age of 29. Even while it could seem like a big commitment, it's crucial to think about the long-term advantages.

Choice efficiency 

This is the best choice for families with 6 or more members. By taking part in this initiative, you support the growth and development of both the Caribbean and your own future generations. Your support of education guarantees that the area keeps producing educated people who can lead and create in a variety of professions.

Direct Business Investment 

Direct business ownership is one way to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. Individual investors who are prepared to spend a minimum of USD 1.5 million on a qualified business endeavor are catered to by this route. This investment supports economic development and makes it possible to apply for a passport to Antigua and Barbuda.

The Imperative of Minimum Investment

Antigua & Barbuda provides an alternate investment avenue for individuals who favor a more cooperative approach. With this choice, a group of investors can combine their funds to invest a minimum of $400,000 from each member.

Program’s efficiency for entrepreneurs 

Lower Individual Investment: By teaming up with other investors, the financial burden per individual is reduced to a minimum of $400,000, making it a feasible choice for a wider range of applicants.

Collective Expertise: Pooling resources often means a collective pool of expertise. You can benefit from the varied skills and knowledge of your co-investors, potentially leading to a more successful venture.

Shared Commitment: Joint investments foster a sense of shared commitment among participants, creating an environment where everyone is dedicated to the success of the project.

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How to Choose the Best Investment Program

It's difficult to become a citizen of Antigua on your own, and it's vital to understand that the government only accepts applications presented through reputable law companies like Mirabello Consultancy or others. As a result, applications submitted on your own will not be taken into consideration. It's crucial to maneuver the complexities of the application process with accuracy and knowledge if you want to become a citizen of this lovely Caribbean country. We will lead you through the procedures and requirements necessary to successfully obtain Antiguan citizenship in this in-depth tutorial. The first essential step in achieving your objective, whether you are considering it for personal, financial, or lifestyle reasons, is understanding the procedure.

We will help you to define the following: 

Your Financial Goals

The first step in choosing an investment program is to clearly define your financial objectives. Are you saving for retirement, a down payment on a house, your child's education, or simply seeking to grow your wealth? Each goal may require a different investment strategy.

Research Investment Option 

Different investments have varying time horizons. Some are best suited for short-term goals, while others are more appropriate for long-term objectives. Ensure your investment program aligns with your intended time frame.

Gather the Documents and Fill in The Applications 

Gathering the right documents is crucial in this step.  Also, different investment programs come with various fees and expenses. These can significantly impact your returns over time as well.  Mirabello Consultancy will make sure to make the process smooth 

Antigua and Barbuda Passport As The Gateway to Unrestricted Exploration

With citizenship from Antigua, you can travel to 151 countries without a visa, opening up the world to you. As you easily cross borders, bid farewell to visa hassles and cumbersome red tape. Antigua's dual citizenship gives you the freedom to travel without restriction, whether it is for business endeavors, relaxing vacations, or reconnecting with family members who live overseas.

This increased mobility presents chances for international trade, investment, and cross-cultural interaction for businesses and world travelers. In addition, more travel flexibility allows you to take advantage of citizenship benefits while building relationships, discovering new markets, and staying competitive in a globalized environment.

Required Documents to Obtain Antigua Passport

Firstly, the investor must be over 18 years of age and provide verifiable proof of their investment. Moreover, later in the process investors should provide the state with the following documents.

A properly completed application form

A legally certified police report about criminal record

A birth certificate, adoption certificate, or certificate proving citizenship in Antigua

If necessary, provide proof of a name change (a marriage certificate, deed poll, divorce decree, or court order, for example).

Two similar photos, one of which has the same authority that validated the application's certification.

The necessary fees must be paid with stamps.

Financial Commitments and Fees 

Potential investors should take into account various financial considerations beyond the mandatory investment. These encompass application form expenses and passport fees, which amount to USD 300 per individual. Furthermore, there are additional charges, such as due diligence fees, which vary based on a range of factors:

The cumulative additional fees can fluctuate from $30,300 to $31,500 or potentially higher, contingent on individual circumstances.

Due diligence fees may span from $7,500 to $15,000.


Can I Sell My Real Estate Investment After Obtaining Citizenship?

Yes, you can sell your real estate investment after obtaining citizenship in Antigua. However, it's important to note that there may be a holding period or certain conditions associated with the sale, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the real estate investment you made as part of the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program. It's advisable to consult with our  authorized agent for detailed information regarding the sale of your real estate investment.

Can I Include My Family In The Application?

You can apply for Antigua citizenship by investment and involve your family, yes. As a result, your entire family can become citizens of Antigua through your investment, including your spouse, children who are dependents, and parents who are over 58. When include family members in an application, it's crucial to make sure they all satisfy the eligibility requirements and offer the necessary documentation in accordance with the program's standards.

Are There Any Language Requirements For Citizenship?

No, there are no linguistic requirements to become a citizen of Antigua under the programs for citizenship by investment. This indicates that there are no specific language requirements or tests that candidates must pass in order to qualify for Antigua citizenship by investment. As a result, people with a variety of linguistic origins are able to seek this opportunity without having to prove their language proficiency.

Do I Need To Reside In Antigua After Obtaining Citizenship?

No, after getting citizenship through the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Programs, there is no necessity to remain in Antigua. It is crucial to note, however, that you must meet the minimum stay requirement (5 days) to keep your citizenship. This means you can live anywhere in the world while still enjoying the benefits of your Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. There is no requirement to acquire permanent residency in Antigua; you are free to keep your citizenship and visit the island whenever you choose. Because of this, the scheme appeals to those who want to preserve their current residency while obtaining Antiguan citizenship.


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