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October 3, 2023

Owning property in Greece is about more than aesthetics; it's about financial wisdom and life-changing prospects.

Picture waking up to the gentle rustling of olive trees and the soothing melody of the Mediterranean waves. Greece, with its sun-kissed landscapes presents itself not only as a travel destination but also as a haven of real estate opportunities that extend far beyond conventional horizons.

Owning real estate in Greece - an odyssey of investment potential, tax advantages, and the promise of a Golden Visa that can unlock doors to a new life. With the beauty of its shores and rich history the Greek government has woven incentives to attract foreign investors seeking both a haven and high returns. 

Greece's thriving tourism sector has transformed it into a sought-after destination for travelers. Real estate in Thessaloniki or anywhere else in Greece means unlocking potential, as your property becomes a haven for those seeking an authentic Greek experience. And as the sun sets over ancient ruins and modern marvels, a quiet crescendo echoes - the promise of capital appreciation. By strategically investing, you can relish immediate rental returns while your investment appreciates.

Golden Visa opportunities come with real estate investments in Greece. The smooth journey is provided along the way of obtaining residency in Greece, which helps to secure a safer future, provides visa-free travel along the Schengen area countries and reinforces a stronger portfolio for investors. 

On August 1, 2023, the minimum investment threshold to acquire the Greece Golden Visa will increase from €250k to €500k. This alteration applies exclusively to specified regions, including the Greater Area of Athens, the islands of Santorini and Mykonos, and the Municipality of Thessaloniki. If you deposit an investment equivalent to 10 percent of the property's value by July 31, 2023, you will have the opportunity to avail yourself of the €250k plan, as long as you successfully finalize your investment by December 31, 2023.

All Benefits of Buying Real Estate in Greece

Greece is home to warm people and weather, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. While the business side of things can be complicated and daunting at first, it's worth considering all the life-changing opportunities this country has to offer. So when you're ready to take your dream to the next level and purchase property in Greece, remember this: the best way to do it is with golden visa programs  and residency by investment.

Post-Crisis Resilience - The Greek property market faced challenges post the 2008 financial crisis, with property prices witnessing a dip. However, recent years have brought promising signs of a gradual market recovery, presenting an intriguing backdrop for prospective investors.

Golden Visa Power - The introduction of the Golden Visa program has played a pivotal role in breathing new life into the real estate landscape. By offering residency to non-EU investors who invest above a specific threshold, this program has amplified demand, especially in sought-after locations.

Tourism-Led Demand - Greece's robust tourism sector has cultivated a consistent need for short-term rental properties, primarily in alluring destinations such as Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. Owning real estate in these areas opens doors to a constant flow of rental opportunities.

Affordability Advantage - The decline in property prices post-crisis has positioned Greek real estate as an accessible investment for both local and international investors. This affordability stands in stark contrast to many other European markets, enhancing its appeal.

Moreover, the Golden Visa Greece program offers non-EU citizens a unique opportunity to acquire a special pass by purchasing property above a specific price threshold. Greece also is a popular tourist destination, with cities such as Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos attracting a significant number of visitors. Owning property in these locations presents an opportunity to generate income through rentals and capitalize on the thriving tourism industry.

What is a Golden Visa by Investment? 

A Golden Visa by investment is a permit to live in another country. It's special because you get it by investing money there. Let's break it down:

Definition and Purpose of Golden Visa 

Imagine a country saying, "Invest in us, and we'll let you stay." That's a Golden Visa. It's not a regular visa; it's about boosting a country's economy by inviting investors from around the world.

Residency Benefits

With a Golden Visa, you and your family can live in that country for a set time, enjoying things like healthcare and schools.

Investment Requirements

To get this visa, you need to invest. This could mean buying property. 

Application Process

Getting a Golden Visa isn't easy. You'll apply, provide documents, and might even have interviews. Experts can help you through the process.

Family Inclusion

Your family can come too. Your spouse and kids can join the adventure.

How To Buy Real Estate in Greece? 

Buying a property anywhere is a long process with a lot of details that you have to consider before making your decision. Greece real estate isn't an exception as well. This means that you have to follow the well-thought process and acquire your estate along with a Golden Visa. 

First comes research and preparation

Define your goals and determine your objectives for buying property in Greece. Are you looking for a vacation home, a rental property, or a long-term residence? Once you have the research done start budget planning. Establish a clear budget, factoring in the property price, associated costs (taxes, legal fees, etc.), and potential renovations.

Understand the market that you are investing in 

Researching the local market trends in Greece is a crucial part of acquiring a home far from home. Understand price variations, demand, and the potential for capital appreciation. Once you understand the trend and nitty-gritties of the market choose the preferred location. Start identifying the regions or cities that align with your goals. Greece offers diverse options, from idyllic islands to historic urban centers. The location can also play a huge role in property cost. You can get a golden visa and property starting from 250.000 EUR, however, there are regions like Athens or Thessaloniki where you can apply for residency permit in case of 500.000 EUR or more investment. 

Legal and Financial Aspects

Engaging legal experts can pave a safer way to acquire your new home. Consult with a Greek real estate lawyer who specializes in property transactions. They will guide you through the legal process and ensure a smooth transaction. Doing this will help you verify ownership, title deeds, and any potential legal issues.

Property Search

There are many ways to do property research alone or with an agent. We can help you to understand the real need and benefits of a property you are looking for. 


Price Negotiation is also crucial when you are buying your new place. There is always room to negotiate. Working with your real estate agent to negotiate the best price based on market value and property condition can keep another headache away from you. 

Property Purchase and Ownership

Completing the property purchase will reveal the stress off of your brain. Your lawyer in Mirabello Consultancy  will handle the title transfer process and registration with the Greek Land Registry.

Get your Residency or else called Golden Visa

Once your property investment qualifies, it will create the time to consider applying for the Greece Golden Visa for residency benefits.

Process of Obtaining a Golden Visa

Select Your Investment Program

   - Determine your preferred investment program: real estate, business, or government bonds.

   - Your choice will shape your investment journey and define your pathway towards permanent residency.

Meet the Requirements

   - Ensure eligibility for the Greece Golden Visa program by understanding and confirming prerequisites.

   - Seek assistance from a reputable law firm like Mirabello Consultancy to navigate the eligibility criteria.

Gather Your Documentation

   - Collect and organize the necessary documents that showcase your suitability for the program.

   - These documents act as puzzle pieces to demonstrate your eligibility.

Make Your Investment

   - Your investment is the foundation for your journey to permanent residency.

   - Whether you're purchasing property, starting a business, or investing in bonds, maintain focus throughout the process.

   - Consider the guidance of a law firm to navigate potential complexities and challenges.

Provide Evidence of Your Investment

   - Over time, accumulate proof of your investment to showcase your commitment and compliance.

   - This step is crucial in demonstrating your genuine interest in obtaining the permit through investment.

Apply for Residency

   - After completing the admission process, proceed to submit your application for the Golden Visa.

   - The application marks a pivotal stage in your journey, and efforts are made to minimize the possibility of rejection.

   - Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure you receive confirmation of your residency status.

Real Estate Investment Options

Real Estate Investment Options

Greece's real estate market stands as a gateway to securing permanent residency, offering a wide spectrum of investment prospects. With a minimum investment of 250,000 euros (excluding taxes), investors can cement their position in the nation's real estate landscape. Notably, this program extends a unique proposition to those with a penchant for the hospitality industry – a 10-year lease agreement encompassing hotel rooms or furnished tourist residences within designated complexes. This innovative approach not only facilitates a residence permit but also presents investors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the flourishing realm of Greece's tourism sector.

Government Bonds

An alternate avenue towards achieving permanent residency is through the government bonds route, where residency is intrinsically linked to financial advancement. Pledging a minimum of 400,000 euros into Greek government bonds with a residual maturity spanning over three years not only charts the course for an applicant's personal future but also contributes to the economic trajectory of Greece. This investment pathway, buttressed by the support of Greek financial institutions, effectively propels applicants on a trajectory toward permanent residency.

Other Investment Options

Modern investment strategies are underpinned by diversification, and this principle resonates vividly within Greece's Golden Visa program. A minimum investment of 400,000 euros directed towards units or shares of alternative investment funds enriches Greece's real estate tableau while simultaneously forging a bespoke path to residency tailored to each investor's aspirations.

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Greek Golden Visa program proffers a unique fusion of investment and business involvement. The acquisition of shares or corporate bonds amounting to 800,000 euros within regulated markets or trading mechanisms furnishes beneficiaries with twofold advantages – the attainment of residency and a strategic foothold within Greece's commercial landscape. Conversely, opting for units within a mutual fund valued at a minimum of 400,000 euros, oriented towards Greek assets, unveils yet another avenue for investors steadfastly in pursuit of permanent residency.


Other Advantages of Permanent Residency


Residency Privileges: You're a resident without a big immigration process.

Investment Opportunities: Your investment might grow, and you could find business chances.

Global Mobility: You can still travel anywhere.

Educational Opportunities: Your kids can go to school there.

Renewal and Permanent Residency

Golden Visas usually last for some years. If you meet certain rules, you can renew it. Some even offer paths to becoming a permanent resident or citizen.

Key Considerations

Financial Risk: Think about investment risks, especially in real estate.

Residency Obligations: Some countries might want you around for a while.

Exit Strategies: Have a plan if things don't go as planned.

Long-Term Goals: Make sure this visa fits your future dreams.

Remember, each country has its own Golden Visa rules, so research and expert advice are crucial before making big decisions or applying.

Investing in Greece through the Golden Visa program provides a range of benefits for investors seeking financial gains or a second home. The program is renowned as one of Europe's most popular residency schemes, thanks to its low investment threshold and flexible residency requirements.One of the program's key advantages is the opportunity it offers investors to enter the Greek real estate market. By investing in property in Greece, individuals can benefit from potential capital appreciation and generate rental income, making it an attractive option for long-term financial growth.

Additionally, compared to other European residency programs that demand substantial investments or stringent eligibility criteria, the Greece Golden Visa program offers a comparatively low investment amount. This accessible entry point allows more individuals to participate and benefit from obtaining European residency.

In conclusion, the Greece Golden Visa program through real estate presents numerous advantages for investors seeking financial growth or a second home abroad. With its low investment threshold and lack of stringent residency requirements, this program has become widely recognized as one of Europe's most popular pathways toward achieving both personal and financial goals.

What are the benefits of seeking assistance from a professional firm when applying for a Greek Golden Visa in 2023?

- Expert Guidance: Receive comprehensive guidance from experienced professionals.

- Eligibility Assurance: Ensure accurate understanding and verification of your eligibility.

- Smooth Process: Streamline the application process and navigate potential challenges.

- Documentation Support: Obtain assistance in gathering and organizing necessary documents.

- Minimized Rejection Risk: Benefit from our efforts to reduce the likelihood of application rejection.

What are the prime locations for Real Estate Investment in Greece?

When seeking lucrative real estate investments in Greece, several remarkable locations stand out. These areas not only promise high interest and substantial growth potential but also offer a vibrant blend of opportunities:


   - An ideal hub for investments due to the year-round influx of tourists, students, and professionals.

   - The Athenian Riviera boasts upscale residential options with stunning coastal views.

   - Exceptional potential for rental income, driven by the city's diverse and dynamic population.


   - Thriving with high-tech industries, Thessaloniki presents a unique investment landscape.

   - Home to a burgeoning expat community, creating demand for various housing options.

   - The city's growth trajectory enhances the potential for substantial investment returns.

Islands with Rich Travel Destinations

   - Paros, Santorini, and Crete are renowned resort areas that attract tourists from around the world.

   - High demand for rental properties due to their popularity as travel destinations.

   - Investment opportunities range from residential properties to vacation accommodations.

Historical Small Towns

   - Beyond the bustling cities, Greece's historical small towns offer charm and authenticity.

   - These towns possess a unique allure that resonates with travelers seeking cultural experiences.

   - Investment potential lies in restoring and revitalizing properties within these picturesque settings.

Has investment thresholds changed for Greece Golden Visa?

Soon to change. Effective August 1, 2023, the minimum investment threshold required to obtain the Greece Golden Visa will be raised from €250k to €500k. This modification will be applicable solely to designated regions, namely the Greater Area of Athens, the islands of Santorini and Mykonos, and the Municipality of Thessaloniki. However, investors who deposit an amount equivalent to 10 percent of the property's value by July 31, 2023, will be eligible for the €250k plan, provided that they successfully complete their investment by December 31, 2023.

Has Greece's real estate market increased and is it safe to invest?

Indeed, Greece's real estate market has demonstrated a robust upward trajectory in recent times, making it an enticing landscape for potential investors. House prices in the country have been on a consistent rise, buoyed by an increasing demand from foreign buyers and a sustained period of economic growth. According to data from the Bank of Greece, urban areas experienced a remarkable surge of 11.32% in house prices during the year leading up to Q3 2022. This escalation follows a series of impressive year-on-year gains, such as 10.26% in Q2 2022, 10.35% in Q1 2022, 10.81% in Q4 2021, and 9.4% in Q3 2021. Notably, this performance stands as the market's most impressive showing since Q4 2006.

However, it's important to note that when accounting for inflation, there was a slight decline of 0.31% in house prices year-on-year in Q3 2022. This discrepancy between nominal and real figures is influenced by elevated inflation, projected to reach 10% this year. This significant inflationary trend contrasts starkly with the annual average of 0.2% between 2011 and 2021.

In light of these dynamics, Greece's real estate market presents a mixed landscape. While nominal house prices are demonstrating a robust upward trajectory, the adjustment for inflation paints a more tempered picture. Therefore, before investing, it's essential to consider both the nominal and real figures, as well as the broader economic context and potential risk factors. As with any investment, thorough research, consultation with experts, and a comprehensive understanding of market trends will be critical in making informed investment decisions.
Source: Global Property Guide 


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