April 2, 2024
Citizenship by investment programs

Renew or replace your expired passport: Overview for St Lucia

A multitude of significant benefits are provided by the St. Lucia passport, from permitting free international travel to opening up several economic prospects. You benefit from exemptions from profits and capital gains tax as a citizen of St. Lucia, as well as no income tax, inheritance tax, or gift tax.

Renewing or updating your passport every five to ten years is essential to keeping these benefits. Families with children are also subject to this renewal cycle every five years or less depending on their age.

Process of renewing your Saint Lucia passport 

Step 1: Gather Your Information and Apply

Fill out the official application form completely and accurately. Don't leave any blank spaces!

Collect all the required documents as per the official checklist. Having everything ready ensures a smoother process.

Consider working with a lawyer: If you obtained citizenship through an investment program, a lawyer familiar with the process can expedite your renewal and answer any specific questions you may have.

Step 2: Be Patient: Processing Takes Time

Once you submit your application and documents, the passport office will review and verify everything carefully. This ensures accuracy and takes some time, so be patient!

Expect processing times to vary depending on individual circumstances. While the average renewal might take around eight weeks, it's crucial to check with the official authorities for the most accurate timeline.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Pick-Up Method

After your application is approved, you get to choose how you receive your new passport:

Mail or courier delivery: Convenient for those who can't travel.

Pick-up at the passport office: Ideal if you prefer handling the passport in person.

New York Consulate General (for specific cases): This option might be available if you reside within their jurisdiction.

Fees associated with renewing your Saint Lucia Passport 

In Saint Lucia, renewing a passport costs $135.00, which must be paid in full. Even while this amount might appear high, it includes the necessary administrative procedures, identification checks, and passport issuance—all essential steps to preserve your travel rights and identity.

Also, it's important to note that prices can vary if your passport is lost or damaged. It's interesting how things seem different when you compare this renewal amount to the original $135.00 passport application fee. 

Other fees

Rapid passport renewal is offered in an emergency for a price of $170.00, to be paid using a postal money order. In addition to the nominal renewal fees, applicants may be surprised by additional expenses. If the person chooses to pick up their renewed passport at the Consulate, the transfer from the Immigration Department to the Consulate can be made easier by paying an additional twenty-five ($25.00) courier cost. But for those living abroad and outside the United State of America, the courier service charges an additional fifty or more dollars depending on where you live. For delivery to the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, and other nearby islands. Payment can only be made using a postal money order.

Why do I renew my passport?

If St. Lucian citizens hope to maintain the freedoms and privileges that come with being citizens, they must comprehend the significance of renewing or replacing their passports. To keep visitors informed and ready for their international travels, we go into the crucial steps and requirements for adult passport renewal or replacement in St. Lucia in this post.

Benefits of a valid St Lucia passport

Identity Verification

The main means of identification, both domestically and abroad, is a valid passport. Your passport is an essential document for proving your identification in a variety of official and legal transactions in St. Lucia and many other countries. Different use cases may exist. A valid passport serves as a globally accepted form of identification, making it easier to complete administrative duties such as opening a bank account or applying for government services.

Streamlined Paperwork

Having a valid passport allows you to work or do business with the benefit of less paperwork. Verification of identification and citizenship is necessary for many official transactions, especially those pertaining to foreign affairs. Citizens of St. Lucia can accelerate these procedures with a valid passport, cutting down on the time and administrative headaches involved with using other kinds of identification. Maintaining a current passport is essential for the seamless and effective processing of documentation related to visas, work permits, and residency applications abroad.

Unrestricted Travel to the Schengen Area and Beyond

Possessing a valid passport from St. Lucia confers several advantages, one of which is the ability to enter the Schengen Area and other regions without requiring any extra visas or permissions. With the removal of internal borders, 27 European nations make up the Schengen Area, which permits visa-free travel between its members and Saint Lucia. Citizens of St. Lucia are granted visa-free entry into the Schengen Area for brief visits, for travel, business, or other reasons, as long as their passports are valid. Furthermore, having a current passport gives St. Lucian tourists access to travel options outside of the Schengen Area, making it simple and convenient for them to visit locations across the globe.

Get a passport in St Lucia by investment 

You can get a passport by investing in St Lucia! In 2024, St. Lucia citizens enjoyed visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 138 countries and territories worldwide. However, it's important to note that this number is subject to change annually. Visa policies can evolve due to shifts in international relations, diplomatic agreements, and other factors.

For individuals considering citizenship in St. Lucia, the investment requirements vary depending on the chosen pathway within the Citizenship by Investment Program. Here are the main investment options and their respective minimum investment amounts:

National Economic Fund (NEF): For a single application, the NEF requires a minimum payment of USD 100,000. This sum does not include any additional fees.

Real Estate Investment: In St. Lucia, investors can choose to participate in authorized real estate developments. Generally speaking, the minimum investment is USD 300,000, though this might change depending on the particular property and where it is located. This sum does not include any additional fees.

Government Bonds: As part of its Citizenship by Investment Program, St. Lucia launched the National Action Bond in 2023. This option requires a minimum investment of USD 300,000.

These investment alternatives give those wishing to become citizens of St. Lucia a way to select the one that most closely matches their financial situation and investing objectives. To successfully navigate the procedure, potential applicants must carefully analyze their investment choices and confer with authorized agents or advisors.


How often do I need to renew my adult passport in St. Lucia?

In St. Lucia, you must renew your adult passport according to the schedule below:

First Renewal: Five years from the date of your passport's original issue.

Renewals thereafter: Ten years following the initial renewal.

Adults are subject to this renewal cycle regardless of how they became citizens—through conventional routes or investment schemes.

What are the eligibility criteria for passport renewal in St. Lucia?

To be eligible for passport renewal in St. Lucia, you must meet the following criteria:

General Requirements:

Be a citizen of Saint Lucia.

Be at least 18 years old.

Hold a valid expired or expiring Saint Lucia passport (not lost or damaged).

Additional Considerations:

Applicants for investment programs: Although the broad requirements are applicable, it is important to verify any potential modifications or additional requirements for passport renewal by consulting the specific laws of your investment program. This is due to the possibility that certain programs have deadlines or certain requirements regarding passport renewal.

Name changes: During the passport renewal process, you may be required to present additional evidence, such as marriage certificates or court orders, if your name has changed as a result of a divorce, marriage, or other event.

What should I do if I need to travel urgently and my Saint Lucia passport is expired?

Unfortunately, due to security regulations, you cannot travel with an expired Saint Lucia passport. However, you can reach out to us and we will take care of the business in a timely manner.

Here's what else you can do if you need to travel urgently with an expired passport:

Contact the nearest Saint Lucia consulate or embassy immediately:

Explain your situation and inquire about the possibility of an emergency passport. This is a temporary document issued in exceptional circumstances like urgent travel needs and typically has limited validity (e.g., one-way travel). However, also be informed that you will be charged higher than the regular prices. 

Be prepared to provide documentation proof of your situation, such as a travel itinerary, proof of urgency, and evidence of citizenship (e.g., birth certificate, expired passport).


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